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BUSAN / PUSAN: Bars, Cabarets, Clubs, Discos & Karaoke

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BUSAN / PUSAN -- area code +82-51

Popular Spots

Bars and Clubs

    To get to the main gay area of Pusan, take the Metro to Beomil Station on Line 1 (No. 117). Leave the station at Exit 1. Walk with the highway to your left for a half block. Turn right at the first street (at a building marked 'Sojung Welmade'). The street is very narrow. Walk about 50m and you will be at the intersection of an alley. If you continue ahead through the intersection for about 20m, you will see Soju across from it. If you go right at the intersection, you will find G-Men, Genie and Kuma. If you go left at the intersection, you will find Zipper, One Bar, Blue, Chaos, SSUM, M Bar, and Bar 111. All of them are marked 'Membership Club' and all are within a 5-10 minute walk. There are also a few gay karaoke bars in this area, but be aware that you'll be expected to purchase expensive side dishes with your drinks. The area is perfectly safe, and you'll see many gay men walking around, often in pairs.

    • Campus

        Karaoke anju bar near the train station, to the extreme right (the road closest to and parallel to the train tracks) as you walk out of the station, about 5 minutes walk. Male hosts and expensive snacks. The owner speaks minimal English. The Tourist booth across from the train station can give you the phone number.
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    • Club One

        A great place to hang out. It's small but always busy, especially Fri and Sat nights. The bartender/owner is cute. Even though the owner doesn't speak English, foreigners are still welcome and do come here. Prices of the drinks are reasonable and free snacks are always provided. Attractively designed, with both table and bar seating in a relaxing environment. Young local crowd.
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        Beomildon, around the corner from Agit

        A tiny, intimate neighborhood bar with counter seating only. The owner is very very nice and speaks decent English. He works hard, running this bar solo. Lots of local and international beers to choose from. Cocktails are cheaper here than other bars. The crowd is mature, professional, working class men.
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        11-1 Beomilil-gil, Dong-gu
        070-8831-7776, email

        Gay-owned, foreigner-friendly gar bar with English-speaking staff. The owner has a few bars, so he knows what he is doing and goes the extra mile to make you feel welcome. The bar has an unique atmosphere and is really spacious with a mix of people. The music is also a mix of Korean and English which makes this place a lot of fun. A nice place to relax and make new friends in Busan.
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        23 Beomil-ro 89beon-gil, Dong-gu

        Soju bar with a young crowd. They have a great chef who makes tasty side dishes. Very cozy! Staff all speak English and are very friendly towards foreigners. Same owner of G'ROUND bar around the corner.
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    • Mong

        Beomildong, 070-7536-7730, email. Call for directions. The former owner of Zip opened this cocktail bar. A cozy, homey cocktail bar featuring Wi-Fi. Nice interior and good place to hang out. No singing and no table charge. English and Japanese are spoken. Friendly tourists and locals of all ages.
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    • Zip
        Beomildong (a few hundred feet south of Hyundai Department Store)
        645-3625, email

        Zip is one of the most established gay cocktail bars and an ideal starting point for the single visitor to the gay area. Newly redecorated and, although somewhat smoky, it's got a nice ambience with soft lighting and candles on the tables. Prices are reasonable (with free snacks provided). The bar features free Internet access and gay magazines are available for reading. Popular with Koreans and foreigners alike. Zip's owner goes out of his way to make people feel welcome. While his English is minimal (he does speak some Japanese and his bar is popular with Japanese tourists), there is usually someone on hand to help the occasional bewildered Westerner.
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