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Travel & Resources: BALI

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BALI -- area code +62-361

General Information

Bali demon (c) 2012 by John Goss

    The Balinese are Hindu/animist, unlike the rest of predominantly Muslim Indonesia. They are self-assured, genuinely friendly, curious, and always make time to chat. Some of your most memorable experiences will come from warm interaction with locals. Everyone here seems to be an artist of some kind and daily offerings and rituals are a way of life. While men and women no longer wander about in innocent nakedness, you will certainly encounter unselfconsciousness at the morning and evening bathing hours at rivers, pools, and public baths (Balinese become invisible when they slip out of their sarong).

Bali bathing (c) 2000 by John Goss

    While Bali is one of the most tolerant and gay-friendly destinations on the planet, you will not find much in the way of open gay lifestyle except in the touristic southwest coastal area. Open gays you encounter will usually come from Java or other islands. Locals have quiet and discreet cruising areas of their own away from both the tourist areas and their villages. Many Balinese mythical figures celebrated in music and dance have androgynous characteristics. However, for the Balinese, marriage and the union of opposite genders is a requirement for their full participation in village life. That said, homosexuality is certainly not a serious matter or one requiring a moral judgement. Murals in The Hall of Justice in the Taman Gili luridly depict the punishments of hell, represent a wide range of sins -- from incest and bestiality to gossiping and farting -- but no proscriptions against homosexuality are recorded.

Bali bottle openers (c) 2013 by John Goss

    Not surprisingly, Bali has been a famous haven for homosexuals, and a number of its renowned foreign residents lead comfortable, open lives here. Respected artists like Rudolf Bonnet, Donald Friend and, most famously, Walter Spies, all contributed to the thriving cultural synthesis that is Bali today. The spectacular kecak monkey chant, perceived by millions of tourists as a glimpse back in time to the "real" Bali, was actually re-choreographed by Spies, who combined several languishing performance traditions, increased the number of male performers, stripped them to loincloths, and set them in a circle around a central fire light.

Bali kejak dance (c) 2001 by John Goss

    On the topic of sex, it needs to be said that the Balinese are not especially given to going out and having a few drinks at a bar and getting picked up. These are people who believe you can go into full-fledged demonic possession at the sound of a gong, and being drunk is not a happy feeling for them. On the other hand, they are not shy about physical contact between people of the same gender. Friendly encounters may lead to a chance to get better acquainted, but you are likely to be disappointed if you arrive with the expectation of finding a holiday boyfriend. Knowing a little Indonesian, and the gentle art of teasing and flirting, will go a long way towards making friends.

Bali temple (c) 2001 by John Goss

    In mid-2012, two Indonesian ISPs, IndoSat and Telkom, began blocking websites with gay content. If you want to access your favorite websites on holiday, use SIM cards from one of the other ISPs that don't censor (such as Axis) and choose hotels that provide non-censored Net connections. Or, more easily, go to your device Settings menu and navigate to your Wi-Fi settings to find the DNS settings for the provider you are using in Indonesia. Then, insert [,] (without the brackets) in front of the other DNS numbers in this field. That work's for iOS, and something similar works for OSX and Windows. You can then use your device as a Wi-fi hot spot for your laptop as well.

    The population of Bali is about 2.5 million (that's about 100,000 Utopians).

    Navigating the local gay scene is easy with our interactive Utopia Map of Gay & Lesbian Bali:

click for our interactive map of Bali



  • Bali Aqua Dive Center UTOPIA VERIFIED JUN 2023

  • Balispirit.com UTOPIA VERIFIED JAN 2024
      44 Jln Hanoman, Ubud
      +62 361-970-992, email

      A centralized registry of Bali's holistic venues including accommodations, healthy foods, yoga and meditation retreats, health and spas. Gay and lesbian-friendly, Earth-friendly, socially responsible and health-mind-body conscious.
      Utopia Member Benefit: 20% DISCOUNT off of a yoga class at their studio.
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  • Holiday Houseboys UTOPIA VERIFIED JAN 2024
      WhatsApp: +94-76 630 1069, email

      Bali Spiritual & Wellness Tour for gay men. Connect with nature and yourself through yoga, exercise, spas, and wellness activities. In addition, you will see the famous landmarks of Temple Tanah Lot and Ubud Palace, explore nature in waterfalls and caves, and visit the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. Accommodation is in 5-star hotels with spa facilities so you can relax after your day of activities.
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click for our interactive map of South Bali: Batu Belig, Legian, Seminyak

  • Celebes Lifestyle Branding and Design UTOPIA VERIFIED FEB 2017
      Jln Padma Utara
      +62 812-3958-4410, email

      Gay-owned lifestyle branding and design business located in Legian. Its main focus is to service the hospitality sector and its diverse branding and design needs. The company is a fusion of new, more effective and cost efficient branding ideas shared between Yanti Celebes, long time resident in Bali, and Henrik Lisby of Klint & Co, a Danish-owned and Jakarta-based design agency with an extensive expertise in hospitality and destination branding. Their goal is to introduce a new way of branding and design methodology to the community, from larger scale hotels and resorts to small boutique enterprises and shops.
      Utopia Member Benefit: 20% DISCOUNT.
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  • Blue Corner Dive UTOPIA VERIFIED FEB 2024
      Jungutbatu, Nusa Lembongan island, Utopia Map
      +62 877-6104-2438, email

      Gay-owned Blue Corner Dive Resort is a friendly beachfront place on the north end of Jungutbatu village. Dive shop, chill-out beach bar and traditional bungalows. They host the island's Fri night beach party - the best place to party with surfers, divers, backpackers, beachboys, and anybody else who likes to enjoy the tropical paradise life!
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  • Blue Season Bali UTOPIA VERIFIED FEB 2024



Travel Services


  • Bali Discovery Tours UTOPIA VERIFIED FEB 2024
      Jln By Pass Ida Bagus Mantra, Jln Pucuk I/No. 70X, Banjar Tangtu, Denpasar
      +62 361-464-032, 361-471-0242, email

      One of Bali's very best and gay-friendliest family of travel experts. Accommodation, tours, activities and transportation services. Great rates and ready suggestions for gay-friendly holidays in Bali. Specialists in arts and culture, the offbeat, the spiritual and the less-touristed.
      Utopia Member Benefit: 10% DISCOUNT.
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  • Gede Transport & Tours UTOPIA VERIFIED NOV 2023
      +62 813-5366-6692, email

      Experience the culture of Bali with a gay and lesbian-friendly local. Choose from their many different tours of Bali and customize to your interests. Gede Transport is here to serve all of your tour and transportation needs in all parts of Bali.
      Utopia Member Benefit: 10% DISCOUNT.
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  • AquaMarine Diving - Bali UTOPIA VERIFIED FEB 2024
      Jln Raya Petitenget 2A, Seminyak, Utopia Map,
      473-8020, FAX 473-8021, email

      Gay-friendly dive specialists and Bali's only British owned and managed dive company, PADI R-6344. They offer day trips and custom-made diving and accommodation packages to Bali's best dive sites. They also offer PADI courses and introductory diving programs. See their website for full information on Bali's dive sites.
      Utopia Member Benefit: 10% DISCOUNT on published prices and FREE T-SHIRT if you book at least two days of diving (including a two-day PADI course).
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Popular Spots



Bars and Clubs



Meeting Places


    • Batu Belig Beach
        Canggu, Utopia Map

        At the end of Jln Batu Belig, turn left to go down the sandy beachside road to Warung Cantina (just to the right of W Hotel as you face the ocean). You will see small rainbow flags hanging from a tree trunk (see Warung Cantina listing under Restaurants). This is a gay hang-out and cruise spot, especially towards sunset. Also some trees, shubbery and hidden nooks next to the building developments here.
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    • D'Office Beach Bar UTOPIA VERIFIED MAY 2020

    Bali beach pride (c) 2013 by John Goss

    • Seminyak Beach
        At the end of Gay Street, Jln Champlung Tanduk (still referred to by locals as Jln Dhyana Pura), not far from all the gay bars. Utopia Map. Late in the evening you will find many local Balinese, Javanese and Indonesian guys walking along the footpath on the opposite side of the street to the gay bars. There are usually a lot of guys to chat up, with something to suit just about everybody's taste. Further down the street toward the beach is where the ladyboys usually hang out and the more you drink the better they may look.
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click for our interactive map of South Bali: Denpasar

    • Lumingtan
        Off Jln Gatot Subroto, Denpasar, Utopia Map. A true, non-commercial gay cruising scene takes place here after dark until about 11pm (after 11pm police occasionally hassle hangers-on for bribes). This spooky, abandoned lot used to house government offices (long gone) and the surviving spectacular Balinese gates on three sides, and spooky statuary inside, give this place an unexpectedly gothic ambience. Local men park their motorcycles and wait for others to join them in conversation. Sometimes clusters develop, and the dark perimeters, especially near the shrines in one corner, get active. The crowd is a mix of all ages and it is friendly for the adventurous foreigner who wants to experience a totally non-touristic gay hot spot. Destined to be re-developed (bulldozers were already leveling land as of Aug, 2012), catch it while you can. There are more empty lots and a park nearby that are also sometimes active, so you might want to walk across the street to the north and northeast to check it out. Don't take valuables.
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    • Puputan Park
        Denpasar, Utopia Map. Not as popular now that more families use the park during the evenings, so best from 11pm-4am. Locals do seem to hit the foreigners except the hustlers who approach in droves. May be cruisy for Asians who can pass for locals. Some transgenders.
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    • Tohpati riverside recreation area
        East side of Denpasar, Utopia Map. Take the road downhill to the parking lot next to the river. This non-commercial cruising spot for local gay men is busiest in the heat of afternoon when most straight people are indoors. May also be active at night.
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    • Kuta Beach
        Between the beach side McDonalds and Anggrek Hotel. The best time is 8pm-midnight. You need to walk along the beach side of the footpath. Also facility at far end parking lot. A mix of local hotel workers, foreign tourists and expats here, so the scene is more consensual fun and less commercial.
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Restaurants and Cafes


    • Café des Artistes UTOPIA VERIFIED JAN 2024


    • 66 Corner (western and Indonesian) UTOPIA VERIFIED JAN 2023

    • Bali Beach Shack (western food) UTOPIA VERIFIED SEP 2020

    • Banana Spa (drinks and snacks) UTOPIA VERIFIED FEB 2024
        69 Jln Drupadi, Seminyak, Kuta, Badung Regency, Utopia Map
        +62 813-3893-9220, email

        Easy to find and conveniently located in the heart of Bali's gayborhood, just a short walk from Dhyana Pura gay street. The spa sits beside Harris Hotel. Enjoy snacks and finger food in their bar area or poolside. Refreshments range from healthy tropical juices to a favorite glass of wine, to accompany snacks and finger foods. Meet both locals and other intentional travelers and make new friends while you relax in privacy and comfort. If you would like to celebrate a special occasion, birthday or private function, they will arrange every detail including food service.
        Utopia Member Benefit: 10% DISCOUNT on all services for cardholding members.
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    • Café Local (Belgian and world cuisine)
        Poppies 2, Jln Benesari (next to Suka Beach Inn)
        860-3274, email

        Owned and managed by a Balinese/Belgian gay couple. They offer Belgian specialities like vlaamse stoofkarbonade (Flemish beef stew), Italian pasta, woodfired pizza and a selection of Asian favourites. Serving nicely dressed plates and lovely food in a beautiful setting need not always be expensive as Café Local proves. Warm interior colors, 70s wallpaper and modern furniture are the decor here. Staff are very friendly, helpful and handsome. Say hello to Gert and Pande on your next trip to Bali!
        Utopia Member Benefit: FREE WELCOME DRINK on first visit.
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    • Diane's Thai Warung (Thai)

    • Gado Gado Restaurant and Café (international) UTOPIA VERIFIED FEB 2024
        99 Jln Champlung Tanduk (still referred to by locals as Jln Dhyana Pura), Seminyak
        Reservations: 736-966, email

        Gay-friendly Gado Gado has earned its reputation as one of Bali's top restaurants through its fine food, romantic seaside views and attentive service. They offer a diverse menu that incorporates seasonal fresh produce. Selection of international wines, champagne, and cigars from their humidor are also on hand. A multi-functional space, it can also be arranged to accommodate large groups up to 800, events, birthdays, etc. Private, aircon dining room with bar is also available for up to 14 people. Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
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    • La Lucciola UTOPIA VERIFIED JAN 2024
        Jln Kayu Aya Beach, Oberoi, Utopia Map
        Reservations: 261-047, 730-838

        Open air restaurant, bar, and beachside oasis. Located just past The Legian Hotel, access is from the beach or via the parking lot in front of the large Pettitenget Temple. Owned and operated by a gay couple from Sydney. This is the place to chill-out, with fabulous international cuisine and great breakfasts (perfect eggs Benedict!). Sun bathe in their lounge chairs and enjoy the passing parade on the beach, or sit in the shade of their two-story, thatched restaurant and enjoy a meal. Friendly, gorgeous sarong-clad staff and reasonable prices.
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At Bangkok Pride 2023 (photo: Amp Puttipong)

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At Bangkok Pride 2023 (photo: Siam Pride)

Bangkok Pride 2023

At Bangkok Pride 2023 (photo: Siam Pride)

Bangkok Pride 2023

At Bangkok Pride 2023 (photo: Siam Pride)

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Dynamic duo at Cambodia Pride

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