S H U N . K O C H I . b i o g r a p h y

There are many photographers in Japan who specialize in erotic images, but Shun Koichi (Koiichi Inamine) is the one who raised the subject of the male physique to an art form. At first, he was involved making gay videos, but now he concentrates his energy on photography. His work has an established reputaion for superbly masculine models (90% are not gay he explains), mostly selected from college students and university atheletes. His genius is in capturing the Japanese male physique at its peak of perfection and communicating the male body's elusive erotic essence. He supervises all aspects of the production of his work from the talent and settings to the design of his gorgeous publications. He now has five photographic collections in print. His work recently appeared on the cover of Bleu #11.