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Travel & Resources: CHENGDU

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CHENGDU (Sichuan Province) -- area code +86-28

General Information

    So may Chinese gays say the same thing: Chengdu is a gay paradise. But don't visit expecting rainbow flags and pride parades. What they mean is that gays in Chengdu feel tolerated and blend in to the point that there are very few gay-only bars. In fact, gays here seem almost invisible. They go to whatever popular clubs and restaurants they want to and socialize in groups that include their women and straight friends. Even in the few gay-only clubs, you won't find much in the way of spaces for private encounters. Gays here flirt and hug and trade phone numbers with those they may be interested in. You will almost instantly be asked if you like anyone in their immediate group and easy-breezy matchmaking seems to be part of Chengdu's laid-back lifestyle. And life here is decidedly relaxed. Food is delicious, spicy and inexpensive (unless you dine in the many themed "Chinese village" shopping neighborhoods where both foreign and Chinese tourists are overcharged for everything). Chinese gays also claim that Chengdu has lots of cute guys, but, like its reputation for being a gay paradise, this is definitely in the eye of the beholder.

    Population is over 10 million (that's more than 400,000 Utopians).

Chengdu (c) 2009 by John Goss


  • Chengdu Gay Care Organization (CGCO)
      3/F 1st Club Jiuba, Hongxing Rd Erduan (just down the hall from the Bian Zou drag cabaret show bar)
      8662-7577, Chinese language hotline: 8815-1415.

      Chengdu's regional HIV/AIDS outreach center and tongzhi (queer) community organization. Funded in part by a UK NGO. They have a very positive presence in town. Information board in the hallway and Chinese language litereature available for those that drop by. They also host occasional meetings, film screenings and other educational programs.
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Popular Spots

Bars and Clubs

    • 8 + 1 Gent's Tavern UTOPIAN VERIFIED MAR 2014

    • Beatles Bar

    • Best Life UTOPIAN VERIFIED MAR 2014

    • Liusi/6 Colour UTOPIAN VERIFIED MAR 2014


    • Max Club UTOPIAN VERIFIED FEB 2018
        Dongmen Bridge West Crossing, on 2/F of the building at the corner between Tian Xian Qiao Nan Lu and Xiao Dong (DaXie Duan/street section)

        Max Club (formerly YY), Baron, and one lesbian bar are here. It's like a gay complex. Two gay bars next to each other and then one huge lesbian bar next door. Good fun in YY.
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    • Mu Di Di (Destination)
        Ge Lin Pu Lan Te (Green Planet Hotel), 63 Huaxingdong St

        Look for the round, red Budweiser sign on the 2/F exterior of the hotel. A beautifully designed gay bar and karaoke club.
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    • YueLianHua Bar

      Comments from Utopians:

      "I have visited Chengdu the past few weeks and would like to share the following discoveries: Hunk at 3-11,12#6# Taipingnanxin Rd, Jiuyanqiao, Wuhou Dist, +86 181-0818 -8719, is a gay bar with occasional drag shows, gogo dancers and happenings. Good music and nice, friendly staff. Busiest on weekends. Bachelor Party every Wed. Nine-Tailed Fox at Peigen Corridor, 6 Taipingnanxin Rd., Jiuyanqiao, Wuhou Dist, is a large gay club (located close to Hunk bar) with shows and a great vibe. Has private seating areas, so it can be difficult to visit alone. Try to find friends to go with you. Not so easy to find. Follow the signs for WOW pub to go up to the higher floor and carry on walking past their entrance. AMO-G at Cheung Chau Wan St, Causeway Bay No. 339, Cheung Fong Bld, +86 28-8333-1811, is a large gay club in the 339 entertainment area around the television tower. Offering singers, rappers, gogo dancers and a 'bouncing' dance floor. Has private seating areas, so it can be difficult to visit alone. Try to find friends to go with you. Is located under street level, so find escalators going down." -- Chris, May 12, 2019



    • G-house Spa for Men Only
        186-0001-8040, email

        Gay-owned spa for men only in Chengdu's CBD. Call for directions to the facility and they'll fetch you from the vicinity. Stylishly designed secret garden, with cozy rooms amidst quiet and relaxation. Purest botanical essences, imported from France and Canada. Tailored to suit the needs of men -- with treatments carried out by professionally trained masseurs. Treatments include relaxation massage, 4-hand massage, sea crystal scrub, waxing, and more combining Chinese tradition, yin and yang, and aboriginal elements. They have adopted traditional music and the theory of Chinese medicine based on the balance of elements (gold, wood, water, fire, soil). After your treatment, enjoy healthy refreshments.
        Utopia Member Benefit: 20% DISCOUNT.
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Meeting Places

Chengdu (c) 2009 by John Goss

Saunas and Fitness

        1/F Haicheng Bld, 6 Tianxianqiao North Rd
        6603-8798, 135-5367-4529

        An easy walk from Dongda Bridge Metro Station Exit D2 (Junlong Riverside exit) on Metro Line 2. Once you've come up to street level at D2, look west for the bridge over the river. Cross the bridge, walk 50m to a cross-roads and turn right (north) onto Tianxianqiao North Rd. Walk about 70m and you will pass a Wowo convenience store. Another 20m and you will see a lane between two building blocks with a '6' marked on a pillar of the building. MC Sauna is in this building, but its entrance is at the rear (facing the river that you have just crossed). Proceed into the lane, turning left as the lane reaches the river, and the entrance is there. Beautifully decorated and men's club. Lockers, showers, dry sauna, a steam room, a non-functioning jacuzzi, dark rooms (no doors), sleeping quarters, video room, small gym, video game machines, a coffee lounge,and PC stations with Net. Some action in the steam room, more in the sleeping quarters with exhibitionists at play. Like most Chinese places, the men are quite relaxed about nudity. Clean and well-managed. Younger crowd here. Busiest on weekends. Open 24/7. Foot massage and body massage available.
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    • Qicaiyinxiang Man Club

    • Xinbaixung

      Comments from Utopians:

      "You are right, Chengdu is gay paridise. People are more open and lots of saunas compared to other cities. Right now, MC Sauna is for younger men, Re Dai Yu Lin for mid-age men (热带雨林), and Dong Gan Yu Lin for older men (动感雨林). Chengdu is a nice and lucky city." -- Tommy, Jul 4, 2020

Shops and Salons

Chengdu (c) 2009 by John Goss

      Fun to visit and colorful for your cameras (but expect high prices for mediocre food), Chengdu's "Chinese Village" themed shopping areas are like Disneyland's Main Street -- an idealized version of the charming local neighborhoods that got plowed under and built over in the great drive towards progress. Jin Li Ancient Street next to Wuhou Temple (this funerary temple and its gardens has a steep Y$60+ entry fee compared to Y$5+ for Wenshu Temple or Y$10+ for Qingyang Temple) is the most famous and packed with Chinese tourists. Kuan Xiangzi is more trendy, with clubs and restaurants that come alive in the evenings, yet you will still see residents doing synchronized dance routines, toddlers in split pants answering the call of nature, elaborate ear cleaning experts waiting to use their specialized tools on you, sugar-glass blowers and drizzlers making elaborate sweets that are works of folk art (see photo above), and all manner of Chinese crafts and edibles. The neighborhood around Wenshu Temple is another one of these pop-go-the-Chinese shopping districts.

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