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Travel & Resources: HANOI

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HANOI -- area code +84-4

General Information

    Vietnam's capital city is lively and full of charm. The diminutive old quarter is a canton of shady, tree-lined lanes with names like "Comb Street" that reflect the goods traditionally sold from its shophouses. In fact, virtually any patch of open street or sidewalk is turned into a place to sell anything or park a motor bike. Pedestrians are often forced to share the road with traffic in an intricate ballet that must be quickly mastered the moment you ease out of your hotel (don't dash!).

    Hoan Kiem Lake sits at the hub of the old city, a jade mirror reflecting the French colonial facades and Chinese ornamentation that have both contributed to the city's heritage. The Opera House and classic Metropole Hotel are at one end and the old quarter and markets are at the other. For shopping, you might want to bring a calculator with you: Vietnam's instant millionaire Monopoly money is fun to play with but exhausting to manage.

    While there are plenty of gays in Hanoi, most are cornered into marriage and raising a family, and they don't frequent public spots where they might be subject to gossip. This makes for a quiet gay scene at mostly mixed places. The Internet has become the primary method for educated, working gays to meet each other and foreigners. This shadowy life has also made gay tourists a target for scams and hustlers -- Hanoi is full of smiling, fresh faces that flirt for fun and are looking to seize any opportunity to rise up out of poverty. But local gays want you to know that criminal characters are in the minority, and you'll have a lovely time here if you just use your common sense and, again, don't dash into anything. We suggest you make some friendly contacts online before you arrive, rather than succumb to visions in Hanoi's romantic haze.

    The metropolitan population of Hanoi is about 7 million (that's about 300,000 Utopians).

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  • Hai Dang (Light House)

      A club, under the auspices of the Center for HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention, which offers social support and HIV education to the LGBT community as well as sponsoring events and activities.
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Travel Services

  • Gay Hanoi Tours UTOPIAN VERIFIED SEP 2018
      48 Yen Hoa
      +84 94-760-0602, email

      Since 2014 they have been offering private and individual tailored tours in Hanoi and throughout the whole country. They are local gay Vietnamese who live in, and are proud of, their city. They will create an itinerary to help you get the most out of your holiday time. Head off the beaten track to experience the real Hanoi, or go on a foodie tour to try local tastes and flavors. Travel by bike, moped, on foot, by taxi or in a private car. They also arrange visits outside the city to places like Halong Bay, Ninh Binh, or Sapa. In 2017 they began operations in Saigon/Mekong Delta. They welcome everyone who would like to experience the real Vietnam, with the locals and away from the tour groups.
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  • HaNoi Gay Tours UTOPIA VERIFIED JAN 2019
      +84 33-892-2290, WhatsApp: +84338922290, email

      Gay-owned, LGBT-friendly city tours and food tours of Hanoi. Tony knows his beautiful city inside and out and would like to share the local experiences with you. He will help make arrangements for you based on your schedule and interests.
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    Holiday Houseboys UTOPIA VERIFIED DEC 2018
      WhatsApp: +94-76 630 1069, email

      Bustling with mopeds, bicycles, cars (and yet more mopeds), admire the French architecture and learn about its past from a Vietnamese point of view. Steeped in tradition, explore their local cuisine, their coffee shops and their markets. Select a personal city tour guide to show you around. Speaking the local language, your guide will look after your safety and welfare, as well as ensure that you get the best deals and local flavor. He does the bargaining for you, carries your shopping, and makes sure you won't get ripped off. He will schedule each day based on your personal interests. Holiday Houseboys is all about getting the most out of your holiday with a friendly local guy.
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      Comments from Utopians:

      "It was a great evening with Kent, representing Holiday Houseboys in Hanoi. Everything perfect." -- Jeurgen, Jan 11, 2019

  • LVP Travel Group (Vietnam Luxury Vacation Package Tours) UTOPIA VERIFIED DEC 2017
      Head Office: 36/8 Trung Hoa St, Cau Giay Dist, Representative Office: B6-KDT Nam Trung Yen, Nguyen Chanh St
      +84 24-6687-2212, +84 90-668-0989, email

      Gay and lesbian-friendly travel focus in northern Vietnam. Trip arrangements at the beaches, in Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Da Nang, Hoi An and more. Based in Hanoi, they offer full support along the way, from custom sightseeing trips, to tickets to the theater, to help with the dinner menu - they are your personal Vietnamese concierge.
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Popular Spots


Bars and Clubs

Massage and Spas

Meeting Places

Restaurants and Cafes

    • Hanoi Social Club UTOPIA VISITED JUL 2013
        6 Hoi Vu St (look for the rainbow flag on the door), Utopia Map
        6 Hội Vũ, Hoŕn Kiếm

        LGBT-friendly coffee shop and restaurant that is a sponsor of VietPride and a friend to the queer community. Cozy and warm chill-out environment on three floors including a rooftop garden bar. Fantastic fresh and healthy foods (with lots of veggie options) and inventive drink specials including must-try "egg coffee" (don't miss!), homemade hibiscus soda and lemongrass-aide with vodka. Kick back with a beer and a bowl of their Pork Scratchings and fried tofu skin chips. Occasional music events. Open 8am-11pm daily.
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Shops and Salons

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