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SEOUL: Massage and Spas for Men

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SEOUL -- area code +82-2

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Massage for Men

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      Black Out UTOPIA VERIFIED MAR 2017
        Chungmuro Subway Station area, Utopia Map
        Text message: 010-4083-2018, email

        Outcall or incall gay massage for men by solo trainers. High quality Korean massage (they aim for the best massage and best service). Handsome Korean trainers. LINE, Tictoc, kakao talk: bkout7 (text the date and time you prefer).
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        Comments from Utopians:

        "I made a trip to Seoul and experienced massage here for the first time in my life. Friendly, professional massage and service. May masseur had a nice body and handsome face. Fantastic muscles. I really thank Black Out for giving me a good memory about Korean massage." -- Samuel, Feb 7, 2017


    • HunkForGuy UTOPIA VERIFIED JUN 2017
        Near Sinnonhyeon Station, Gangnam, Utopia Map
        010-4903-1729, LINE/WeChat/Kakao Talk: hunkbig, email

        Contact them for directions. Gay-owned massage for men. They strive for their customers' satisfaction. Large selection of handsome and hunky masseurs provide quality service.
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    • Secret Mens UTOPIA VERIFIED JUL 2016
        Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu (near Yeoksam Station Exit 3)
        +82 104-817-3124, LINE/WeChat/Kakao Talk: sem3124, email.

        Gay-owned massage shop located in Gangnam, with separate rooms to ensure privacy.
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        Comments from Utopians:

        "I had a wonderful experience with Secret Mens massage. I contacted them through Kakao Talk and received a fast response and set a time and date for the massage. Directions were given. WooJu greeted me at the door (he looked just like a KPOP band member). He was gentle, thorough, and made sure I was comfortable! He also speaks English, Mandarin and Japanese, so communication skill was on point. I highly recommend him if you are in the Gangnam area and looking for a quality massage." -- Johnny, Nov 20, 2016


      Seoul has hundreds of gay venues spread around a handful of neighborhoods, but most tourists become familiar with Itaewon, a foreigner-friendly enclave.

click for our interactive map of Itaewon

      Harmony Seoul UTOPIA VERIFIED AUG 2014


    • thePark UTOPIA VERIFIED JUN 2017
        010-5949-9644, email

        Let their top quality experts give your exhausted mind and body the ultimate relaxation and rest. Highest standards of services through systemic 1:1 customized treatment in harmony with your preferences. Call for directions. Open daily 1pm-4am. Outcall also available.
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        Comments from Utopians:

        "I had an outcall massage last week. My masseur was amazing, beautiful body and excellent service. I also booked Robin, a beautiful masseur who had a very cute smile. Wonderful choice." -- Alex, Apr 4, 2017

        "I went with my friends yesterday. I quite enjoyed the manager's jokes and his humour. I was overwhelmed by his native English. I do want to advise that customers ask clearly which masseur is straight and which is gay, because the straight masseurs' service is not matched by the gay masseurs. Also, ask the manager to recommend who is good at massage and then he will narrow it down. We went and were able to view 10-12 masseurs, all of them surprisingly handsome. Overall I was happy with this place and will be going back here." -- Rob, Jul 8, 2016


      Jongno is Seoul's biggest gay enclave, with more than a hundred clubs and venues located in the center of Seoul in the Nakwon-Dong neighborhood to the north and east of Topkol Park (Independence Park).

click for our interactive map of Jongno

      501 Mania UTOPIA VERIFIED JUN 2017
        Near the Jongno 5-ga Station, Exit 1 (dark blue line 1), Utopia Map
        010-9738-9726, email

        Call for directions. They offer both incall and city-wide outcall service. Enjoy your day where the imagination of your dreams meets the new Korean concept of destination body therapy. 501 Mania will relax your exhausted mind and body through its systemic 1:1 customized program and private service in comfortable facilities.
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    • Emperor UTOPIA VERIFIED NOV 2014

    • Octagon UTOPIA VERIFIED MAR 2017


        010-6862-4343, Kakao/LINE: sohomen, email

        An upscale, modern massage parlor offering a private, comfortable space for clients who want their discreet privacy. Their trainers are educated in massage courses with a highly skilled, professional trainer. Clients can completely relax in a stress-free environment in the hands of their pro trainers. They use imported organic natural oils from the Philippines and consult with each guest to customize the experience based on individual preferences. They strive to provide a royal quality service. Free drinks. By appointment only. Visit their website to choose your masseur wand treatment course. They are also happy to recommend appropriate staff based on your therapeutic needs. Available daily, 2pm-2am.
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    • Noblessmen UTOPIA VERIFIED JUN 2017
        Gongduk Station, Exit 6
        010-4481-3060, LINE/Kakao: noblessmen, email

        Gay-owned massage for men. Get the royal treatment from a variety of trainers of different ages. They have prepared a private space for your comfort and discretion. Their trainers have been educated in massage therapy courses from professional teachers. Check their website for details. Outcall also available.
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        Comments from Utopians:

        "I was very impressed on my first and second time with the Noblessmen masseurs. They were nice and kind. I was very relaxed and happy with the service." -- Matt, Jul 9, 2016

      Xtatic Massage in Seoul UTOPIA VERIFIED APR 2017
        337 Sindorim Dong

        Gay-managed massage for men. Fit Korean masseur providing authentic, traditional Thai massage, Thai yoga massage, and aroma oil massage. Both incall and outcall available in Seoul area.
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    • iknowthaat UTOPIA VERIFIED APR 2015

    • Red Boy Massage UTOPIA VERIFIED SEP 2016
        010-8669-0542, email. Gay-friendly outcall massage for men. Handsome and skilled masseurs to help you release your tired body's exhaustion and stress. Sincere service with a heart. Just chill out in the hands of their male therapists for your happinees.
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      Rick's Massage UTOPIA VERIFIED FEB 2017

    • The Wolf UTOPIA VERIFIED JAN 2017
        +82 10-5131-7758, email

        Korean massage for gay men specializing in muscle maintenance for fans of body sculpture and weightlifting culture. A variety of trainers are on hand. See their website for details and schedules.
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