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BEIJING: Bars, Cabarets, Clubs, Discos & Karaoke

BEIJING -- area code +86-10

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Popular Spots

Bars and Clubs


click for our interactive map of Chaoyang

    • GLIFAA (Gays and Lesbians in Foreign Affairs Agencies) UTOPIA VERIFIED JUN 2019
        Join their WeChat group by emailing glifaabeijing@gmail.com

        A monthly social get-together for queer locals and expatriates. Dress your best and network in differing swanky settings around town. Seccond Thu of each month from 7pm until late.

        3/F Tongli Studio, Sanlitun (on the east side of the alley connecting Sanlitun Village and Opposite House), Utopia Map

        In the bar and restaurant alley just north of the trendy Saniltun Village mall and directly behind 3.3 Mall. From Subway Line 2, get off at Dongsi Shitiao Station and take Exit B, turning left at the top of the stairs. Follow this road for 7 or 8 crosswalks. You will pass Asia Hotel, Workers Stadium, and Hooters on your right. You'll pass a McDonalds, Subway, and a KFC on your left. At crosswalk #8 look for Sanlitun Yashow Clothing Market on your left and walk pass it. Turn left and walk to the street crossing and then turn right. Turn left at the Sudan sign. On the right side of the street look for the 2nd building, this will have the name of clubs, one being the KAI Club. Take the grotty stairway up to the entrance. Basic, no-frills black box with bar, DJ, small dance floor and booth seating. Very Diverse. Younger crowd - men and their boyfriends, dykes with their girlfriends, straights and singles.

    • Long Jing UTOPIA VERIFIED APR 2018
        Bld 22, Courtyard 4, Gongti Bei Lu (just next to Pop-Up shop and bar), Chaoyang Dist, Utopia Map

        Upscale, modern tea room and bar that hosts Glam (Good-looking Asian Male) gay party on Thu nights from 9pm-2am. Well-heeled crowd of youthful trend-setters and white collar expats.
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    • Rabbit Bar UTOPIA VERIFIED JUL 2021
        Across from Q Mex in the Courtyard 4 complex, Sanlitun, Utopia Map

        Gay bar near the Intercontinental Hotel. Take the stairs up to 2/F. Mostly young Chinese patrons, but owner says he wants an international crowd, so men from everywhere are welcome.
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    • Reddog Bar UTOPIA VERIFIED JUL 2021
        B1-538, Tower 12 (under the stairs), Sanlitun Soho, 8 Gongti Bei Lu, Chaoyang
        工体北路8号院 三里屯SOHO5号楼B1-538

        Mixed and LGBT-flavored cocktail habitat. Fuel up before clubbing, or wind-down after a night out. Open evenings until 2am, daily. Monthly women's party every 3rd Sat of the month, 9pm until late.
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click for our interactive map of Lama Temple / Confucious Temple Hutongs

    • Chill Café & Bar
        2 Andingmen Xidajie, Dongcheng Dist, 100m west from the junction of Andingmen Inner St and 2nd Ring Rd
        6405-9575, email

        Andingmen Subway Station. On the alley next to the garden stretching along the 2nd Ring Rd, just in from the main street. Small sign next to a courtyard doorway hung with two lanterns. Gay-managed, LGBT-friendly bar and cafe in a modernized hutong courtyard setting. Manager, Henry, is plugged into the local gay scene and is happy to offer the latest news. Every Wed night LGBT visitors, expats and locals gather at 8pm for their Pink Wednesday social when Y$10 is donated from each cocktail to support local LGBT projects and initiatives. High-quality, best-value cocktails, imported beers and wines. Savory food menu includes home made pizzas, paninis, waffles and finger food. Liquors and beers imported from North Korea for curiosity. No noisy dice games, no dirty floors, and no Rihanna will be played, just a quality good time.
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    • Shan Mu Lan Bar
        3 Shajing Hutong, Nanluoguxiang, Dongcheng Dist

        Located in a preserved old hutong area, close to Houhai bar area, but less commercial. A lesbian-friendly bar with exotic Xinjiang style decoration. Three floors with and open loft. The cool, luscious red sofas invite you to sink into them. The music is not so loud that you can't hold a decent conversation. Features Xinjing style rice and milk tea.
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    • Two Cities UTOPIA VERIFIED APR 2018
        46 Fangjia Hutong, Dongcheng Qu, Utopia Map
        东城区,方家胡同46 号

        Run by two gay friends from Taiwan. Coffee, teas and desserts in a spacious hutong building with large picture windows ideal for people watching. Indoor and outdoor seating. A good, quiet spot for talking with friends. Open 1-11pm Mon-Thu and Sun; 11am-11pm Fri and Sat.
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    • Beijing Lala Salon
        Union Plaza Bld in a western restaurant on 1/F, Chao Yang Men area, Utopia Map

        Nearest subway stop is Chao Yang Men Station. Lala (lesbian) event every Sat afternoon from 2-6pm. Friendly space for chatting, sharing and support. Good for new comers to get to know people. Different topics for discussion and film showing each week. Local Chinese women from their mid 20's and above attend.
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    • Wang You Ge (Forget About Worries!)



    • Jujiao Yanyi Bar
        Golden Sun Commercial Hotel, lower level, Utopia Map

        Drag shows Thu-Sun nights beginning about 9pm. Prior to each performance the room starts filling with Utopians who enjoy socializing in a KTV atmosphere. Volume and sincerity characterize the vocals. Occasionally there's a masterpiece, though (worth the wait). The club's cozy, speakeasy atmosphere is not recommended for the fastidious, those who fear second-hand smoke or those who demand, say, clean restrooms. The restrooms are a bit cruisey but the puddles of water on the floor dampen the excitement. There are lots of private nooks and hallways in this basement labyrinth. After-show revelers are often seen adjourning to the reasonably-priced hotel rooms upstairs. Large crowds on weekends (usually about 200+ enthusiastic fans). You are likely to be the only westerner here. The cordial, clever, and sometimes very attractive performers greet arriving guests and wait on the tables before the show. Patrons are there for an unsophisticated good time. The non-stop drag performance begins at 10:30pm and lasts until 12:30am with no intermissions or breaks. Performances are reminiscent of vaudeville stage shows. Witty, multi-talented comedians warm up the crowd with (sometimes racy) humor. Very attractive, drag-attired models typically begin the show with a fashion review, rousing enthusiasm as they parade through the crowd. Nicely costumed and well-trained dancers perform ethnic and contemporary dances at a professional level. Singers mimic pop performers, sing classical Chinese folk songs and perform Chinese Opera standards. Music is KTV-style, but the stage singers' voices are beautiful. Enthusiasts often walk on-stage during performances rewarding their favorites with Y$100 tips. Otherwise, as throughout China, there is no tipping required. The show always ends with clever skits from traditional Chinese tales, rendered in a naughty, slapstick style. Westerners may want to go with Chinese friends. The larger the group, the more the MC will pick on you. It is all very good-natured. Quality here is good, but some nights are better than others. The one constant is the cordiality, good humor and excitement. Admission is free, no cover charge. Drinks are reasonably priced.
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    • Destination UTOPIA VERIFIED JAN 2024
        7 Gongti Xi Lu (near the Workers' Stadium), Utopia Map
        东城区 工体西路 7号 

        If you are coming from other parts of Beijing and using the subway, get off at Dong Si Shi Tiao Station, choose the exit that takes you to Gong Ren Ti Yu Chang (Workers' Stadium), walk along Gong Ti Bei Lu, you should go past the Asia Hotel, then the indoor stadium (Ti Yu GUAN), turn right immediately into Gong Ti Xi Lu, and walk for a bit, Destination will be on your right. Gay and lesbian-friendly club busiest on weekends after midnight. Free entry after 3am. Cool sound and lighting system and dance floor. The staff have been re-trained, given new uniforms and there's a new and friendly attitude from security. Young Freshie crowd. Some women come to dance. Some reports about weak drinks or fake alcohol.
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        Comments from Utopians:

        "Destination has a Bear Night on Fri." -- Andrew Z-M, Dec 12, 2023



    • Club Jingyuan KTV

    • Ten Bar (One Zero)
        Aihua Hotel, Tiantandong Li, Yi No 48, Chongwen Dist (50m north of China Chess Academy, near Yutingqiao North on South Second Ring Rd), Utopia Map
        5120-5588, 5120-5566, email

        The name is a pun on local slang for top (one) and bottom (zero). Shows, dances, karaoke, etc. Don't expect much English to be spoken, but it's a good chance to practice body language. Locals warn to be careful of MBs who ply their trade here. Well-equipped with the latest KTV equipment. The 8+ private rooms in the back are busy every evening and packed on weekends. Well-attired, fresh-faced waiters. Although all the attendants strive to communicate in English, it is a struggle for most. If you want to curl up on a brisk winter evening to discuss the theories of a parallel universe, they may not be the your best source of dialog. But if you are looking for a friendly handshake, a warm smile and the tender attentions of gorgeous and quite professional servers, you'll like Ten Bar. The smiles are genuine, service is responsive and bar drinks priced to offer great value. All the high-end name brands of spirits are offered for sale, whether customers actually enjoy the genuine article is a matter best left to the tastes of discerning buyers. Cold beer is a safe and reliable choice. Light snacks available. If you ask one of the many cute professional attendants to be your personal companion for the evening in the public area of the bar, they request a stipend to compensate management. Their tastes in beverage run toward the pricey (sales commissions may possibly be a part of the attendants' pay plan). Come to an agreement before you order. Discreet expressions of romantic affection are common in the public rooms of the bar, but seem more genuine and passionate at tables sporting a half-used bottle of Chivas. Fri and Sat nights are wonderful fun. Audiences are younger and more expressive than those usually seen in similar Beijing venues. The drag review starts about 10pm and lasts for at least a couple of hours. The quality varies, but the entertainment is characterized by bawdy jokes, very talented dancers, and beautiful singers. The finale is always a comedy skit. As the bar empties, it is hard to miss how many close and lasting friendships have formed in just a single evening. Romantic couples move to the elevators serving the hotel above the bar, or rush off in the night to the nearby Destination Bar or other after-hours venues. If you are a bit patient when you call, eventually you'll connect with someone who speaks a little English. Open 7pm-2am. No cover charge.
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