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Travel & Resources: SAMUI ISLAND

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KOH SAMUI ISLAND -- area code +66-77

General Information

    Koh Samui, located next to the National Marine Park in the southern Gulf of Thailand, is an ideal place to chill out and experience the tropical island dream. Samui is growing in popularity as a holiday destination for gays and lesbians who come from all over the world to dive, golf, shop, dine, party, splash in waterfalls, trek, ride elephants, drive from beach to beach or melt their cares away in exotic spas. Biking around the island on an easy-going day trip will bring you to small villages, Thai and Chinese temples, old Chinese heritage architecture, lush coconut groves and laid-back seaside restaurants on beaches you can nearly call your own.

    Fifty years ago, Samui was home to coconut farmers and a haven for fishermen. In the 70’s, backpackers discovered this tranquil paradise. Since then the island has gone decidedly up-market to become one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in Thailand and the spa capital of the region. There are a significant number of entrepreneurial Thai and Western gays and lesbians operating businesses in tourism, hospitality, alternative medicine, real estate, design and other sectors of the island's boom economy.

    Samui can be reached by frequent daily Bangkok Airways flights from Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi, a daily flight from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, and direct Samui/Hong Kong flights. Thai airways has two Bangkok/Samui flights a day while Fire Fly has a daily Samui/Kuala Lumpur flight. Air Asia has low cost/high quality flights Kuala Lumpur/Surat Thani on the south Thai mainland with a quick bus/boat connection to Samui and is also introducing direct flights for Samui via Surat Thani from major Australasia and SE Asia centers. You can take a train, bus or drive from Bangkok or Phuket to Don Sak or Khanom which offer hourly ferry services to Nathon, the administrative capital of Samui. No ferry from Khanom to Samui. Two companies offer an hourly service (leaving on the hour) from Don Sak, Surat Thani Province to Samui. Seatran ships are modern and clean and dock in Naton on Samui's north coast. This is most convenient for transfers to the main tourist beaches. The other company, Raja Ferry, runs old and dirty ships and docks on the west coast, further away from the main tourist beaches on the north and east coasts. Both make the crossing in one and a half hours.

    Gay life in Koh Samui

    Samui gay life is a relaxing, quieter contrast to the exuberant gay life of Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. Bars and clubs are more laid back and friendly. The local gay community is easy to encounter at gay and mixed venues or as you enjoy the island's many leisure offerings. Samui men and women tend to be more down to earth and not as flashy as those in the larger gay destinations -- a good reason why many gay tourists prefer Samui. It is worth noting that on Samui most gay Thai men do not work in gay bars or cabaret. Many work in senior and executive positions in hospitality and tourism.

    Chaweng is the center of gay nightlife, with the largest concentration of gay businesses along the 5km Chaweng Beach Rd from North Chaweng at the Nora Beach Resort to South Chaweng. Please note: not many Taxi or motorcycle drivers on Samui know destinations other than major hotels so check your map before you go out and note the name of the biggest hotel nearest to your destination. Gay venues carry magazines with maps of gay venues.

Travel Services

  • D.J. Paradise Tour< UTOPIA VERIFIED MAR 2020

  • Samui Dream Holidays UTOPIA VERIFIED MAR 2019
      Opposite Al's Hut Resort, Chaweng Beach Rd
      +66 80-145-2630, FAX 077-484-683, WhatsApp: +66801452630, email

      Gay-owned travel agency, five minutes walk from Central Festival Shopping Center. They can organize all that you need for your visit, with friendly service and their slogan "one stop service for your best holiday, ever!"
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  • Snookah Dive UTOPIA VERIFIED NOV 2018
      3/130 Moo 2, Soi Reggae, Utopia Map
      085-258-6355, email

      Gay and lesbian-friendly snorkeling and scuba diving. Want to dive without boring classes or heavy equipment? Then Snookah is for you. Cheaper and less time consuming than regular scuba diving, unique to Liquid Sky Scuba in the Gulf of Thailand. Snookah style diving, around for 25 years, is offered in over 70 countries. Dive right off Koh Samui on virtually private dives on pristine reefs unspoiled by fishing or tourism.
      Utopia Member Benefit: FREE UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY.
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Popular Spots


Bars and Clubs

Cabaret Shows

Massage and Spas

Meeting Places

    • Chaweng Beach

        Take the very short Sala Koy Rd left off Chaweng Beach Rd as you head south (opposite the Family Mart, about 600m past McDonalds). The beach here is a popular place for local Thai out for an early evening swim, or relaxing beach dinner bought from vendors. Some gay Thai go there about 5pm, often in groups, to relax (it's not a gay beach).
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    • Chaweng Beach Road

        Always busy with gays, especially in the evenings and at night after the bars close at 3am. Very cruisy, but take care as ladyboys work this road late to dawn and some can be extremely pushy and aggressive with some incidents of intimidation and theft having been reported.
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Restaurants and Cafes

    • The Road Less Travelled cafe and cocktails UTOPIA VERIFIED NOV 2023
        11/2 and 11/3, M.3 Aungtong, Nathon, Utopia Map
        +66 61-196-9882, email

        Gay-owned oasis of escape on beautiful Samui. A place to indulge in their healthy, tasty Thai food, sexy coffee, classy cocktails and seductive, handmade chocolates and cakes. Vegan friendly. They also provide perfectly balanced, classic cocktails, with no holiday syrup or sparkler nonsense. A luxurious, welcoming space. Enjoy the gorgeous terrace or the aircon indoor space with bespoke furniture and a unique, stylish flair.
        Utopia Member Benefit: SPECIAL DISCOUNT on homemade cakes, chocolate, and rum cocktails.
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    • Bookazine
        Two shops in Chaweng, both on Chaweng Beach Rd. One is opposite Solo Bar, North Chaweng, the other further south, next to Baan Samui Resort

        Gay guidebooks for Thailand and Asia, newspapers, magazines and books in several languages and coffee table books, gay publications, cards, maps, calendars, etc.
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    • Double Dutch

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