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The Asian Male [1.AM] by Norm Yip
2005, Hardcover.
This book of beautifully sculpted male nudes is an example of just how fine photography books can be. The quality of the reproductions is near perfect with both black and white and richly full color images on the finest paper. The models (from from Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and Malaysia) are not only beautiful; they also appear to be in complete communication with Yip's camera. The result is a group of sensuous, erotically-charged photographs that stand with the finest of portfolios of the male nude. Norm Yip is a refreshing new talent who here shares his work from 2000 to 2005.

The Gay Archipelago: Sexuality and Nation in Indonesia by Tom Boellstorff
2005, Paperback.
The first book-length exploration of the lives of gay men in Indonesia, the world's fourth most populous nation and home to more Muslims than any other country. It examines the history of homosexuality in Indonesia, and then turns to how gay and lesbian identities are lived in everyday Indonesian life, from questions of love, desire, and romance to the places where gay men and lesbian women meet. He also explores the roles of mass media, the state, and marriage in gay and lesbian identities.

Man's Best Friend: Inu Mo Aruke Ba Fall in Love (Yaoi) by Kazusa Takashima
2006, Paperback.
Three male love manga. Man's Best Friend tells the tale of a teen with a new pet dog who magically becomes a hunk and has sexual romps with his new master. Other stories focus on the budding love between two former childhood friends as they begin their adult lives.

Queer Japan from the Pacific War to the Internet Age (Asian Voices) by Mark McLelland
2005, Paperback.
Scholarship on Japan has recently broadened to include minority perspectives on communities from marginal workers to those whose sexuality has long been overlooked. This volume, with its combination of fieldwork in the gay and lesbian communities and the use of historical sources such as journals and documents, breaks important new ground in this field. It examines gay life in the Japanese Pacific War, addresses transgender and lesbian as well as gay issues, examines the interface of queer society with the U.S. occupation and the international community, contests major interpretations of contemporary queer society, and introduces readers to the development of lesbian, transgender, and gay communities in postwar Japan. Including a wealth of images from the perverse press, this book will appeal to students and general readers interested in modern and contemporary Japan and in gender studies and sexuality.

The Rice Queen Diaries by Daniel Gawthrop
2005, Paperback.
Part autobiography, part titillating sex novel, part scholarly treatise, the writer traces his attraction to Asian men from his early years in a small Canadian town, to Thailand and Vietnam, where he eventually realizes that the numerous sexual partners he has are the result of economic transactions born of the difference between the cultures of the individuals involved.

Wild Rock (Yaoi) by Kazusa Takashima
2006, Paperback.
Emba and Yuuencome from two very different warring clans. When they meet, it's love at first sight. But the odds are stacked against this primitive Romeo and Romeo. A hot, new manga set in a fabulously fantastic prehistoric backdrop.

Feature Films

301-302 directed by Park Chul-Soo
Korea, 1995.
A mysterious disappearance of one of two young women who live across the hall from each other in a modern apartment complex in Seoul. The women, referred to by their apartment numbers, each share common but dissimilar obsessions: eating disorders and problematic relationships with men. 301(Bang) is an amateur cook whose spare time is spent preparing and eating lavish meals, while her bookish and reclusive neighbor 302 (Hwang) becomes ill at the mere sight or smell of food. In a series of flasbacks, we see how the relationship between the two women develops and learn the shocking secret of what happened to 302.
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Afraid to Die directed by Yasuzo Masumura
Japan, 1960.
First US release! Notorious gay Japanese novelist, bodybuilder and queer icon, Yukio Mishima, makes a rare screen appearance as Takeo, a young yakuza gangster who reluctantly leaves prison to re-enter a dizzying world of kidnappings, attempted assassinations, attacks and retaliations. Japanese New Wave master Yasuzo Masumura propels this delirious, fast paced satire with a jazzy score, eye-popping visuals, and a trademark sense of the absurd.
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Beautiful Mystery directed by Nakamura Genji.
Japan, 1983.
A Japanese boy joins a bodybuilding paramilitary clique whose regimen involves strenuous exercise during the day, and brutal gay sex at night! Inspired by Yukio Mishima's private army of male lovers and the tragic consequences of their devotion.
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Black Lizard directed by Fukasaku Kinji
Japan, 1968.
A must-have film for your collection! Campy and luridly colored Japanese detective noir classic, adapted for screen by infamous gay author/body builder/suicide Yukio Mishima (who has a cameo as a nude love statue!). Starring the stupendous drag actor, Akihiri Maruyama playing the villianous master criminal and poetic seductress, The Black Lizard, who'll stop at nothing to acquire new exhibits for her secret island museum of beauty.
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Bugis Street directed by Yonfan
Singapore, 1995.
Singapore's infamous, immoral Bugis Street (bulldozed for a subway station) is resurrected and granted divine immortality in this tawdry and over-the-top comedy/melodrama. A bevy of gorgeously attired, love-lorn transgender prostitutes blaze across the screen in a firestorm of sequins, squeels and drunken American sailors. Nudity and sexual situations, lah.
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The Delta directed by Ira Sachs
1997, VHS and DVD.
The doomed romance of Minh, an immigrant son of a Vietnamese mother and a black G.I., and Lincoln, an affluent white teenager. Their brief, but indelible, love affair invokes a larger picture of troubled America. TOP TEN GAY FILMS of 1997.
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Doom Generation directed by Gregg Araki.
AmerAsian heartthrob James Duval stars in Araki's hilarious and lurid love triangle between three teenagers on the run from the law, hoodlums, crazies and their own sexual ambiguities.
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Drift by Quentin Lee
A handsome Asian Canadian screenwriter, Ryan (R.T. Lee), has to choose between continuing his 3-year relationship with Joel or chasing Leo, a young student who may be his soul mate. A fresh perspective on love and relationships which follows the possible ramifications of Ryan's choices in realistic, sexy and unexpected directions.
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East Palace, West Palace by Zhang Yuan
Si Han performs brilliantly as a young gay writer who falls madly in love with a fierce police officer (played by Hu Jun) who arrests him for cruising public toilets.
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Fire directed by Deepa Mehta
The story of two Indian women, sisters-in-law, who are trapped in loveless relationships with men in modern New Delhi. One is the dutiful wife of a celibate religious eccentric, the other is the new bride of the brother who is embroiled in his own self-centered affair with his sex kitten mistress; the women turn to each other for companionship and find erotic pleasure and emotional strength in their friendship.
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Fleeing by Night directed by Li-Kong Hsu and Chi Yin
Taiwan, 2000.
Fleeing By Night is a lush period piece that follows the love triangle of three men against the backdrop of the Chinese opera and wonderfully conveys a universal tale of unrequited love. Written and directed by a producer of both The Wedding Banquet and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, this film was an official selection of the San Francisco Lesbian and Gay Film Festival and the Los Angeles Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. One of the most striking films to come out of Asia in recent years, this Chinese epic has everything: romance, history, spectacle and sheer go-for-broke melodrama.
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Flow by various directors.
Campy and stylish postmodern compilation of short stories featuring Asian actors, a knife weilding drag queen and a couple of vampires.
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Gohatto (Taboo) directed by Nagisa Oshima
Japan, 2000.
From the director of In the Realm of the Senses comes a samurai epic drenched in overheated sexual tension. A beautiful young warrior enflames the passions of both a fellow recruit and his captain. Jealousy, sex, and swordplay dominate this all-male world.
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Happy Together directed by Wong Kar Wai
Hong Kong, 1997.
Southern Chinese gay male stud culture busts out in the land of the tango, with an in-your-face butt-fuck opening scene. The plot is simple: A handsome, young male couple from Hong Kong moves to Buenos Aires and there are countless scenes of kissing, male tangos, arguing, working at bad jobs, breaking beer bottles, breaking up, and cinematic meditation on bitter sweet loss and misery as the purest form of love and eroticism. Dark and sexy chornicle of a troubled Asian gay male relationship. WINNER OF BEST DIRECTION AT CANNES FILM FESTIVAL.
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I Like You . . . I Like You Very Much directed by Oki Hiroyuki.
Japan, 1994.
Highly erotic drama dealing with a young Japanese couple who must examines their relationship after one of them spots a gorgeous young guy in tight jeans and approaches him, whispering, "I like you...I like you very much." initiating a sexual liasion with the young hunk.
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Iron Ladies directed by Youngyooth Thongkonthun
Thailand, 2000.
The hilarious and inspirational true story of a champion Thai volleyball team made up mostly of gay men, drag queens and transgendered women ("katoueys"). Iron Ladies is sassy, funny and extraordinary. Cross-dressing Jung, make-up loving soldier Nong, and transsexual cabaret star Pia, are the standouts in this colorful cast of characters who unite together to overcome the adversity they face on a daily basis, and take Thailand by storm. Shiriohana Hongsopon gives probably the best performance as Coach Bee, the glue that holds the often hot-tempered and always effervescent team together.
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Kizuna (Part 1 & 2) directed by Kodaka Kazuma.
Sexy and twisted gay Japanese anime revolving around the men who are in love with a brilliant and beautiful Kendo athlete: his highly sexed boyfriend (the tall, dark son of a powerful gangster), his University Professor (who takes him to a gay host bar, then drugs and molests him), and his loveršs half-brother (an obsessed and bitter rival who is a promising swordfighter and gay prostitute.
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Ladyboys directed by Charles Herman-Wurmfield.
1996, VHS.
From Thailand, a touching story of two gay teens who leave their impoverished country homes to find fame and fortune as glamorous transvestite cabaret performers.
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Lan Yu directed by Stanley Kwan.
Taiwan, 2001.
Hailed by NEWSWEEK as one of the best films of 2002, Stanley Kwan's groundbreaking, beautifully filmed adaptation of an anonymously published internet novel, Lan Yu is set against the Tiananmen Square uprising. Lan Yu tells the story of a young, gay architecture student and his ongoing relationship with an older, successful businessman. The handsome playboy-businessman must choose between his comfortable, yet closeted life in the straight world, or an honest, yet subversive life with the student. Lan Yu was selected in the opening/closing night slots for the San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles Gay Film Festivals inn 2002, as well as playing at the Sundance Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, and Toronto Film Festival.
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The Lover directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud, starring Tony Leung Ka Fai.
Great bod and butt shots for Tony Leung fans! Stunningly photographed and set in Indochina in the late 1920s. A young French schoolgirl becomes sexually possessed with a sophisticated, wealthy Asian man. Based on the controversial, and supposedly autobiographical, bestseller by novelist Marguerite Duras. Subtle lesbian overtones.
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M Butterfly by David Henry Hwang
Lurid drama of a Chinese spy who, disguised as a woman, seduces and maintains an affair over a decade with a British consulary. Power, gender and politics are laid bare in the brilliant writing, celebrated both as a play and a feature film starring John Lone.
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Macho Dancer directed by Lino Brocka.
Philippines, 1988.
Combining elements of melodrama and social commentary, Macho Dancer paints a picture of the Filippino sex industry as a dangerous arena, fuelled by drugs and police corruption, where innocents must compromise their virtue in an effort to stay alive. The densely plotted screenplay (co-written by Ricardo Lee and Amato Lacuesta) is filmed with genuine gusto. Lengthy excerpts from the various stage performances, in which naked young guys oil each other up and gyrate to synth music (Fernando's dance sequence with co-star William Lorenzo is worth the price of admission alone)! Strand Releasing's DVD is taken from what the package describes as 'the sole surviving 35mm print of Lino Brocka's original version, uncut and uncensored'.
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Midnight Dancers directed by Mel Chionglo.
Phillipines, 1994.
Erotically charged story of three handsome brothers who escape the poverty of their lives by working as hustlers and exotic dancers at a seedy gay bar in Manila. Touching and beautifully filmed.
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Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters directed by Paul Schrader.
Must-have gay cinematic masterpiece presented by George Lucas AND Francis Ford Coppola! Long supressed from theatrical play by Mishima's widow, this visually stunning meditation has finally been released on video. Based on the chapters of Mishima's life, the film evokes his multiple personalities from his lurid literary masterworks and campy physique posing, to his middle-class family life and gorey disembowelment/beheading by his army of lovers. Sensational sets and costumes by Eiko and masterful music by Philip Glass performed by The Kronos Quartet. Five-star filmmaking all around.
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Muscle by Hisayasu Sato
Japan, 1994.
Controversial and surreal Japanese drama about a mild-mannered editor of a muscle magazine whose sexual desires are ignited when he becomes entangled in a threatening and sadistic relationship with a hunky bodybuilder. Explicit, violent, and disturbing.
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Nowhere directed by Gregg Araki, starring James Duval.
Araki's over-the-top pop masterpiece. Brain-dead and over-sexed gen-X college twinks hump and sniff their way cluelessly towards the millenium. Gorgeous, Asianesque plush toy James Duval is sick of his philandering girlfriend and ends up in bed with some lickable white meat in an hysterical surprise ending. Oh yeah, and a murdering space alien in on the loose!
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Okoge directed by Takehiro Nakajima.
Japan, 1992.
Japan's gay subculture is the setting for this bitter-sweet feature film. Two gay lovers befriend a female bar fly who is fascinated by gay life, and use her apartment for hot and erotic secret rendevous.
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Pillow Book directed by Peter Greenaway
Ewan McGregor (Moulin Rouge, Star Wars) goes full Monty in this visually sumptuous tale of erotic fetishism. He plays a young, bisexual writer who lends his naked body to his lovers--one, an aging Japanese publisher with an obsession for bizarre literature, and the other, a spooky woman whose calligraphic talent borders on the supernatural.
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Sex and Zen directed by Michael Mak
Hong Kong, 1993.
A young scholar endures a madcap transplantation of a horse penis so that he can thrill his beloved (its the size that counts for her). But first, he tries out his new equipment on his faithful man servant. Yes, the plot is that thin, but filled with laughs in this zany Kung-Fu version of The Canterbury Tales.
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Under One Roof directed by Todd Wilson
USA, 2002.
It's Sex and the City meets The Wedding Banquet for young San Franciscan Daniel Chang, living at home with his clueless, traditional mother. Desperate for a grandchild, she's eager to see him married and spends much of her time planning introductions to suitable Chinese girls for Daniel. But when she recruits a new lodger for the downstairs flat, Daniel finds himself falling for Robert, the hot Southern boy who's moved to the big city. Well, Robert's not a suitable Chinese girl - but is he gay? And does he feel the same way about Daniel? Daniel soon gets his chance to find out when the basement floods and his mother insists Daniel share his bedroom with Robert while the plumbers fix the mess downstairs.
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The Wedding Banquet directed by Ang Lee, starring Gua Ah-Le.
Taiwan, 1993.
Revolutionary and subversive comedy that spares no one. A handsome gay Taiwanese man, living happily with his idealized American boyfriend, surrenders to constant parental pressure to marry and arranges a fake wedding with disasterous and unexepected consequences.
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