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TOKYO: Bars, Cabarets, Clubs, Discos & Karaoke
Recommended by Tokyo Journal, Badi, and Barazoku.

Please help us keep these listings current and correct. Special thanks to cyrc_84, Optilux, jameskdean, knigth, optimista7, abj1, BillyBudd, cameron, Beefee, skyler, tokyofit, Alexander E., John R., Dominic and William C.!

TOKYO -- area code +81-3

Popular Spots

Bars and Clubs

      Due to Japan's long economic stagnation, combined with the social media's cheap networking, bar prices haven't really risen in two decades. A night out in Tokyo has deflated down to earth from the champagne stratosphere, with drinks now averaging around US$6. Also, there is no tipping or added taxes on bar bills which means Tokyo is an astonishing value for travelers!

      The following venues are friendly towards visitors, although the smaller bars will prefer that you match the "type" they specialize in (many bars have limited seating and so try to attract the crowd they specialize in). There are several sorts of systems in play these days. Traditional bars include a tasty snack, sometimes cooked on the spot, along with the first drink and so prices are a bit higher to start off. Although bar-hoppers may opt to avoid traditional bars, these venues provide the extra service of social lubrication and really should be enjoyed, at least once, by visitors. Traditional places cater to leisurely conversations with the Masta (Master), and his bar staff who will politely quiz you and then introduce you to other customers they feel are a good match for a chat. This can take some time, so relax and have fun. The best traditional bars reflect the sparkling personalities of owners who are highly skilled in entertaining their customers. Some bars include a flat "table charge" that usually comes with an unthrilling dish of standard bar munchies. Many clubs have now switched to the simpler "shot" system of paying per drink purchased, although cover charges may go into effect on holidays and for special events. Pay as you go at these type of bars. Traditional bars may run tabs until you ask for the bill.

      Monthly circuit parties attract large crowds. Flyers for upcoming events along with maps to the location can be found at gay establishments.

      Most bars open a couple hours after people have gotten off work (about 8pm), although there are some early birds listed below.


        Dai2-Ohban Building 403, Dogenzaka1-11-1, Shibuya-ku, Utopia Map
        住所:〒150-0043 東京都渋谷区道玄坂1-11-1第2大番ビル403
        6455-1998, email

        This gay bar welcomes all genders. Happy Beer Hour from 8-10pm. Visa and Mastercard accepted.
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      [kéivi!] UTOPIA VERIFIED MAY 2018
        4/F Yoshino Bld, 17-10 Sakurayaoka-cho, Shibuya
        3462-9200, email

        A few blocks up the hill behind Shibuya Station (see map on their website), in the building next to Tumble♂bug. This traditional gay bar is a nice change from Ni-Chome for men in their 20s and 30s. Master, Toshi, helms his casual bar with the bright colors of tropical fish (which you can see swimming in various containers) and themed with Chinese pop flavors, from fung shui calligraphy along the top of the walls to the dragon kite hanging from the ceiling. There is a table charge that includes a snack (we had an artistic arrangement of delicious fresh fruits). The staff and customers are cute and often take holiday trips together (photo albums are on hand). If you are a young gay man who knows a little Japanese you may just become a regular! Open Nightly.
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    • Shibuya 246 UTOPIA VERIFIED FEB 2018
        4/F Shimizu Bld, 2-7-4 Dogenzaka

        Gay bar close to Shibuya Station and easy to find. Cozy, relaxed and spacious, with good drinks, food and cigars. Friendly, good-looking staff and crowd. Men only.
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    • TumbleBug UTOPIA VERIFIED AUG 2020
        3/F Shibuya Johnson Bld (building is adjacent to [kéivi!]), 17-12 Sakurayaokacho, Shibuya

        Master, Hiroki, is a fan of Thailand, so his bar's design is tropical modern with decor from Southeast Asia. Patrons are in their 30s. If you are Thai you'll be a big hit here, but international men are also welcome. Open daily from 7pm. Men-only except Wed night when women with a gay male friend are welcome.


      The majority of foreigner-friendly bars are shuffled into the hundreds of nightclubs packed into Shinjuku Ni-Chome, a tiny sub-district between BYGS Building (at the Shinjuku Sanchome Subway Station Exit C8) and Shinjuku Gyoemmae Subway Station a few blocks further east. While just a gaudy speck on the hemline of Tokyo's neon kimono, Ni-Chome is the main hub of Tokyo's gay scene. A carnival of shadows from dusk till dawn, here you will find 24-hour love motels, fetish mix boxes (no frills sex spaces), noodle dens and gay pride boutiques -- all catering to the parade of intoxicated salarymen, transgender hostesses, gangster pimps, Sumo wrestlers, public masturbators and sexual samurai of every clan. By day, its Buddhist graveyards are haunted by stumbling zombies of last night's overindulgences and serenaded by the melancholy caws of giant black crows which nest in the ancient pines of nearby Gyoen-mae Park. Yukio Mishima's favorite dive, The New Sazae, is still doing business here, as is a century-old, two-story wooden brothel.

      Backlit signs scramble from the street to the sky, like chapter headings of Ni-Chome's tawdry autobiography: Shifty Air, Transistor Glamour, Bar Yes/No, Hotel Nuts, Potato Ex Club, Baby Satan, Sex Blond, G. Shower, Morning Tissue, Velvet Overhigh'm, Glans Freak, and (simply) Dick.

      The easiest way to get to the gay area is to take the underground walkway from Shinjuku Station's East Exit (down one floor after the train exit ticket machines) or the Shinjuku Sanchome Subway Station (Marunouichi Line) to Exit C5, C7, or C8 (see map):

click for our interactive map of Shinjuku Ni-Chome

    • Agit UTOPIA VISITED APR 2017

    • Arty Farty UTOPIA VISITED APR 2017
        2/F 33 Kyutei Bld, 2-11-7 Shinjuku Ni-Chome, Utopia Map, 5362-9720.

        Long-time favorite watering hole. The club is divided into two sections, half taken up by a large central U-shaped bar and the other half is an open space for cruising and dancing. Lockers are available for bags and coats. Although the staff are Japanese-speaking there is very good English on signage and drink menus. Monthly special parties and live DJs on hand. 9pm-midnight is "request time" and at midnight the dance set begins (the timing is opposite at The Annex). The crowd is mostly late 20s to mid-30s, but, like many Toyko bars these days, everyone is welcomed without attitude. They also own the nearby bar, The Annex, and when you get your hand stamped at Arty Farty you can move freely between the two bars during parties. Drinks are very reasonably priced. Pay as you order and please bring your plastic cup to the bar for mixed drink re-fills. We still miss the original Santa Fe style club (and the bartenders who wore only cowboy hats and bandanas on anniversary nights).
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    • Dragon Men UTOPIA VISITED MAY 2018
        1/F Stork Nagasaki, 2-11-4 Shinjuku Ni-Chome, Utopia Map
        3341-0606, email

        Occupying a double-wide space, with huge doors that can roll open during summer. Contemporary design with a very clever chat nook fronted by a clear plexi-screen to invisibly dampen the music for conversation without reducing the cruise factor. Indoor and outdoor seating. Lattés, capuccinos and espressos on the terrace. Three-hour-long Happy Hour from 6-9pm nightly. Very affordable prices. Don't let the name fool you: "All sexualities are welcome," declares Satoshi, "including dykes." Open Sun-Thu 6pm-3am and Fri, Sat and nights preceeding holidays from 6pm-5am.
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        B/F Shinjuku Plaza Bld, 2-12-13 Shinjuku Ni-Chome, Utopia Map

        Ever-popular video bar for foreigners and Japanese who like them. Super-packed on weekends and very smoky. Large, comfortable bar with excellent cruise vantage in every direction. Attracts professionals, artists, expats and the gaisen fringe, in their mid 20s-40s.
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        Comments from Utopians:

        "GB is alive and well" Don, Feb 16, 2020

    • Iyan

    • Kinsmen UTOPIA VISITED MAY 2018
        2/F 2-18-5 Shinjuku Ni-Chome, Utopia Map
        3354-4949, email

        This long-established gay bar is under new management that has maintained its elegant and cozy atmosphere catering to an upscale, trendy, gay and lesbian crowd. Owner, Nori, and manager, Ebi, make sure that everyone is comfortable and relaxed. Open Sun and week nights from 7pm-1am, Fri and Sat from 7pm-3am. Closed Mon.
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        2/F Taraku Bld, 2-14-16 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Utopia Map
        5341-4380, email

        International gay bar for bears and their friends, located in the heart of Shinjuku's gayborhood. Experience their glamorous, upscale environment, friendly staff and good music. They welcome men from all over the world, not only bear types. Japanese style bar: entry fee (about US$8) includes little snacks to accompany your drinks (daily food set also available at an extra price); drink prices are very reasonable. Karaoke available if customers wish.
        Utopia Member Benefit: FREE 2ND DRINK when you show your Utopia Card.
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    • Sunny

    • Tac's Knot UTOPIA VISITED APR 2017
        2/F, 3-11-12 #202 Shinjuku San-Chome, Utopia Map

        In business for over 25 years. Gay art shows, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The owner is intellectual and writes for gay publications on social issues that effect the community. This traditional bar attracts culture fans including those that love the arts and classical music. Open daily 8pm-2am.
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    • Tamago UTOPIA VISITED APR 2017


    • Ciao Bar UTOPIA VISITED MAY 2018
        G/F 7-5-6-101 Lion Bld, Utopia Map

        Only two blocks northeast of Ueno Station, Asakusa Exit on the East side of the main hall (see map). Lit sign is in Japanese, but there's a rainbow flag sticker. Very friendly, English-speaking master, Kazuki, welcomes all ages and types of men to his unpretentious, Japanese style bar. But if you love distinguished gentlemen, white collar men in suits, or handsome silver Daddies, then this really may be your heaven! If you're hungry, Kazuki will whip up a delicious snack plate to compliment your drink. Karaoke from on Fri nights. Prices are reasonable. Free Wifi.
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        2F Kamimura Bld, Kasuga-dori, Utopia Map

        Five minutes walk from Ueno-Hirokoji Station Exit A3 (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line or Metropolitan Subway O-Edo Line). Three minutes from Yushima Station Exit 2 (Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line) Five minutes from Okachimachi Station North Entrance (JR Keihin-Tohoku Line or Yamate Line). Turn at the 7/11 on the corner of Kasuga-dori Ave and walk 30m. Look for the small sign in the doorway that says "G.H.B." on the right (opposite Hide-zushi sushi shop). Cash-only gay bar. A fun and friendly place. Very foreigner and tourist-friendly as the young (and cute) bar master speaks English. It's not exclusively for bj lovers, but there's a back room to enjoy the holes on offer. No men under 20 allowed. Guys in their 20s-50s are especially welcome. Please pay the entrance fee at the counter and you will receive a locker key. First drink is included with entry fee. Feel free to undress, but please wear your underwear at least. Show your locker key for additional drinks. Please pay when you leave. Open daily 1pm-midnight.
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    • Bar kabuto UTOPIA VERIFIED AUG 2020
        4/F 7-44-1 TK Kamata Bld, Nishikamata Ota-ku
        5703-2110, email

        From JR Kamata Station, take the west entrance and cross the circle area in front of the station to the alley between the cigarette shop and Katsuya tonkatsu restaurant. Keep going three blocks and you should see a yellow building on your left (see Utopia Map). Kabuto is located on 4/F there. Friendly neighborhood men-only gay bar. Owned by former airline cabin crew. Most customers speak or understand some English. Enjoy the neighborhood bar atmosphere with the English speaking master. Experience Japanese style service and hospitality. Call if you need help finding them.
        Utopia Member Benefit: ONE COMPLIMENTARY DRINK for first-time visitors (Y$800 value) in combination with purchase of 2nd drink.
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    • Iruken
        3/F Jyu Go Bld, 4-18-4 Shimbashi, Iruken (on an obscure block behind the Shinbashi station)

        The hosts are Kenji and Hiro. They speak a little English and make a great yakisoba. The area caters to the after work crowd.
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    • Fuji UTOPIA VISITED MAY 2018
        B/F Saint Four Bld #B104, 2-12-16 Shinjuku Ni-Chome, Utopia Map

        Cozy bar for mature gaijin (foreigners) and gaisen (foreigner chasers). Gay and lesbian-friendly. Attracts many Filipino singers who live in Tokyo.
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    • AshuraBar UTOPIA VERIFIED AUG 2020
        4/F Nakae Bld, 2-15-13 Shinjuku Ni-chome

        Foreigner-friendly gay karaoke bar. Inexpensive drinks. Free karaoke with English songs. Open 24 hours on weekends.
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