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Travel & Resources: NEPAL

Please help us keep our Nepal listings up-to-date. Special thanks to ashutosh, englishhungt, vickon, Eric, Sony, Alex, Bir Lama and Sunil!

Advisory: Nepal's constitution endorsed by its parliament on Sep 16, 2015, states that sexual and gender minorities may not be discriminated against by state or judiciary. In 2011, Nepal added third gender categories to its census and citizenship cards.

General Information

Articles and Publications

  • Blue Diamond Weekly
      GPO Box 8975, EPC No. 5119, Kathmandu, Nepal, email. An LGBT zine open to all genres and all types of work related to LGBT issues: short stories, poetry, essays, how-to articles, book reviews, STD and HIV/AIDS materials. Works both in English and Nepali languages are accepted.


    Blue Dimaond Society
  • AIDS/HIV organizations and information
  • Blue Diamond Society (BDS)
      Shiv Bhakta Marg: 344, Lazimpat, Kathmandu, (977-1) 444-3350, 444-5147, email. Blue Diamond Society was founded in 2001 in an effort to address the needs of Nepal's GLBT sexual minorities including Meta, Dohori, Ta, Hijra, Singaru, Fulumulu, Kothi, Kotha, Strian, Maugia, Panthi and others. BDS offers community-based sexual health, HIV/AIDS, and advocacy services for local networks of sexual minorities. It provides a drop-in center (DIC), outreach work and clinical referrals for its constituents.

Travel Services

  • Himalayan Yeti Trekking
      +977 984-173-9141. Gay-managed guiding services for trekking and peak climbing throughout Nepal. Guiding services for over 10 years. They will organize your complete trip, from securing all necessary papers and permits, to hiring porters and support personnel. Small or large treks.

KATHMANDU -- area code (977-1)

General Information

    Population is over 2 million (that's about 80,000 Utopians).

Popular Spots

Bars and Clubs

    • Café Mitra (mixed)
        Thamel (near Hotel Pisang/ Tara Guest House), (977-1) 425-9015, email. Popular with expat gays. Service is gay-friendly, prices are above average. Interiors and definitely has the queer eye.
    • Fire Club (mixed)
        Thamel, just beside the Kathmandu Guest House. Fri and Sat nights best. Very gay-friendly environment. Mixed but you can find gay people also.
    • Maya (mixed)
        Thamel, 441-0371. Cocktail bar frequented by gay people.


    • Babylon Discotheque (mixed)
        Sundhara, 424-8755.
    • Club 2000 (mixed)
        Sundhara, 425-6779.
    • Club Dynasty (mixed)
        Darbar Marg, 422-2686.

Meeting Places

    • Ratna Park vicinity UTOPIAN VERIFIED JUL 2015
        Mostly poor to middle class men, including students.

        Warnings from Utopians:

        "Ratna Park, the local meeting place, has been completely reorganized and cleaned, and there's now an admission fee of RPS$25, which killed all activity there (furthermore, the park is closed at sunset). All the cruising has moved to the surroundings of the park itself: after dark, some discreet cruising in the open area south of Ratna Park, in the adjacent toilet (urinals, RPS$5, some discrete action there while the keeper closes his eyes), the adjacent overpaths (especially the big overpath at the northeast corner of Ratna Park. BUT, always beware of hustlers (males and shemales), police, etc, and NEVER carry any valuables). So the situation is pretty grim for Kathmandu gays, as there doesn't seem to be any safe cruising/meeting place." -- Eric, Jul 10, 2015

Restaurants and Cafes

    • Fire and Ice (Italian)
        Thamel, 425-0210, 422-0143.
    • Himalayan Java (café)
        Tridevi Marg, Thamel, 442-2712, 442-2519, email.
    • Jatra Restaurant and Bar
        J. P. Rd, Thamel, 421-1010. Live music.
    • Oriental Dynasty Restaurant
        Darbar Marg, 422-2515. Open 24-hours.
    • Ying Yang (Thai)
        Thamel, 442-5510.


General Information

    The population of Pokhara is over 275,000 (that's more than 1,000 Utopians).

Popular Spots

Restaurants and Cafes

    • A La Soupe (French) UTOPIAN VERIFIED APR 2013
        Lake Side, Near Alan Chowk. Gay-owned and staffed restaurant serving a big choice of soups and French food in a cozy setting. Open Mon-Sat from 9am-3pm and 5-10pm.


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