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Travel & Resources: QINGDAO

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QINGDAO (Shandong Province) -- area code +86-532

General Information

    With its beautiful seaside setting and relaxed pace of life, Qingdao (pronounced Chingdao) makes for a nice weekend getaway with your special someone. The city is rich with international heritage architecture and easy to get around. There are even a few longstanding gay venues, although most locals make connections online now.

    Population is over 8.5 million (that's more than 350,000 Utopians).

Popular Spots


    • Badaguan

        A small, park-dotted enclave of primarily 1930s international heritage mansions, including Spanish, German, Art Deco and Russian unfluences. Lot's of Chinese tourists wander on foot, gawking at the huge yards and former private estates. This is a favorite spot for wedding photographers so don't be surprised to encounter dozens of couples-to-be on a sunny weekend along with their professional (or not-so-professional) styling teams.
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Bars and Clubs

    • Feeling
        Xiang Gang Lu

        Recommended by Yuan Lai bar staff for Sat nights. Huge street bar located just next to the Bauhinia Flower statue in Hong Kong Park (Xiang Gang Yuan) on Xiang Gang Lu in the commercial part of town. There seem to be many PLU floating around, but, this being a mixed and popular bar, meeting appropriate people may take a bit of work.
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    • King Bar UTOPIA VISITED APR 2012

        From Sea Ci Hospital parking lot, turn right onto Weihai Lu. Cross over the river and walk a couple blocks further beyond it. Turn right onto the small street (Bank of China branch on the corner) just before the red light at the intersection with Hankou Lu. Walk down this small street 1.5 blocks and the bar is on the left with a large sign with lit, yellow Chinese characters. When you get close enough to the sign you can see smaller English letters saying "Bar King." Cozy gay club with bar and table seating facing a small stage. They have singing and dancing shows on Fri, Sat and major holidays. Open nightly, but busy on show nights. The crowd is a friendly mix of Chinese bears, mature gays and some lesbians. The staff are hunky, bearish and welcoming.
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    • Love Corner (Tsuan Jiao Ai) UTOPIA VISITED APR 2012
        B/F 132 Anshan Lu

        From Sea Ci Hospital parking lot, cross the pedestrian bridge over Weihai Lu and take the left hand stairway down to the sidewalk. Take an immediate right turn, passing a small park on your left, and then take the first left turn into the driveway at the end of the park. Follow this driveway as it curves around the edge of the park. at the end of the drive is a huge, animated neon sign for a KTV club. Turn right here and follow the driveway past the small ICBC bank and Huafeng Rural Cooperative bank to the Qingdao Xinghua Sewing Equipment Co shop. Take the lefthand stairway here down to B/F and you will see the sign in English. A large gay club with bar, table and couch seating, plus a large stage. They have singing and dancing shows on Wed, Fri, Sat and major holidays. Open nightly, but busy on show nights. Young and cute staff.
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Massage for Men

    • Ze Xin Chi Sauna UTOPIA VISITED APR 2012
        See detailed listing under Saunas.

 Restaurants and Cafes

Beer Street, Qingdao (c) 2012 by John Goss

    • Beer Street
        Opposite the Tsingtao Brewery

        Several lively blocks of sidewalk point-and-cook eateries. Fresh local seafood and vegetables to accompany your mug of the local brew, regular or green. No, it's not St Patty's Day. They've added sea vegetation of some sort to get the grassy color. If beer is not your thing, Red Wine Street is just a few blocks away.
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    • Ze Xin Chi Sauna UTOPIA VISITED APR 2012
        89 Dacheng Lu, Taidong area

        From Yanji Lu, walk down Dacheng Lu to the 3rd building on your right - a small, 2-storey industrial glass and steel building with three doors (roll-down industrial metal doors if closed). The sauna entrance is through the center door, up a short flight of stairs (no sign or number posted). Take your shoes off as you enter the lounge area. Get a locker key/lock, towel and a clip-on number as you pay at the reception desk in front of the huge fish tank. Put the clip on number onto your shoes and leave them on the floor (the staff will take them later). Walk down the stairs and pass a display case with sexy underwear and safety supplies. On the B/1 landing you will probably encounter some of their cute and queeny masseurs sitting in a small lounge area. There is also a hallway here with half a dozen dark, curtained rooms with blankets and futon which are free for patrons to use. Continue down the stairs to B/1. Here you will find a large bar and show area on one side and a hallway to the lockers on the other. At the end of the locker area is the wet area comprised of toilet, half a dozen showers (activate my sticking you finger into the small electronic sensor). The large Chinese lettering on the shower wall says "if the water is too cold, turn on all the showers at once to heat up." There is also a small dry sauna here that doubles as towel drying room. Not clean to a western standard, but friendly and unpretentious. Shows on Fri and Sat nights. Working class local customers.
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