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Travel & Resources: CHONGQING

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Chongqing (Chongqing Province) -- area code +86-23

General Information

    Chongqing temple (c) 2008 by John C. Goss

    Chongqing is a city built skyward on a hilly peninsula formed by the confluence of two rivers, one being the mighty Yangtze. Not much remains of central city's older areas. Progress has stripped away much of the charm and replaced it with generic concrete and steel towers.

    Chongqing Kitti (c) 2008 by John C. Goss

    The population is over 31 million (that's more than 1.2 million Utopians), but for all its potential, the city retains a small-town conservatism and gays socialize on the down low. Still, there are a number of places listed here where you may enjoy a taste of local gay flavor.

Popular Spots


    • Ciqikou

        About a 20 minute cab ride from the CBD to the northeast side of Shapingba Dist. This ancient town was built in 998AD as a commercial harbor for the shipment of porcelain in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. This historic neighborhood has been preserved and transformed into a sort of theme park of traditional Chinese culture. Wandering the winding roads, amidst old shophouses and merchant buildings, are throngs of local and visiting Chinese and a few foreign tourists. A huge variety of arts, foods, crafts, clothes and entertainments give Ciqikou a permanent county fair feel. Candy makers sculpt hand-made lollypops of glass-like melted sugar in the shape of beasts from Chinese astrology; cotton candy is spun into wild shapes and colors; a home-made spook house beckons; and overlooking all sits the picturesque Po Lun Temple.
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      hongqing sweets on sticks (c) 2008 by John C. Goss

    • Shibati

        One of the last remaining old neighborhoods near the CBD. Wander through the area to experience daily life, warts and all. Fascinating and full of memorable details, unlike much of modernized Chongqing.
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Bars and Clubs

    • Ruyi (mixed) UTOPIA VERIFIED JUN 2013
        3/F Jiaduoli Bld, Nanqu Rd, Yuzhong Dist>
        如意吧 : 重庆市渝中区两路口希尔顿酒店
        +86 23-6385-8029

        Occasional shows. Busiest Fri and Sat nights. Crowd is mostly gay and young.
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    • Tian Tan Bay UTOPIAN VERIFIED OCT 2013
        Shang Qing Shi, in the back street of firehouse
        天堂吧 : 重庆上清寺消防队后面

        Gay bar. Very loud - cannot have a converstaion at all. The seating near the show stage has a drink minimum per table. If you want a shared table there is also a drink minimum per person. Most of the people here are young men under 30. Very few over 50. Some lesbians. Guys make out in the rest room. Otherwise, not much actions here.
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      Comments from Utopians:

      "I have visited Chongqing in the past few weeks and would like to share the following discoveries: VIP Club at Langqing Plaza Mall (next to Chongqing Landyatt Park Hotel), Xiaoyuan Rd, Jiangbei Dist, is a large gay club in a mall offering drag shows, gogo dancers and a 'bouncing' dance floor. In the late evening there is only one entrance open to the mall. Go up the stairs and follow the party animals and sound of music. Inside the mall there are several bars and clubs including VIP. Right next door to that is a same size lesbian club by the same owner." -- Chris, May 12, 2019

Meeting Places

 Restaurants and Cafes

      Chongqing dumplings (c) 2008 by John C. Goss

    • Chongqing Food Street
        Jiefangbei, CBD

        One little stretch of pedestrian mall near the clock tower has been designated as a food street, although the pickings are pretty slim: spicy noodles and mutton satay mostly. Visitors wanting a less adventurous option can go to any of the restaurants in the Metropolitan Plaza shopping center, attached to the Harbour Plaza Hotel, and point at the pictures on menus there. There are also a couple of very good street stalls serving hot noodle soup and dumplings in the alleyway that runs up the hill from the Red Cliff Cave towards the center of town.
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    • Red Cliff Cave
        In the CBD, just five minutes walk from the clock tower

        Not a cave at all, but rather a vertical shopping arcade hugging the face of the riverside cliff opposite the modern performing arts center on the other side of the river. It has a very good traditional food alley where you can taste freshly ground tofu, hand made yam noodles, mallet pounded sweets, or all sorts of local treats. Plus, a cruisy Starbucks up top next to a pirate ship! Arrrr.
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