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BUSAN / PUSAN: Bars, Cabarets, Clubs, Discos & Karaoke

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BUSAN / PUSAN -- area code (82-51)

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Bars and Clubs

    To get to the main gay area of Pusan, take the subway to Beomildong (two stops from the city center, Seomyeon). Come out of the subway and you'll see Hyundai Department Store. As you face Hyundai, you'll see a road alongside the stores on your left. Go down this road for 20m or so, and then take the first street on your left. This is the gay area. The first bar you'll see is Zip (on your right). 200m further down is another bar called Someone. Across from Someone is the rustic gay restaurant known as Oasis (even though it's actually next door to Oasis). The clientele here are somewhat older. If you stay on this side of the street and walk back a short distance in the direction of Zip, you'll find the new and very popular One Bar. There is a soju bar named Agit (no longer gay) in the street that runs parallel to this main gay one. G-Men is just around the corner from Agit. There are also a few gay karaoke bars in this area, but be aware that you'll be expected to purchase expensive side dishes with your drinks. The area is perfectly safe, and you'll see many gay men walking around, often in pairs.

    • Banana Bar
        Opposite G-Men. No name outside, just the picture of a banana. Friendly and helpful barman. They sometimes turn down the lights for a bit when the young, local guys want to dance. they give a free banana with every drink. Nice touch!
    • Campus
        441-7032. Karaoke anju bar near the train station, to the extreme right (the road closest to and parallel to the train tracks) as you walk out of the station, about 5 minutes walk. Male hosts and expensive snacks. The owner speaks minimal English. The Tourist booth across from the train station can give you the phone number.
    • Club One
        Beomildong, 631-8559. A great place to hang out. It's small but always busy, especially Fri and Sat nights. The bartender/owner is cute. Even though the owner doesn't speak English, foreigners are still welcome and do come here. Prices of the drinks are reasonable and free snacks are always provided. Attractively designed, with both table and bar seating in a relaxing environment. Young local crowd.
    • G-Men
        Beomildon, around the corner from Agit. A tiny, intimate bar with counter seating only.
    • Mong
        For directions, call 051-638-7958. Shot bar. The owner can speak English well and the customers are friendly.
    • Zip
        Beomildong (a few hundred feet south of Hyundai Department Store), 645-3625, email. Zip is one of the most established gay cocktail bars and an ideal starting point for the single visitor to the gay area. Newly redecorated and, although somewhat smoky, it's got a nice ambience with soft lighting and candles on the tables. Prices are reasonable (with free snacks provided). The bar features free Internet access and gay magazines are available for reading. Popular with Koreans and foreigners alike. Zip's owner goes out of his way to make people feel welcome. While his English is minimal (he does speak some Japanese and his bar is popular with Japanese tourists), there is usually someone on hand to help the occasional bewildered Westerner.

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