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TAIPEI: Saunas

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TAIPEI -- area code +886-2

Popular Spots


      XIMEN -- Red House

      Ximen is Taipei's largest gayborhood, with over two dozen gay venues including gay hotels, bars, saunas, shops and restaurants. Easy access by subway and everything here is within a short walking distance.

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        No. 12, Lane 80, Sec 1, Hankou St, Utopia Map
        2381-6276, 2311-0078

        Not far from cruisy 228 Park and Taipei Train Station. Look for a lane entering into the covered market area. Enter the lane and walk in about 150m and look for the red Chinese lanterns (with Da Shanghai in Chinese characters) and a bright orange door on the right side. This small, friendly neighborhood sauna is a pleasant surprise - not only one of the cleanest facilities in the city, but one of the friendliest - with unpretentious and warm clientele. 1/F has lockers, TV lounge, private cabins and two dark rooms, wet area with warm and cool pool, dry and wet sauna rooms, and showers. B/F has a video lounge, with more nooks and crannies, and karaoke. Can get very packed on weekends. Mostly mature customers and their fans. They offer coupons for reduced entry price on return visits. Even without a discount they are one of the cheapest saunas in the city.
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        Comments from Utopians:

        "Da Shanghai is a small, but well maintained sauna. Hot and cold pools, sauna and steam rooms, plus towels around. Safety supplies also freely available. Biggest problem is that smokers use the toilet area (in spite of no smoking signs) and this permeates the whole place. Down a narrow lane, but the directions given above are easy to follow." -- bear4unz, Dec 14, 2015

        "Was there Sat afternoon/evening and no sign of young guys." -- ecyc02 , Feb 13, 2015

    • Han Men's Sauna UTOPIA VISITED MAY 2016
        2/F 120 Xi-Ning South Rd, Utopia Map

        MRT Ban-chiao line, Xi-men stop, walk along Cheng-du Rd, turn left on Hsi Ning Rd for a short distance. Look for the large sign on the corner at the front of the alley and a kind of rainbow paint job on the alley entrance. They've refurbished everything in 2013 and the place is clean and busy - certainly the nicest sauna in Ximen area, though not the biggest. Very friendly reception desk with large towels available. Double locks on the lockers. Also on this floor is a small snack and reading area, a dark TV lounge and wet area with warm soaking pool, showers, steam and dry sauna. 3/F has gay video station, dark room and private cabins. Mid-age and mature crowd, but everyone is welcome. Busiest on weekend afternoons and early evenings. Open 24 hours.
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        Comments from Utopians:

        "At Han Men's Sauna I met six beautiful, much younger guys in one night in the most beautiful time I had ever had!" -- Gary, Sep 22, 2015

        "Went to Han Men's Sauna on a Sat. I liked the place - lots of cubs and chubs as well as muscular bears, age range from 20s-40s or 50s. Dark room is very happening, but wear skippers if you don't like to walk out with 'sticky stuff' on your feet. Also, while inside dark room, don't leave your towel on the bench - people might just take it away." -- Sam, Mar 2, 2015

    • Huang Gong (Royal Palace) UTOPIAN VERIFIED MAR 2015
        20 Hsi Ning South Rd (2 doors east of the Paradise Hotel), Utopia Map

        Open 24 hours. MRT Banchiao line, Ximen stop. While older and smaller, it's clean and the staff are friendly. Weeknights there are enough guys to keep things busy. Rooms are small, but comfortable. Mature men and their admirers.
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        Comments from Utopians:

        "Went to Huang Gong. It's a bit old, but still kept clean. Two floors. If you like mature daddy types (from 40s-70s) this is a place for you. I personally like this place a lot. No dark room. Shower area its very bright. The steam and sauna room are in the shower area. A karaoke room is in the next building, so you have to walk through the back alley from the G?F TV room. And there are 5 or 6 rooms an the karaoke area where you can stay overnight. Blankets can be found outside of the room if needed. Overall it's a place for mature daddies. If you are too young, you might not easily find one that likes you as most daddies here like other daddies, too." -- Sam, Mar 2, 2015

    • Rainbow UTOPIA VISITED MAY 2016
        2/F No.142 Kunming St at Chengdu Rd (one block from Han Sauna and around the corner from Relax & Royal Spa), Utopia Map

        Once you get to the address you can't miss the stairway with rainbow flag. Crumbling and unrefurbished year-after-year. Large wet area with two big soaking tubs at different temperatures (with very grotty bottoms you won't feel like stepping on), dismal bathing and shower areas, steam room and a large, clean and comfortable dry sauna. Also on this floor is a large, dark lounge with recliners, plus a snack and reading café. 2/F extends the haunted house feel with David Lynch tiled floors, a gay video running in front of some shabby couches, several dark mix rooms that smell foul, and private cabins and nooks in various states of disrepair. Busy, even on weeknights after work. Theme nights, such as Nude Night. Management and staff are welcoming ("no big towel and no underwear," they cackled when we visited). Mostly local, working class crowd here. Bring some slippers if you don't like the idea of walking around barefoot.
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        Comments from Utopians:

        "Evenings (except Sat) from 6-7pm, entry is discounted to only NT$150. However, it's only for Taiwanese. If they suspect that someone isn't Taiwanese, they'll ask to see their ROC ID. Tonight I went to check on this, and sure enough, they wanted me to pay NT$450. It's the only place I know of in Taiwan that charges foreigners more." -- Greg W., Apr 10, 2015


    • Huang Szu (mixed) UTOPIAN VERIFIED JAN 2016, UTOPIA VISITED MAY 2012
        10, Alley 300, Singyi Rd, Utopia Map

        Take the MRT red (Tamshui) line to Shipai Station. There are taxis right outside the main exit that will take you directly to the hot spring entrance, so we recommend you do that and skip the directions which follow (there are multiple entrances from different directions to the hot springs, so a taxi is easier than bus and not too expensive - about US$8). Otherwise, if you don't mind walking and trying to find the correct hot spring: exit the station and turn right on the main road to the bus stop in front of the KFC. Take bus #508, 535 or 536 from here to Singyi RD #3 stop (there are 4 stops on the road). Get off the bus when you see the sign that says 300 Lane (NOT "alley"), which is at a bus stop right before the driveway to the hot springs. Go down the driveway past the parking lots and ask by name or show the Chinese characters below for directions (there are a lot of hot springs here, so be sure to ask to verify you are at the correct place). Huang Szu is up a short flight of steps. Pay at the counter near the entrance (bring your own small towel or buy one here) and prepare two NT$10 coins for the coin locker. Walk to the right, past the restaurant, and then right down some stairs to the ticket attendant. Take off your shoes and stow in the open cubby holes. Coin lockers for your clothes. Lovely outdoor facility with three types of hot mineral pools under a thatched roof, two cool pools, a tepid shallow pool for reclining on your back, showers, a large massage pool with different kinds of alternating jets for self-massage, dry sauna and steam room (some discreet action). Men of all ages here, with lots of Daddies, uncles, chubs and bears mixed in with the straights (so be discreet). Everyone is naked or with a small wash cloth. You can also get a decent one-hour, traditional massage at a good price. Best after 8pm, especially Sat night. Open 24 hours and some reports of activity after midnight until dawn. Pool for men is closed on Thu morning.
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        Comments from Utopians:

        "Huang Szu is nowadays much more popular than its neighbor, Chuan Tang." -- topinambur, Jan 3, 2016

    • Chuan Tang Hot Spring (mixed) UTOPIAN VERIFIED FEB 2015, UTOPIA VISITED MAY 2012
        Same location as Huang Szu hot spring, Utopia Map

        Entrance is opposite and to the left of (if you are standing with your back to) Huang Szu hot spring, across a bridge-like entrance (there are a lot of hot springs here, so be sure to ask to verify you are at the correct place). Pay at the counter near the entrance (bring your own small towel or buy one here) and prepare two NT$10 coins for the coin locker. Walk down the steps to the left, past the restaurant, to the ticket attendant. Take off your shoes and stow in the open cubby holes. Coin lockers for your clothes. Small hot spring with a large hot pool, warm pool with massage jets, cold dipping pool and tiny steam room that is packed like a clown car. Guys walk around naked or with small wash towels. This place is popular with 20-40yo guys, with some gym fit and muscle men. Everyone just stands around, though. No place for action, just lots of eye candy. Busiest on weekends, esp Sat 8-10pm when almost all the customers are gay.
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click for our interactive map of Zhongshan

        4/F No. 8 Min Tsu East Rd, Utopia Map
        2598-8856, 2598-8859

        Walkable from the MRT Yuanshan Station Red (Danshui Line). Take your shoes off on 3/F and put into plastic bags provided and carry to 4/F reception desk at entry. This unpretentious neighborhood men's club has several unique features: they serve alcohol, the have a clothing-optional gym for nude work-outs, and a large rooftop for nude sunbathing and special group parties. In addition to the very reasonable entry fee (even cheaper for Utopia Members) you will also pay a small towel and key deposit which is returned to you when you exit. Tiny towels only, so bring your sexy underwear if you are shy to walk around nude. To the right of the reception desk is their serious gym space. To the left is a lounge and hallway (with bj bench seating!) leading to one of two locker rooms. Adjacent to the lockers is the wet area (slippery floor, be careful!) with small, dark steam room subdivided by a hanging tarp. Also leading off from the locker area is a corridor lined with private cabins leading to a group mix room with couch and padded floor. Back in the bj hallway you can take a narrow stairway down to 3/F with more lockers and two more large mix rooms, one dark and one lit with red light. At 8pm the lighting in the bar and gym area goes dark with laser lights and dance music. Occasional DJ spinning live. Monthly parties. Crowd is gym-fit, 25-40, and less snobby than at Aniki. Open daily until 2am. Massage also available.
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