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SEOUL: Saunas & Cruising Spaces

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SEOUL -- area code +82-2

Popular Spots

Saunas and Jjimjilbang for Men

      Some of the businesses listed here are noted to be traditional Korean jjimjilbang, or overnight sleeping facilities. Jjimjilbang may not have a sauna, or even hot water facilities, although they may function as de facto cruising spaces for Korean gays. Facilities at Jjimjilbang tend to be modest compared to more sophisticated urban saunas and bathhouses.


click for our interactive map of Itaewon

        B1 of the GS25 convenience store, 137-62 Itaewondong, Yongsan-Gu, Itaewon

        New location (2014). From Itaewon Station Exit 3, walk straight till the first road crossing, overpass the street and turn right. Pass Homo Hill and take your left the next street. Go to the top of the hill. Equus is located in B1 by the GS25 convenience store. Big sleeping space with bunk beds (no private rooms), cruising area and SM room. Staff and customers are foreigner-friendly. All body types. Reported no entry for those over 50yo.
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        Comments from Utopians:

        "Was here today at 10pm. Wed is S&M day. Not so much. There were only 6 other guys. Equus is just a small maze made of cubicles. There are showers and a bathroom. The price is D$13,000 if you arrive after 6pm. If you arrive before, but plan to stay overnight, you must pay the difference." -- Tak Bac, Nov 8, 2017

        "I went here on Sun two weeks ago, and someone asked for ID to check my age. I was told 'no one over 50,' and I was annoyed. I went in, and there were quite a few guys, but as soon as I got within 6 feet of them they disappeared. Almost nobody was chatting, or cuddling, or making out or doing anything. How boring!" -- John, Oct 6, 2017

        "They asked me my age and then told me no one over 50 is admitted. :(" -- Alan, Sep 2, 2017

    • Hamilton Hotel Sauna UTOPIAN VERIFIED NOV 2017
        Utopia Map

        Not gay, so be discreet. The vast majority of guys in the 2/F sleeping area use only a towel for cover, if anything at all. There is some action going on there especially Fri and Sat nights and Sun afternoon. The crowd is on the younger side, some very cute, hot Koreans and foreigners as well.
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        Comments from Utopians:

        "Upstairs sleeping area is still open, however they installed more lights which makes it quite tricky to mess around or actually sleep. However, I managed to hook up with a few locals." -- Grit, Nov 28, 2017

        2/F 10, Bogwang-ro 60-gil, Yongsan-gu, Utopia Map
        070-4121-0854, email

        From Hamilton Hotel, cross the street and walk straight down the hill and take the first left turn. Hyundae is half a block down this lane, on the right side. English and rainbow signage at the downstairs stairway entrance. Reception is on 2/F. Remove your shoes before entering and put into the cubbyholes provided. This play space and sleeping inn offers the following: 2/F has lockers, a large lounge, wet area with scrub stations and a dry sauna; 3/F has a video lounge, Net station, smoking area and extended sleeping/play area open on Fri/Sat/Sun; 4/F has a dark room with safety supplies, plus a large, cozy lounge and rooms like a kind of ghesthouse. Drinks and snacks available. International crowd between 25-50. Open 24 hours and busiest in the late evenings and early mornings after the bars close. Best time in on weekends after 8pm.
        Utopia Member Benefit: 15% DISCOUNT off night time entrance fee.
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        Comments from Utopians:

        "Visited Hyundae Sauna in Itaewon on a Sat. Very easy to find - just follow Utopia's directions. I got there at 6 m. There were about 8 guys and noone was cruising. By 9pm there were about 30 guys from all over the world - China, Singapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Chile. Some locals seemed happy with all the foreigners regardless of their ages. I had fun with three locals, and a 3-some with the Sri Lankan and the Chilean. It is the only truly international sauna in Seoul in my opinion. Tips: best time to arrive is after 9pm, even at weekends. You can also walk around in your own underpants." -- Uan, Jun 16, 2018


click for our interactive map of Jongno

        Utopia Map

        At the Jongno-3-Ga station (Line #1) take Exit 1 and walk straight ahead (west). Turn right into the alley just before McDonald's and follow it north. After a dozen or so steps you'll come to a junction and the alley jogs slightly to the left here - continue forward (north). Near the end of the alley, on your left just before T-Motel, there's a sign that says "sauna" in English. Smokey and dingey, but still fun. Three bathing pools: cold, hot and hotter; also a steam room and a dry room. Downstairs and upstairs resting areas. Active, especially on weekends. The guys don't wear towels, but they usually carry one to make a token pretense to modesty. The upstairs rest room is nearly always active. The crowd is mostly Korean and a good place to meet ajoshis (uncles). Crowd is mature. Open 24 hours daily and can draw a lunchtime crowd. Bring your own safety supplies.
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        Comments from Utopians:

        "Patrons are older...most over 40...99% Korean guys. If you want younger guys, this is not the place. Also, play areas are open...everyone watching, no privacy." -- Blueskytoday, Nov 21, 2017

        "I came here without high expectations on a Sat early evening and the numbers were disappointing, no more than 10 persons. G/F had lockers and bathing area. The bathing areas not bad, sort of like the typical onsen/jjimjilbang with standing/sitting showers, a couple of baths, a steam room. Upstairs is divided into 5 or 6 large rooms, all brightly lit, and some people just going at it in full view! I think mostly 50+ in age, several even more. Definitely no eye candy while I was there. It was an interesting experience nonetheless!" -- Auri, Nov 16, 2017

        "It's a nice facility, kept clean, with two, very hot, dry and steam saunas. Three small pools with hot, warm and cold water. Upstairs is a sleeping/play room. I've been there two times, at noon and after 5pm. At noon there were about 20 guys, after 5pm there were only four. A local told me that the best time is before 4pm or after 10pm when mne come to stay overnight. The entrance before 5pm is W$6,000 and after that it's W$10,000 (if you come earlier and stay after 5pm you need to pay the difference). The clientele is middle age or elder. But they are horny and didn't come to be a wall decoration, as younger guys often do." -- Tak Bac, Nov 9, 2017


    • Prince UTOPIAN VERIFIED NOV 2017
        Sinchon-ro 60 (Metro Sinchon Exit 8), Utopia Map

        Gay jjimjilbang about 300m from Exit 8 of the Shinchon Station, Line 2 (NOT SinchEon Station). Take Exit 8 and walk straight ahead passing Canon Plaza, Lotte Market 999 on your left, Shinhan Bank, NH Bank, flower shops, Rolling Stone on the left, then a restaurant. Prince is located just next to it with a sign (small and recessed) as you start walking uphill. Take the stairs up to 3/F. Small place. The main floor has lockers (phone charger inside the locker!), a shower and a TV/Smoking room. Lube, condoms and glowsticks are provided in your locker. The upper floor has rooms. Smoking area. No sauna or jacuzzi. You're likely to get a cellphone light shone on you at least every minute or so, as guys are checking if the room's free or if there's anyone they like. Young Korean crowd in their 20s-30s, mostly from nearby universities, fit, and interested mainly in the same. Crowded in the late afternoon and weekend nights. The manager may not allow you to enter. We have received multiple reports of racial discrimination here.
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        Comments from Utopians:

        "Unfortunately, when I visited this September during my tour they didn't allow any foreigners inside. Be advised." -- Jason, Nov 15, 2017

        "Go to 3/F and pay D$7,000 before 7pm or D$13,000 after 7pm. You get a locker key and two towels. The showers are on the same floor. Go upstairs (just open the entrance door and go up). There is a playing area made up of small cubicles. I had a great time with four young and juicy guys. When I first arrived there were only a few guys, then another 4four showed up. Not so many as I expected. About the restriction policy - yes, there is a sign that southeast Asian guys are not allowed, but since the facility is private, the owner makes rules." -- Tak Bac, Nov 9, 2017

        "Yes, it's true that there is a sign clearly at the door saying "no southeast Asians allowed." I was apprehensive (I'm Indian), but entered never-the-less and the guy didn't say anything, charged me W$14,000, and let me in." -- Andy, Jul 16, 2017


        Utopia Map

        Sinseoldong Subway Station (Lines 1 & 2) in between Exit 2 and 3. You can find the entrance in the building with a neon hot spring sign. Entrance on G/F (take stairs), ticket booth is on 3/F. Steam is also on 3/F and rooms on 4/F. The upper floor of the sleeping area has a smoking/drinking counter and a PC station. There's a TV room with big couches. There are at least 6 rooms, some partitioned into separate cubicles. Open 24 hours, but busiest in the early afternoon or after midnight and on weekends. Mixed ages. Foreigners welcome, but crowd is basically Koreans for Koreans, mostly aged 30-50.
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    • Chunkam hyugetel (sleeping room) UTOPIAN VERIFIED JUL 2011
        Gunja Station (Line 7 or 5)

        Go out from Exit 3. Follow the road to your right for a couple of meters until you see a Bo Shin Ttang (Korean). It's at 2/F of that building with their door marked with some Chinese characters. Old, with very humble facilities. But they compensate with decent sleeping rooms that are a bit more spacious than most. The patrons are mostly 30s and above.
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    • Dae Sung UTOPIAN VERIFIED APR 2013
        About 5 minutes from Young Deung Po Station

        When you get out of the station, turn left on the street in front of you and walk about one or two minutes. There you'll see a crosswalk on your right, also a fish restaurant on your left which is the building (sort of brown colored, 7 or 8 story building) where the sauna is located. To get in you go up the stairs to the end, then you go downstairs to the door. Enter and take your shoes off and put them into a locker. Hand the locker key to the man you paid. Then he'll give you another locker key for your clothes locker. Almost everyone is gay. Also you can stay overnight for an additional fee.
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        Walk straight out of Exit 5 of the east gate of Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station, subway lines 2,4,5, and down the street. There will be a large office/bank building on your right and a large multi lane street on your left. Walk past the bank and immediatly look to the right and up. You will see a yellow sign with the letters GM in black. Walk to the little side street and you will see a Russian restaurant on 1/F. Next to the restaurant is what looks like a garage. At the back of the little garage are some steps going into the building. Go up the steps till you come to a glass door with the letters GM on it. When you go in, put your shoes in a locker on your left, then proceed up the stairs to the check-in window. Give them your shoe locker key, pay your fee, and you'll be given a locker key and robe. GM has four floors: 3/F has lockers and shower; 2/F has a mirror maze, TV/video lounge, showers, kinky rooms with red lights and leather curtains, and even a BJ room; 4/F looks like something out of a pirate ship with long bunk rows top and bottom; 5/F is only open on Fri and Sat for spillover. Just lay down somewhere and someone will come up to you and start playing. Or if you see someone you like, just lay down next to him. If he is not interested he will turn away. In this area people will watch you and even try to join in. If you don't want that just push them away or say 'no' gently or move. Coffee, friendly staff and lots of fun. Some of the staff speak English, so you can help if you need it. Many of the patrons also speak English, especially the young guys. Popular with 30yo+, bears and cubs. Tue underwear nights are popular as well as the weekends. Open 24 hours, but busiest after midnight and on weekends.
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    • Magic Multi Room UTOPIA VERIFIED JAN 2016
        3/F Jung-gu Dasan-ro 44gil 33
        Utopia Map
        서울특별시 중구 다산로 44길 33, 3층

        Metro 2 line, Sin-Dang Subway Station exit 4, right next to the alley, right 2nd building. Gay men's cruising space with PC area, large DVD room, dark room, private room and lounge. No wet facilities.
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    • Samson hyugetel (sleeping room) UTOPIAN VERIFIED APR 2013
        Gangnam, Utopia Map
        02-521-1980. Gyodae Station (Line 3) Exit 9

        Walk about four minutes straight from the exit until you find an alley to your left in between Hana Bank and TomTom's. Follow that alley passing by a small children's park, crossing the small intersection, then on another small intersection (to your left should be Wa Bar), go to the right and you'll see Gold Bar. Samsong is in B/F of that building. Pros: spacious, lots of rooms, wide range of patrons ages and types. Best of all, very kind desk clerk. Cons: the showers remind one of a high school locker room and the toilets are more like the subway stalls (or a bit worse). Drinks from the fridge are expensive (Starbucks Doubleshot 200ml = W$2,000). A good computer room. Bring your own safety supplies.
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