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Travel & Resources: XIAN

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XIAN (Shaanxi Province) -- area code +86-29

General Information

    Xian Terracotta Army (c) 2005 by John C. Goss

    Xian (often spelled as Xi'an and pronounced "she ahn") was the ancient imperial capital of China for over 11 centuries. Much of this history remains buried, either literally -- in the dirt surrounding regal burial mounds which dot the rural countryside -- or amidst the sky-rise development that has swallowed much of the city. Yet Xian's public spaces and charming alleyways manage to appear more authentically "Chinese" than Beijing's grandiose plazas and avenues. The old Muslim Quarter is particularly colorful and worth exploring on foot. Yes, the air is smoggy, but so was Los Angeles up until the late 1980s.

    The population is nearing 7 million (so about a quarter million Utopians live here).

    Xian Baxiangong (c) 2005 by John C. Goss

    Terracotta Comrades

    Xian is home to dozens of universities and a multitude of software colleges and companies. Local gays are Internet savvy and most are adept at connecting online. The local gay scene has a fair share of university students visiting its gay hangouts.

    Xian Rainbow (c) 2005 by John C. Goss

    Bars, saunas and cruising areas are often the haunts of handsome and particularly rough trade who will lie, cheat and steal. Use common sense when chatting up a new friend.

    Navigating the local gay scene is easy with our interactive Utopia Map of Gay & Lesbian Xian (special thanks to radialhead!):

click for our interactive map of Xian

Popular Spots

Bars and Clubs

Massage and Spas

Meeting Places

Restaurants and Cafes

      Xian Dumplings (c) 2005 by John C. Goss

    • Kingtown No.1 Restaurant UTOPIAN VERIFIED DEC 2010
        Dongmutoushi St, near South St, Utopia Map

        From the Bell Tower, walk in the direction of the South Gate for 5-7 minutes until you see a KFC branch on your left. Then, turn left and walk for 3-5 minutes and you'll see the restaurant on your right. Serves delicious Chinese food. 2/F has a better ambience and service is fast. Prices are reasonable. Try the duck.
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    • Little Sheep UTOPIAN VERIFIED DEC 2010
        Chang'an Lu (corner of Yanta Xi Lu), Utopia Map

        It's 6-7 bus stops south of the Bell Tower. Take Bus No. 603 Bell Tower and get off at Wei Er Jie. The restaurant has the head of a smiling sheep as its logo. One of the more recognized hot pot restaurants with various branches in Xian. The Chang'an Lu branch has a nice atmosphere, quality service and friendly staff. Upon seating, you'll be given a pencil and a checklist of various kinds of meat, fish and vegetables. Although in Chinese, you can always look at the other tables and tell the food server what you want. Better yet, invite a friend as hot pot is always enjoyable with company.
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    • Muslim Quarter UTOPIA VERIFIED FEB 2023
        Utopia Map

        Try a bowl (or two) of Xian-style paomoa noodles in a delicious soup of tender beef strips and tiny chopped pieces of bread pancake. Fresh-grilled skewers of lamb and other delicacies are available everywhere.
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    • Ren Ren Ju UTOPIAN VERIFIED DEC 2010
        Ren Ren Ju Hotel, Juhuayuan St, at the back the biggest Bank of China branch in Dongda Jie, near the Duanlumen bus station (the 1st bus stop in Dongda Jie after the Bell Tower), Utopia Map

        It's the hotel restaurant, but open to non-hotel guests. Serves authentic Chinese cuisine in a modern atmosphere. The restaurant has a picture menu so ordering is easy. Food tastes good and prices are reasonable. The place is full during dinner hours when the waiting time for your order may be long.
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    • Xinjiang Restaurant UTOPIAN VERIFIED DEC 2010
        Chang'an Nan Lu, Utopia Map

        From Xiao Fei Yang, cross the street going south and walk about five minutes to the restaurant. The whole restaurant is on 2/F with a small entrance on G/F so be sure so look up for the Xinjiang sign. It has cuisine markedly different from that in the rest of China. Their specialties are lamb and fish. They have a picture menu so ordering is easy. Try their fried mushrooms. Attracts diners of Middle Eastern and Indian descent and guests who are not the ethnic Han majority.
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