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Travel & Resources: LAOS

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Advisory: Laos is a lovely place for visitors to the region. Gays are becoming quite visible within Lao society and gay business entrepreneurs and managers are setting the trend with stylish boutique operations that compliment the diversity of local cultures. However, the government is not going to allow a sex industry to emerge publicly as it has in neighboring countries. The Lao are moderate in their behavior and while it's natural for friends to casually hug or hold hands, public displays of romantic affection are against the norm. Novice monks, while less formal in their interpersonal relationships than in Thailand, are still to be accorded proper respect. Please respect local laws and customs during your travels in Laos. Harsh penalties, including fines and imprisonment, have in the past been imposed on Lao citizens who were seen to breach the social norm or become inappropriately intimate with foreigners.

General Information

    We'll tell you a secret. Laos is a don't-miss destination that most travelers to Asia skip simply because they haven't a clue about the wealth of beauty and tradition waiting to be discovered here. Spectacular landscapes that would have thrilled Ansel Adams abound; traditional life that has long-vanished from other parts of Asia continues here with refreshing vitality; friendly, law-abiding citizens wear handsome faces that reflect the converging streams of cultures and ethnicities that flow along the mighty mother river Mekong; costumes, cuisine, gardens and homes are a color-splashed feast for the senses. Laos has a very young population, so we expect its refreshing vibrancy to blossom further as the new generation gains confidence and freedom.

    Don't travel to Laos expecting to find a sophisticated gay scene. Instead, enjoy the gentle and familial tolerance towards local gays who have begun to stand out and contribute their talents to trendy cafés, pubs, boutique hotels, galleries, restaurants and craft shops popping up in the two main cities.

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Travel Services

  • Champaca Journeys UTOPIA VERIFIED SEP 2013
      Email. Gay-owned Champaca Journeys specializes in small group cultural tours to Laos, Cambodia and Bhutan. With their Laotian partner they bring the expertise, contacts, insider information and exceptional personalities to ensure that your trip is memorable. Experience the authentic Laos and be introduced to their Laotian friends along the way. Regularly scheduled trips and custom journeys available.
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    Holiday Houseboys UTOPIA VERIFIED JAN 2019
      WhatsApp: +94-76 630 1069, email

      Come and explore Vientiane, Luang Prabang, and Pakse with your personal city tour guide and driver to show you around. Speaking the local language, your guide will look after your safety and welfare, as well as ensure that you get the best deals and local flavor. He does the bargaining for you, carries your shopping, and makes sure you won't get ripped off. He will schedule each day based on your personal interests. Holiday Houseboys is all about getting the most out of your holiday with a friendly local guy.
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      "Absolutely great. My Holiday Houseboys guide was very punctual, professional, always smiling even though we kept asking him to change plans and take us to different places not necessarily on his itinerary. Very reliable, friendly and I'd absolutely recommend them to anyone!" -- Karim, Jan 7, 2019

Dondet Islands

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Restaurants and Cafes

    • Hanoumans UTOPIAN VERIFIED JAN 2013
        50m off the beach where the boats arrive

        Gay-managed bar/restaurant. Big variety of food, especially fish and Thai food. Many spirits and cocktails. Inexpensive and friendly. Working Wi-fi. Open 8am-11pm daily.
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    • River Garden (Asian and western) UTOPIAN VERIFIED JAN 2013
        (856-20) 770-1860, email. Gay-friendly restaurant and guesthouse offering a mix of Lao, Thai and European food, plus great fresh fruit shakes. The restaurant is a brilliant spot to view the sunrise. Friendly owner, Mr. Aek, will tell you stories about the local people.
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LUANG PRABANG -- area code (856-71)

Pakse / Champasak

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Vangvieng -- area code (856-23)

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VIENTIANE -- area code (856-21)


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