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Asian AIDS/HIV Information Archive

General Asian AIDS/HIV Resources
Australia | Burma/Myanmar | Cambodia | China
East Timor | Guam / US Affiliated Pacific Territories
Hong Kong | India | Indonesia | Japan | Korea | Laos
Malaysia | Mongolia | Nepal | Papua New Guinea
Philippines | Singapore | Taiwan | Thailand | Vietnam
Safer Sex Rules in SE Asian Languages

Special thanks to Paul C., Barry and Roger at AfA!




  • AIDS in the news archive -- CAMBODIA
  • First National AIDS Conference, E-mail: nap@worldmail.com.kh
  • Marie Stopes International
      No. 9 Street 476, 994-082, 994-083. Supporting local organizations doing HIV/AIDS prevention. They have an LGBT program.
  • Men's Health for Cambodia (MHC). HIV/AIDS prevention.
  • Men's Health Social Services (MHSS). Provincial HIV/AIDS prevention.
  • National AIDS Programme, Ministry of Health

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  • AIDS in the news archive -- CHINA
  • Beautiful Life Asscoiation for the Benefit of PLWHA, (86-21) 6380-1336, email: unhiv@163.com
  • Barry & Martin's Trust holds workshops on Aids education, treatment and care in various parts of China including Beijing, Yunnan, Guizhou, Hebei, Xinjiang, Guangxi, Guangdong and Shandong, and it sponsors an Aids workshop.
  • Chaoyang District CDC
      Chaoyang District CDC Room 1003, 25 Huawei Li, Panjiayuan, Chaoyang Dist, Beijing, 010-8778-9709. Anonymous free testing for STDs including HIV.
  • Chaoyang Nihao Volunteer Group at Chaoyang District CDC Room 1002, 25 Huawei Li, Panjiayuan, Chaoyang Dist, Beijing, 010-6777 3527 (8121-7077 outside office hours and for English). Anonymous free information and counseling.
  • Friend Exchange
      (0532) 8271-0247, email pytx@263.net. Magazine (in Chinese) based at the Qingdao Medical School and supported by the Ford Foundation, with information on Aids prevention and hotline numbers across the country.

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East Timor

Guam / US Affiliated Pacific Territories

  • GUAHAN Project
      This Guam-based AIDS Service Organization uses its very limited funds to provide HIV prevention and care services to impoverished people who live in the U.S. affiliated Pacific region - American Samoa, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Republic of Palau, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam - which suffers enormous health disparities due in part to very limited Federal assistance, and in part due to the post-colonial era annual per capita income: for example, it is only US$2,900 in the Marshall Islands, and US$2,300 in the Federated States of Micronesia. This organization and the fragile societies of incredibly unique, indigenous people it serves really need support.

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Hong Kong S.A.R.

  • AIDS in the news archive -- HONG KONG
      Service Centre, Block F 17B, 3 Lok Man Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong, 2898-4411. Helpline: 2898-4422 (7pm-10pm Thurs and Sat (Cantonese and English). Founded in 1990 by volunteers, this NGO provides support services for people with HIV/AIDS and outreach prevention programmes for men who have sex with men, cross-border travelers, users of the local sex industry, and youth at risk. They also offer workshops, events, and AIDS information materials targeted at these groups as well as soup delivery and transport service for people living with HIV/AIDS. AIDS Concern in funded through their own fundraising efforts, public donations, grants and project money from the Hong Kong Government's AIDS Trust Fund.
  • AIDS Counselling & Health Education Service
      Hotline: 2780-2211, 2710-2553, or 2710-2571, 8am-8pm Mon-Fri (Cantonese and English). A branch of the government's Medical & Health Department which gives counselling, runs a Social Hygiene Clinic, and offers anonymous and confidential HIV and AIDS tests.
  • AIDS Hotline
      170-222-171 (free 24-hour infoline). An English-language AIDS information and advice telephone service.
  • AIDS Unit, Department of Health, Hong Kong
  • By Poz for Poz!
      An English speaking support group set up by positive people for positive people. They meet informally to share ideas, discuss issues and to support each other on a regular basis. If you think this could be for you, then e-mail them for details. Confidentiality 100% guaranteed!
  • HIV Information and Drop-in Centre
      St. John's Cathedral, Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong, 2525 7207, 2525 7208.
  • Hong Kong AIDS Foundation UTOPIA VERIFIED FEB 2022
      5/F Shaukiwan Jockey Club Centre, 8 Chai Wan Rd, Shaukiwan, Hong Kong, 2560-8528. Helpline: 2513-0513, 8pm -10pm Mon, Wed and Fri. (some English spoken). The Foundation has an extensive outreach programme mainly directed at the whole community and families. It is the only AIDS organisation to have advertised directly at the Gay community.
  • Hong Kong Social Hygiene Clinics: 2803-2249
  • Positive Living Group (PLG)
      A peer support group for PWAs in Hong Kong, offers professional advice on medication, healthy living as well as being a mouth-piece for PLWHA in various government and communtiy-based committees. Social events are organised on a regular basis, in a totally confidential and non judgemental environment. E-mail: positivehk@hotmail.com

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    • Asian AIDS Action
        +91 998-782-1640, email. AAA has free counseling services for LGBT persons with issues, not just HIV/AIDS. AAA asssists LGBT persons of all ages and income levels with career and financial counseling, stress management, suicide and depression intervention and counseling.
    • Badlaav Samiti
        Indore, +91 731-408-2403, 099-7779-2945. Organization for the LGBT community working on health, HIV and AIDS.
    • Naz Foundation Humnawaz UTOPIA VERIFIED MAR 2023
        Drop-in center (please call for directions), +91-11-2981-2287, +91-11-4172-4636. Support group for gay men and other MSM meets every Sat from 6-8pm.


    • AIDS in the news archive -- INDONESIA
    • Bali Medika - Mens Health Clinic UTOPIA VERIFIED FEB 2023
        Jln Kalianget No. 3, Kuta, Bali, +62 361-791-3737. Works with MSM. Yogi Prasetia is a doctor specialised in HIV prevention programs and STD testing and treatments, very professional and polite staff, they collaborate with Thai Red Cross and Pulse from Bangkok. Personal, polite and professional consultations and treatments for locals as well as expats.
    • Gaya Dewata, Jln Belimbing Gg Y No. 4, Denpasar, Bali 80231 (62-361) 222620 (9:30 am to 3:30pm WITA) Coordinates HIV/AIDS-related activities.
    • Hotline AIDS Mitra Indonesia, Jln Kebon Kacang IX No. 78, Jakarta Pusat 10240 Ph./FAX (62-21) 392-1608, Hotline: (62-21) 310-0855 (3pm - 8pm WIB)
    • Hotline AIDS 'Triple M,' PKBI, Jln Landak Baru 55, Ujungpandang, Sul-Sel 90135 (62-411) 871051 (10am to 4pm WITA)
    • IGAMA (Ikatan Gaya Arema Malang)
        Jln Hamid Rusdi 67, Malang, (62-341) 335-770, email. An MSM (men who have sex with men) organization working for HIV/AIDS preventation in Malang Raya.
    • Indonesia AIDS Resource Center, Pact Indonesia Office, Jalan Danau Jempang Blok B3/34A, Jakarta 10210. Tel (62) 21 571-9363 Fax (62) 21 573-8425 email : pactia@rad.net.id In operation since 1993. The resource center houses thousands of resources including videotapes, textbooks, brochures.
    • Lentera, PKBI, Jln Tentara Rakyat Mataram Gg Kapas Badran, Yogyakarta 55231 (62-274) 513595, FAX 513566, E-mail: lentera@ins.healthnet.org
    • Spiritia Foundation UTOPIA VERIFIED MAR 2023
        Jln Johar Baru Utara V No. 17, Johar Baru, Jakarta, (62-21) 422-5163/8, FAX 4287-5168, Email. Secretariat of the peer support network for Indonesian PLHAs, their families and friends. Spiritia's main objective is the empowerment of PLHAs to play a real role in the response to AIDS in Indonesia, in accordance with the principle of greater involvement of PLHAs (GIPA).
    • Yayasan Abdi Asih, Jln Dukuh Kupang Timur X/11, Surabaya, Ja-Tim 60256 (62-31) 580355
    • Yayasan AIDS Indonesia working together with [the phone company] Telkom West Jakarta has opened a hotline, (62 21) 530-3000, 10 am-3 pm (West Indonesian time).
    • Yayasan Citra Usadha Indonesia, E-mail: ycui@denpasar.wasantara.net.id
    • Yayasan Gaya Celebes, PO Box 1309, Ujungpandang, Sul-Sel 90013 (62-411) 510943
    • Yayasan Gaya Dewata, Jln Sakura IV, No. 8, Denpasar, Bali, +62 361-780-8250. Works with MSM. UTOPIAN VERIFIED NOV 2014
    • Yayasan Hatihati, Bali (programs for IDU/harm reduction). E-mail: hatihati@denpasar.wasantara.net.id
    • Yayasan Kemanusiaan, c/o Jln Mulyosari Timur 46, Surabaya, Ja-Tim 60112 (62-31) 593-4924, 594-1075, FAX 593-9070 (attn: Dede Oetomo), E-mail: doetomo@indo.net.id
    • Yayasan Pelangi Kasih Nusantara, Jln Bangau III F9/3, Jatibening Bekasi, Jakarta, (62-21) 848-0017. An NGO established in 1999 to promote the equality of sexual rights based on the pluralism of sexual orientation and to improve sexual health of men. 12 staff and 25 volunteers run activities for 95 MSM massage parlors in Jakarta with 967 masseurs and almost 10,000 hidden MSM surround Jakarta. Recent activies: Behavioral Change Intervention through Outreach among male sex workers; STI services for MSM; Gay Conseling; and Edutainment.
    • Yayasan PRIAngan, P.O. Box 1819, Bandung, Ja-Bar 40018 (62-22) 250-4325
    • Yayasan Utama, Jln Diponegoro 8, Pekanbaru, Riau 28111 Ph./FAX (62-76) 37645

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    • AIDS in the news archive -- JAPAN
    • Angel Life Nagoya
        784-6363. AIDS/HIV outreach and education for the Nagoya gay scene.
    • Tokyo Gay Men's Hotline
        3203-9885, Sat 19:00-22:00. Run by AIDS Care Project who also place safer sex kits around the gay bars.

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    • Kuala Lumpur AIDS Support Services Society (KLASS)
        4/F The Boulevard Shop Office, 16-4 Jln 13/48A (off Jln Sentul), +603 4045-6681, Helpline: +603 4045-3686 (7:30-9:30pm, Wed-Sat), FAX 4045-2861.
    • AIDS in the news archive -- MALAYSIA
    • Penang Family Planning Association, 333 Jalan Perak, 11600, Penang, (604) 281-3144. Volunteer members run a support group for families with AIDS in Northern Peninsular Malaysia, called the Me & You (MAY) support group. Email: fpapg@streamyx.com.
    • Asian-Pacific Resource & Research Centre for Women (ARROW)
    • Federation of Family Planning Associations - Malaysia
    • Hospital Ipoh
    • Hospital Kuala Lumpur
    • Malaysian AIDS Council UTOPIA VERIFIED MAR 2023
        No 12, Jln 13/48A, The Boulevard Shop Office (off Jalan Sentul), 51000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, (603) 4045-1033, FAX 4042-6133.
    • Ministry of Health, Malaysia
    • NTC AIDS Service Centre
    • Pelangi Foundation Email: enquiry@pelangifoundation.org. A gay-oriented organization that helps persons living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). Besides residential care for HIV pos persons, they have a Positive Muslim group in KL, Terengganu and Kuantan; free and confidential HIV Test and councelling; outreach to Male Sex Workers; and have started an alternative Job Program for them.
    • Pink Triangle Malaysia offers confidential telephone counseling and information on HIV/AIDS and sexuality. 2-1, Jalan Haji Salleh, Sentul, Kuala Lumpur. 03-4051 3611, WhatsApp 011-2143 4572
    • Safer Sex in 3 Eay Steps: Malay

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    • Together Center
        Hotline: 450-783. HIV prevention and testing center funded by the National AIDS Foundation, established in 2007. Free STI/HIV/AIDS testing and consulting.
    • We Are Family-Mongolia Sexual Health and Rights
        9998-4852, email. Providing information on HIV/AIDS for gay men and working to change the social understanding of sexuality and to prevent sexual violence against the local LGBT community.
    • Youth Health Center for Gay Men
        Door 317, Tsetsee Gun Institute, UNDP St, Baga Toiruu, 9914-8643, email. A group formed in 2003. They organize training about safe sex and health promotion.

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    • AIDS in the news archive -- NEPAL
    • Blue Diamond Society (BDS)
        Shiv Bhakta Marg: 344, Lazimpat, Kathmandu, (977-1) 444-3350, 444-5147, email. Blue Diamond Society was founded in 2001 in an effort to address the needs of Nepal's GLBT sexual minorities including Meta, Dohori, Ta, Hijra, Singaru, Fulumulu, Kothi, Kotha, Strian, Maugia, Panthi and others. BDS offers community-based sexual health, HIV/AIDS, and advocacy services for local networks of sexual minorities. It provides a drop-in center (DIC), outreach work and clinical referrals for its constituents.

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    Papua New Guinea


    • AIDS in the news archive -- PHILIPPINES
    • RMO Health Services Center, Inc.
        G/F, PTGWO Bld, Roberto S. Oca St, South Harbor, Port Area, Manila, 400-8764. Gay-friendly clinic for HIV/AIDS screening and counseling.
    • TLF SHARE Collective Inc.
        Mailing address: 2577 A. Bonifacio St., Bangkal, Makati City 1233 Philippines, email. A membership organization of educators committed to sexual and reproductive health and rights education and empowerment among vulnerable and marginalized groups, particularly among communities of bakla, gay, bisexual and other MSM (men who have sex with men).
    • World Health Organization, Regional Office for the Western Pacific, P.O. Box 2932, 1000 Manila, Philippines, (632) 528-8001 FAX 521-1036, STD@who.org.ph

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    • AIDS in the news archive -- SINGAPORE
    • Action for AIDS UTOPIA VERIFIED MAR 2023
        9 Kelantan Lane, #03-01 S208628, Utopia Map, 6254-0212, FAX 6256-5903, email. Formed in 1988, as a non-government organisation, to meet the threat of AIDS in Singapore. Funded solely through private and corporate donations, AfA's aims are prevention through education, support for people affected by HIV/AIDS, and advocacy for HIV-related issues. Phone counselling is available during the day and also the evenings of Tu, Th and Fri. AFA's Gay Outreach program has been revived and supports on-going events to get the word out to the community. Call the number above for event updates.
    • DSC Clinic
        #01-16 Kelantan Lane, Blk 31, 6293-9648, 6293-9716. Anonymous HIV testing and counseling are available Tue-Wed 6:30-8pm and Sat 1:30-3:30pm (except on public holidays).
    • Shim Clinic
        168 Bedok South Ave 3, #01-473, +65 6100-0783, FAX 6449-7446. General practice (GP) clinic providing rapid HIV test, HIV prevention/HIV PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) treatment, STD testing and treatment services.

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    South Korea

    • AIDS in the news archive -- KOREA
    • KHAP (Korea HIV/AIDS Prevention & Support Center)
        HIV centers also serving foreigners in Korea: in Seoul the number is 02-927-4323 and for Ansan the number is 031-495-0560. They offer counseling by phone in English or Korean Mon-Fri 10am-6pm. They also offer free anonymous testing every Sun from 10am-5pm. You must call first and make a reservation for the free test.
    • ISHAP Ivan Stop HIV/AIDS Project. Korean language website.
    • AIDS counseling, Itaewan, Seoul: 02-792-0080.

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    • AIDS in the news archive -- THAILAND
    • ACCESS Thailand, (662) 372-2113,5 FAX 372-2116
    • AIDS Care Education and Training (ACET), (662) 718-7231,2 FAX 718-7233.
    • AIDS Network Development Foundation (AIDSNet), Chiang Mai, (053) 222-417, 222-484 FAX 222-484, E-mail aidsnetf@chmai2.loxinfo.co.th
    • All Around AIDS Association (AAAA)
    • F.A.C.T. AIDS Helpline, 574-1100, 574-3461. 9am - midnight.
    • Health Science Library - Prince of Songkla University
    • Hotline Center Foundation
    • Institute of Population Studies - Chulalongkorn University
    • Life and Hope Club, (662) 318-5600
    • Medecins Sans Frontieres Belgium, email.
    • Mplus+
    • Naam Chewit Project - Thailand
    • Northern Women's Development Foundation
    • PDA/IEC Resource Centre
    • Silom Community Clinic UTOPIA VERIFIED FEB 2023
        HIV and syfilis rapid testing; HAV and HBV testing, HBV vaccine, syndromic evaluation for other sexually transmitted infections and CD4 count, TB evaluation and early HIV care and referral for antiretroviral and antimicrobacterial treatment for those who are HIV positive. All free of charge. Open Tue-Sat, 16:00-22:00, 3/F Bangkok Christian Hospital. Targeting Thai men who have sex with men.
    • Support the Children Foundation, 181-208 moo 3, Chatonanivade 2, Soi 6, Bhotaram Road, Changpeuk, Amphur Muang, Chiang Mai 50300, (66-53) 408-424
    • Thai-Australia Northern AIDS Prevention & Care Program (NAPAC)
    • Thai Medical Women's Association
    • Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre, (662) 256-4107,9 FAX 254-7577
    • Thai Youth AIDS Prevention Project, PO Box 287, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai 50202. Tel/Fax: 66-53-220-924 Email: tyap@loxinfo.co.th Established in Sept '95, as a non-government organization targeting youth in Chiang Mai.
    • Thailand Business Coalition on AIDS (TBCA), (662) 643-9891,3 FAX 643-9894, Email: tbca@ksc.net.th
    • Vaccine Trial Centre, Mahidol University
    • Wednesday Friends Club, email.
      Hotline -- (662) 255-7893, 255-7894. Support and social organization for people living with HIV/AIDS in Bangkok. Their Bodang Drop-in Center is now open. Located at 830 Galaxy Lane, Rama 4 Road, across the street from The Thai Red Cross Society and behind the Monthien Hotel. Services include hostel, weight room, support groups, counseling, vitamin shop, karaoke. Most of the services are free. Hostel is 30 Baht per night. (66-2) 236-8421, 236-8422.

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    Arthur & Paul, Phnom Penh's gay men-only resort
    Phnom Pehn's gay men-only boutique hotel, spa, pool and restaurant...

    QUNCI VILLAS on the tropical island of Lombak
    QUNCI VILLAS, a gay-friendly, gay-managed tropical resort on the heavenly island of Lombak, just next to Bali...

    Bangkok Pride 2023

    At Bangkok Pride 2023 (photo: Amp Puttipong)

    Bangkok Pride 2023

    At Bangkok Pride 2023 (photo: Siam Pride)

    Bangkok Pride 2023

    At Bangkok Pride 2023 (photo: Siam Pride)

    Bangkok Pride 2023

    At Bangkok Pride 2023 (photo: Siam Pride)

    Tokyo Rainbow Pride

    At Tokyo Rainbow Pride

    Cambodia Pride

    Dynamic duo at Cambodia Pride

    Special photo exhibition by Mark Leighton!


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