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Travel & Resources: VIENTIANE

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VIENTIANE -- area code +856-21

General Information

    The capital city of Laos is a short ride from the border with Thailand at Nongkhai. It is very easy to visit Vientiane, even for a day. There is a shuttle bus from the Thai side of the friendship bridge which will take you across to Laos. The Visa-on-arrival office however is not always open, so be sure to check before you cross or you may not be able to enter Laos.

    The Mekong river divides a community of people who are basically Esarn culturally. Everyone in Vientiane can speak and understand Thai. They all listen to Thai pop music, watch Thai TV, and it is relatively easy for the Lao to cross over to Thailand. On the Thai side of the river, people listen to Lao country songs and speak Lao. The most noticeable distinctions from Thai-Esarn are the bright red dirt roads which slice through an abundance of trees and wildflowers which have long since vanished from Thai farms and gardens. You may also notice that Lao temples are more animistic, colorful, and free-form compared with the institutionalized decor and behaviors in Thai temples. In general, Laos appears lush, natural and carefree.

    Vientiane has a frontier town feel to it, with its drowsy lanes, ever-spreading gardens, and French-colonial villas slowly fading into sepia-tinted retirement.

    There are lots of clubs, karaoke bars, discos, and restaurants in town that appeal to local gays and lesbians. Nightlife swings until early morning.

    The population of the capital city is about 800,000 (that's over 30,000 Utopians).

Travel Services

      Setthathirath Rd
      +856 202-286-4488, email

      Gay and lesbian-friendly auto rental, self-drive or with diver included.
      Utopia Member Benefit: 10% DISCOUNT when you book via the email above and show your member card on arrival.

  • Holiday Houseboys UTOPIAN VERIFIED MAY 2019
      WhatsApp: +94-76 630 1069, email

      Come and explore Vientiane with your personal city tour guide and driver to show you around. Speaking the local language, your guide will look after your safety and welfare, as well as ensure that you get the best deals and local flavor. He does the bargaining for you, carries your shopping, and makes sure you won't get ripped off. He will schedule each day based on your personal interests. Holiday Houseboys is all about getting the most out of your holiday with a friendly local guy.
      Utopia Member Benefit: 15% DISCOUNT.
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      Comments from Utopians:

      "Guillaume, my Holiday Houseboy for Vientiane, was excellent. I sent him a note beforehand setting out exactly what I would like to do, given that I had been to Vientiane years ago and didn't need to see every wat again. He was able to 'think outside the box' of what a tour guide would usually do. He also seemed well connected, and was able to give me contacts for accupuncture, Lao kick boxing, and herbal spas, which were great." -- Rick, May 3, 2019

      "Absolutely great. My Holiday Houseboys guide was very punctual, professional, always smiling even though we kept asking him to change plans and take us to different places not necessarily on his itinerary. Very reliable, friendly and I'd absolutely recommend them to anyone!" -- Karim, Jan 7, 2019

      020-5655-6341, email

      Ken offers an efficient and moderately priced aircon taxi service. He can greet at the airport, drive to all Vientiane tourist sites, and drive to other Lao cities like Luang Prabang.
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      020-7799-6439, email

      Max is a young Vientiane guy who speaks fluent English. He has professional guide qualifications and can recommend hotels, restaurants and clubs. He knows the gay scene well, not just in Vientiane but elsewhere in Laos.
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Popular Spots


    • Don't miss the mysterious, fantastical folk-sculpture garden, a short drive south from the Friendship Bridge, which is the older sibling to Wat Kaeg on the Thai side of the Mekong.
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    • Several temples offer traditional Lao herbal saunas which are open to the public and good places to relax with the locals. Braver sorts might enjoy a relaxing work-over at Ajarn Amphone's Herbal Sauna on Anjou Street (1 block northwest of the Tai-pan hotel) which includes an hour-long Shaolin massage by a Kung Fu master, including welt-inducing vacuum cups.
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Bars and Clubs

    • Lak Song
        Sene Souk Hotel nightclub, 100 Louangprabang Rd

        Popular disco attracts a young crowd. Standing room only on Sat nights. Some prefer to go other nights when it is less crowded and conversations are possible. Closes at midnight.
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    • The Lao Cafe UTOPIAN VERIFIED DEC 2018
        Sihom Rd (near Rue Setthathilath and Khun Bu Lom Rd and Wat Inpeng monastery)
        +856 20-7801-4492

        An outdoor terrace, a downstairs bar, and an upstairs stage for their weekend cabaret shows featuring the likes of Lady Gaga and Edith Piaf. Sample a wide range of drinks and music ­ pop, electronic, disco, house, techno, R&B, lounge, oldies and alternative. Staff provide a warm welcome and great service. Free Wi-fi. Open nightly 7:30pm-late, with Happy Hour from 7:30-9:30pm. Drag shows every Fri and Sat night and regular theme parties.

        Comments from Utopians:

        "Mixed and a few gays. Friendly place. Weekends wild! Open till 4am." -- smoothshaver, Dec 25, 2018


    • Don Chan Palace Hotel nightclub UTOPIAN VERIFIED MAR 2018

    • Soradith nightclub UTOPIAN VERIFIED MAR 2018
        Hotel Soradith, Dongpalan Village. After the Mpoint Mart, turn left on the first street. Disco is next to the guesthouse of the same name. Very crowded at the weekend. Extremely loud music. Good fun and easy to meet lots of people. Ten minute ride from the city center by tuk tuk). Best time midnight-2am. ounger mixed crowd on weekends.
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Massage for Men

    • Champa Spa UTOPIAN VERIFIED JUN 2015

        This is a well-managed business, now with three locations in Champa Spa 1 (corner of Fa Ngum Rd and Pangkham Rd (021-251-926), Champa Spa 2 (corner of Samsenthai Rd and Pangkham Rd, 021-215-203), and Champa Spa 3 (Manthaturat Rd, 021-212-116). Champa Spa 2 is the biggest of the three branches and the best place to start. Clean private rooms with ensuite bathrooms. Outcallscan be arranged, but their outcall surcharge is steep by Vientiane standards. All locations are open from 9am-10pm, and the male and female therapists work interchangeably at all three.
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      Comments from Utopians:

      "Max Spa is closed." -- Jeff, Jan 21, 2019

      "Wellness Massage Center on Rue Setthathilath is beside 1M Hotel, opposite monastery Wat Inpeng. Good massage by gay masseur. No shower." -- smoothshaver, Dec 25, 2018

Meeting Places

Restaurants and Cafes

    • Benoni Café UTOPIA VERIFIED JUN 2015
        Rue Setthathilath (next to Joma)

        Wide-ranging menu: all breakfasts, hamburgers, Asia food (such as pad thai). Good aircon. At the rear is the must-visit Phimphone Market, offering a useful array of travel necessities and supermarket items.
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    • Bistrot 22 (French) UTOPIA VERIFIED JUN 2015
        Samsenthai Rd, Ban Khaonyot (behind the Catholic cathedral)
        021-214-129, 020-5552-7286

        Fine food at a reasonable price. A bit out of the way, but worth the effort.
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    • Delhi Durbar (Indian) UTOPIA VERIFIED JUN 2015
        Rue Bourichane (near the Thai Consulate)
        021-410-013, 020-2824-9501

        Taxi required, as it's in the suburbs. Unlike the other Indian venues in Vientiane, Delhi Durbar has the food presentation and ambiance of an Indian restaurant in a large Western metropolis.
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    • Joma Bakery Café UTOPIA VERIFIED JUN 2015
        Rue Setthathilath (near the Nam Phou fountain)

        Once the king of Vientiane cafes, but now facing strong competition from Benoni (next door) and Le Banneton.
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    • Kua Lao (Lao) UTOPIA VERIFIED JUN 2015
        111 Samsenthai Rd
        021-215-777, 021-214-813

        High-end restaurant for tourists who want to try Lao cuisine but to a high standard of cleanliness. Traditional Lao musicians.
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    • L'Adresse de Tinay (French) UTOPIAN VERIFIED JUN 2015
        Road between Chao Anou Rd and Khoun Boulom Rd (behind the Inpeng Temple)

        Run by French-Lao, Tinay Inthavong, and his wife, Delphine, with great attention to detail. Delicious and original food. Closed Sun.
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    • L'Opera (Italian) UTOPIA VERIFIED JUN 2015
        Nam Phou Square
        021-215-099, 021-217-265

        Quality food in a traditional Italian ambiance, with Pavarotti and Domingo singing in the background. Try their special Lao Pizza and their tagliolini salsiccia, cacio e pepe (ribbon pasta with sausage, pecorino and black pepper in cream). The very jolly Pino has been in charge for more than twenty years.
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    • La Gondola Italian Restaurant (Italian) UTOPIAN VERIFIED JUN 2015
        Behind the Lao Plaza Hotel

        A good quality Italian restaurant, owned and run by an Italian guy and his Lao partner. The manager is a very friendly gay guy. The food and the ambience are good - linen tablecloths and napkins. Reasonable wine list. Staff are very friendly though most are not gay.
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    • Le Banneton Café and Boulangerie UTOPIAN VERIFIED JUN 2015
        Nokeokoumane Rd

        A great favorite with local expats and a leading café in Vientiane. A wide range of baguette sandwiches and other takeaway snacks. The French owner, Bernard, also owns La Terrasse and Pricco on the other side of the road.
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    • La Signature (French and American) UTOPIA VERIFIED JUN 2015
        Ansara Hotel

        It has a very welcoming outdoor terrace and an aircon room upstairs. Fine dining. The impressive set menu of three courses is inexpensive.
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    • Moon the Night (Lao) UTOPIA VERIFIED JUN 2015
        Thanon Kamkon (on the banks of the Mekong)

        About 10 minutes drive from the Mercure Hotel. The easiest way to get there is by tuk-tuk (it's well-known among the locals). This restaurant can get packed full of good looking Lao young people. They play some very gay songs, i.e. I Will Survive, Can't Take my Eyes Off of You, etc. Lots of fun.
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    • Pimenton (steakhouse) UTOPIA VERIFIED JUN 2015


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