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SHANGHAI -- area code +86-21

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    • Huli (Mutual Benefit) UTOPIA VERIFIED SEP 2023
        2/F 415 Baotong Rd (near Zhongxing Rd), Utopia Map

        Neighborhood gay sauna that is easy to get to by taxi. Or, take Line 3 to Dongbaoxing Lu, Exit 1. Keep left and go over the bridge on Baushan Lu. At the light, rurn right onto Dong Bao Xing Lu and then the next left onto Zhongxing Lu. Walk to the next intersection and turn right into Baotong Lu. The unmarked entrance is in the building on the right at 415. Climb the stairs up to 2/F. Remove your shoes and trade for rubber slippers. Pay and get a bag containing your small bath towel and pajamas. The staff will take your shoes. All facilities are on this floor. Start at the lockers (note that the lockers have a double lock system) and enter the adjacent wet area with showers (stand on the small, metal grid to activate) with shared liquid soap bottle, warm pool, massage table and two tepid rooms where most of the action takes place. After changing into your pajamas you can wander around the karaoke room, large TV lounge and bar, massage room and ping-pong room. Small, but surprisingly clean (they have one of the cleanest toilets we've ever seen in a sauna in China!). Not much English spoken, but the staff will assist you. Crowd is a friendly mix of mature working class men, massage staff and younger guys that seem very needy.
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        Comments from Utopians:

        "I visited Huli on a Sat afternoon this month. It was packed and the sauna and dark room were very active. Guys were also in the hot tub. It was a mostly 30s, 40s, and 50s crowd, but there were some younger guys. They were friendly. I relaxed in the rest area for a couple of hours, too." -- Calmcaucasian, Sep 23, 2023

        "This sauna is very active. I went mid-morning Sun and wasn't disappointed. There was good security for my bag and clothes. The published directions are very accurate. I went by Metro. Just make sure you find Exit 1. When you alight the train, walk left to the end of the platform. That is where Exit 1 is located. The neighbourhood seemed safe. It is a small local sauna, so don't expect Western amenities. The other guests were VERY friendly. On that note, some of the grandpa's were very forward, with no sense of Western personal space, so if you're not used to this, a firm but kind NO and gently pushing their hands away deter them. Don't be offended or angry, but enjoy the attention (they probably don't get a lot of opportunities to interact with foreigners). Enjoy! I did. Well worth the Y$70. Lastly, there is lots of cigarette smoke." -- Brett, Sep 17, 2023

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