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KUALA LUMPUR & Vicinity (Klang Valley): Saunas

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KUALA LUMPUR -- area code +60-3

Popular Spots

Saunas and Fitness for Men

      Due to police harassment, saunas in KL are no longer able to carry condoms or display safer sex educational information. Please bring your own safety supplies with you and share them with those you meet. And, most importantly, properly dispose of any used materials to prevent further harassment.


      Venues here are a short walk from the Sentral KL Monorail Station, and the Hilton and Le Meridien hotels.

        1/F 22 Jln Padang Belia, Brickfields, Utopia Map
        011-1143-2969, WhatsApp +601111432969

        After exiting the Sentral KL Monorail Station or the Tun Sambathan Monorail Station, look for the YMCA. You will see a 7-Eleven behind the YMCA, on Jln Padang Belia. Walk straight ahead on this road to shop #22. You will see a yellow shop with a huge orange signboard for Chakran (downstairs is a dental clinic). Use the side door to go upstairs. 1/F is reception, massage, body scrub, and showers. 2/F is the steam room, sauna, reading area, TV and resting room, and showers. 3/F has a beautiful rooftop garden with sheltered jacuzzi, plus day beds for resting and reading in a lush garden setting. Friendly staff and management keep up the high quality of this men's social club. Open from 2pm Mon-Thu, from noon Fri-Sun and public holidays. Open Mon-Fri 2-10:30pm; Sat, Sun and public holidays noon-10:30pm.
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        Comments from Utopians:

        "Recently refurbished and cleaned up. Now very pleasant. Showers, hot sauna, two rooms for resting, TV room, but... the best part is upstairs (caution: the spiral staircase is very steep and slippery!). Walk through the roof garden. At the end is a half-screened space, semi-private, but not a dark room so it's very clear what everyone is doing. Don't be shy. Someone will soon join you, or join someone who's already having fun. I had a great time!" -- Frank, May 2019

        2/F 27-2 & 3 Jln Tun Sambanthan 4, Utopia Map

        As you exit the Tun Sambantham Monorail Station, turn left and walk down the covered walkway next to the school yard. Keep going forward, across the intersection. and then look for the Jamz karaoke and Hotel Double M in the first shophouse on your left. In between them is the stairway up to Senses with a sign overhead saying "Central Lodge, Traveller Guest House". Go up to 2/F to the unmarked glass door. There you will find reception, massage rooms and, behind a secure door, lockers. 3/F has a Net area with three PC stations, an aircon dark room, TV lounge, steam room, dry sauna, two shower areas and a popular, dim "rain room" (there's always some humming in the rain here). Be careful of slippery wet floors and also changes in levels in the dark areas which are not clearly lit! Popular and friendly. Clean and well-managed. The friendly crowd is more mature and bears (30s and over) with plenty of uncles and chubs (nice, big towels). Busiest Sat and Sun. Same owners as Sentral. Crowded daily until 11pm.
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        Comments from Utopians:

        "I enjoyed my visit to Senses sauna. Went there around 4pm Sun afternoon. It may not be everyone's taste, as there are a lot of mature men aged 60+. But, there were also a minority of younger/middle-aged hunks/bears. The rain room is rather fun, as is the steam room. Too bad if you want privacy, as there are no private cabins. Showers really not that great and too many smokers around, blatantly ignoring the non smoking sign as is common in Malaysia." -- Chun Lee, Oct 1, 2018

    • Sentral Massage UTOPIA VERIFIED JUN 2017, UTOPIA VISITED AUG 2012
        1/F 41-1 Jln Thamby Pillai, Brickfields (next to Super Blind massage), Utopia Map

        As you exit the Sentral KL Monorail Station, turn left and then left again immediately and walk 2 blocks behind the station. Turn right and walk along the restaurants and shops to the stairway up to Sentral Massage. Facilities include coffee area, satellite TV room, sauna, dim relaxing space and more. Popular with mature, masculine men, chubs and their admirers. A friendly mix of races. Skilled blind masseurs on hand. Open daily 11am-11pm.
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    • Day Thermos UTOPIA VISITED JUN 2017
        G/F 40-6A Jln Sultan Ismail (next to Apple Boutique Hotel, diagonally opposite Blue Boy disco), Bukit Bintang, Utopia Map

        Facing the Grand Millenium Hotel, go down the alley on the left side of the hotel. In front of you, you will see a row of shophouses with Day Thermos' large sign. This small men's cruising facility is right in the heart of the tourist area. 1/F has lockers large enough to store your backpack; a TV lounge, bar and garden atrium. 2/F has rain showers, both public and private; steam maze and dry sauna, small gym and dark room. Crowd is mainly foregners. Busy 5-8pm.
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click for our interactive map of Cheras

        2/F 109-2, Jln Cerapu 1 (off Jln Cheras at Sang Kee Restaurant), Utopia Map
        9282-5303, email

        Leave MRT Maluri Station Exit D and walk 3 minutes towards an elevated highway on the right. When you reach the elevated highway, look ahead and you will see Hotel Mezzo. Walk a few more minute towards the hotel. Beside the hotel is the road where the sauna is located. Or, from city center, take a taxi to "Jln Cheras 3 1/2 Miles" and pass by the tall Menara PGRM building. Stay on Jln Cheras another 100m, past the Petronas petrol station, and turn left onto Jln Cerapu 1 (there's a well-known restaurant, Sang Kee, with a red rocket at this corner). Take the next right turn within the shophouses and Kakiku is in the building on your left. You can see some stylized black footprints on the windows of 2/F. Go up the stairway. Gay-owned and very well-managed men's complex. Very large and clean facilities include steam, dry sauna, jacuzzi, broadband Net, mini-cinema, TV lounge, and café bar. B/F nude cruise space opens about 7pm. Crowd is local, mostly Chinese, in their 20s-30s. Open Mon-Fri 5pm-midnight; Sat, Sun and public holidays 2pm-midnight. 'Special Function' nights are now held in the basement and on weekends, that area is a hive of activities. Busiest times are weekends, 5-9pm.
        Utopia Member Benefit: R$5 DISCOUNT for sauna from Mon-Fri. R$5 DISCOUNT for non-promotional massage package plus FREE USE OF THE SAUNA FACILITIES (Mon-Fri) upon presentation of member card and ID.
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        Comments from Utopians:

        "It is a little bit of a walk from the station, and one intersection is rather hairy, but do-able. Use the Utopia Map and instructions so you know you are heading the right way. The sauna itself is rather dated, and I wouldn't say well designed (for fun). I agree it is a mainly a youngish Chinese crowd. The basement area is just way too dark. The jacuzzi is nice though. It was not very busy on a Sat evening which was rather disappointing. Nevertheless, I had fun there. The private cabins are the size of change rooms in clothing shops, and no mattress to lay down on. Best if you like your fun standing up." -- Chun Lee, Oct 1, 2018

        "Now that you can go to Kakiku sauna easily by MRT (subway train) from Sentral and Bukit Bintung, I gave it a try on a Sat. Got there at 5pm and there were a handful of guys. After 6pm, more and more guys came in. It was then very busy, mainly Chinese. I had a good time with an elder guy from Afganistan, and a few Chinese. Tip: bring your own safety supplies." -- Uan, Aug 5, 2018

      CHOW KIT

        1/F 7a Jln Ipoh Kecil, Utopia Map
        4044-3369, email

        Only a couple blocks away from the Chow Kit Monorail Station, Star PWTC LRT station, and KTM Putra commuter train station. The minor road Jln Ipoh Kecil exists in two separate, but unconnected, parts. One runs SE to NW, but the other, in which OTOT˛ is located, is situated to the south of the first part and runs South to North off the main road Jln Putra. The Sani Hotel (labeled as the Hotel Grand Central on Google Maps as of Aug 2012) is situated on the corner of Jln Putra and Jln Ipoh Kecil, and is the best landmark to aim for whether coming by taxi or on foot from any of the nearby train stations. From the Sani/Grand Hotel Hotel walk north up Jln Ipoh Kecil to the last block of shophouses on your right. You will need a keen eye to spot the name OTOT˛, which is painted on the front of the small letter box situated at the bottom of the stairway just past the karaoke pub. If you hit the stairway to PT Foundation, Malaysia's GLBT AIDS outreach offices (marked with a large pink triangle), then you've gone just a bit too far. Otot-otot means "muscles" in Malay and is also a naughty play on the Malay notion that something else is a muscle, too. First-time visitors have to sign up and become members, for a modest one-time fee. The decor and design is beautiful (it retains a bit of the comfort and charm of the original Babylon in Bangkok). Large gym with modern equipment, aerobics room (yoga and body pump classes are also on offer), coffee area, satellite TV room and lockers are on the reception level. 2/F (which is open to the sky) has seating areas with lots of potted shrubs, a beautiful and private jacuzzi area, showers, a steam room and a large, dark resting area. 5pm-midnight weekdays and 3pm-midnight weekends and holidays. All ages and races make this a truly international men's facility. Businest after dark.
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        Comments from Utopians:

        "Now opens at 3pm on Sat/Sun." -- Jeh, Feb 1, 2019

        "Out of the three saunas I visited in KL, this is most diverse in terms of race, with significant numbers of Malay and Indians in addition to Chinese. I would say mainly under age 35. Large space, and looks nice. No private cabins (you apparently go to the oversized toilets if needed)." -- Chun Lee, Oct 1, 2018


        31 Jln 109E, Desa Business Park, Taman Desa, Utopia Map
        012-916 6899

        Turn into Taman Desa and immediately you will see a bomba (fire station). Turn left immediately after the bomba. Look for two panel glass doors with long wooden handles (pull to open, not push) in the center of the 2nd block of shophouses. No sign. To ensure privacy the owners have chosen a quiet corner overlooking garden greenery in Taman Desa. "Mandi beramai ramai sambil bersuka ria" means bathing together while enjoying pleasures -- aptly describing this world-class men's spa. Three levels of sleek modern spaces are run by friendly staff and populated by men who share the same passions and tastes in life. Well-maintained facilities include security-monitored lockers, dry sauna, huge steam room maze, rain showers, dry and wet toilets, TV/Net lounge, private cabins that lead to a maze and group activity room, and café. New in 2013: a new maze and TV area.
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    • Sweaters UTOPIA VERIFIED JUN 2017
        Unit J-1-3A, Block J, Parklane Commercial Hub, Kelana Jaya (close to Paradigm Mall)
        016-221-9378, email.

        New premises opened on May 2016. Gay-owned sauna/meet-up place. A nice place to chill out. Helpful reception. Guests are mostly Chinese, with some Malay and very few Indians. Mixed ages. Busiest on naked days (everyone is given only a small face towel): Tue, Thu and Sun. Open 4pm-9:30pm.
        Utopia Member Benefit: 10% DISCOUNT ON ENTRY upon presentation of member's card.
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