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SHENZHEN: Massage and Spas

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SHENZHEN (Guangdong Province) -- area code +86-755

Popular Spots

Massage and Spas

    • D Massage (Xiang Jiang Ming Zhu) UTOPIAN VERIFIED NOV 2018

        About 15 minutes walk from LuoHu Train Station or take a taxi and tell the driver go to Luo Hu Yi Hao. After you arrive in that area you will see a building with colorful square lighting. The entrance is just between the square and the hair salon. This spa is mixed between straights and gays. When you arrive the receptionists are women and and a guy will take you to 2/F where you can see photos of the masseurs (mostly panda bears). You can have a shower and body scrub in a private room on 2/F. After that you can go to a resting area and see many pictures of masseurs and masseuses. You can choose which type you like. The masseurs are mostly gay.
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        Comments from Utopians:

        "The description is accurate, however only Chinese is spoken. The female receptionist will give you a bracelet to wear. Take the lift to 2/F, and go right to the men's section. There are plenty of staff who will help you. Change into a towel and then have a shower. There's also a steam and sauna room. Then you will be given an awful orange shirt and shorts to wear. You go to the next room where there are many massage chairs. Staff will come to you and ask if you want a foot massage. There are many different prices depending what you are want. A Chinese massage for Y$198 includes foot, neck, and shoulder massage. Massseurs expect to be tipped (usually about Y$30 is enough for basic massage). There is a board with male and female masseurs to choose from. I chose a quite muscular male masseur. A private room on 3/F cost me about Y$200 more. Additional tip is asked for private service. In total I think I spent more than Y$600. It's an OK place for an experience, but I won't return anytime soon." -- Raymond L., Nov 27, 2018

    • Power Massage
        137-364-5981, email

        Chinese point massage, modern Thai massage, prostate maintainance. Aiming to serve the best quality massage and always ready to receive your comments and suggestions. Outcall massage 24 hours every day in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.
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    • Private Massage

      Comments from Utopians:

      "Went for a massage at Zen Elements. Alex, the proprietor, was extremely helpful. I chose 90 minutes which included a spa bath and a massage. The room was small, but inviting. Tea was offered along with juice and some assorted delectables. The bath was great with the masseur gently washing and then using an exfoliant. The products were fragrant and wonderful. The massage was very good with just the right pressure. Alex was very helpful and got me a taxi after the treatment. It was all great from the beginning to the ending. 186-8893-7634, WeChat: alex3224." -- prior30, Nov 13, 2018

      "Went for a spa treatment at Zen Elements (Putiyuan Massage Center) while in Shenzhen. The place is not far from Luohu, and easy to find. With impeccable english, their manager can explain the directions to you. Baigelong MRT Station," -- Peter, Sep 6, 2018

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