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SHENZHEN (Guangdong Province) -- area code +86-755

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    • Babylon UTOPIAN VERIFIED JAN 2018
        2/F LouFang Hotel

        Subway line 5, Yijing exit (2nd for the end of the line) Take Exit B and continue walking along YiJing road. Stay on the sidewalk approaching the 2nd major intersection. The 2nd intersection is elevated, with Yijing Rd ascending a ramp. The sidewalk continues along a side road which remains at ground level, slowly turning to the right. Continue along the sidewalk to the 2nd underpass to the left. Take the underpass and immediately take a hard left after exiting. Continue along this road as it turns slightly to the right. The LouFang Hotel is on the right side as the road begins to straighten out. It is difficult to see after dark, as the sign above the door is not lit. Enter the hotel and continue past the reception desk (which may not be attended) to the right, to a pair of small elevators. The sauna is on 2/F. Remove your shoes and place them in a small locker in the check-in area. The shoe locker number will also apply to your main locker, located in the room to the right of check-in. The shower area is one floor up, and you need to pass through the TV lounge to access the stairway. Other than the carpeted stairway, the sauna is relatively clean, with attendants mopping the tile floors often. There is a small dry sauna connected to the shower area, which is brightly lit. Directly across is a larger steam room, which was dark and not operating when I was there. Some used it as a dark play area. 2/F also has a small TV area, a karaoke room, and a semi-dark play area that has four small rooms, which offer some privacy, although each has a window in the door, and clients seem to be constantly looking to see what action is taking place inside. The back and far side of the TV lounge has large flat cushioned benches where action takes place is public. There is also a smaller, semi-dark room with similar benches near a ping pong room. Local customers, mixed ages.
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        Comments from Utopians:

        "A new gay sauna, which is a good alternative now that Yang Gang Sauna no longer admits foreigners. The staff speak enough English to guide you through the check in. Entry is Y$40. I was there on a Sat, and it got quite busy in the later hours. The clientele is mixed ages, mostly working class as none spoke English." -- Steve, Jan 5, 2017

    • Yang Gang Sauna UTOPIAN VERIFIED NOV 2017
        3/F, 2033 Middle Hong Lin Rd (opp Shenzhen Humanitarian Hospital), Luohu Dist,
        阳刚桑拿 深圳市福田区 红岭中路2033号三楼 (博爱医院正对面、三原色、吧登吧旁边、南充招待所里面 乘地铁在大剧院站B出口.

        The signboard on G/F says Nan Chong Hotel. By subway: alight at Hongling Station, Exit D, Hongling Road North. Come out of the metro stairs and turn behind you. Go to the end of the street and turn left. The hotel and then the sauna are further up this road, near the top junction and easy to find, as the building number is clearly displayed in the street. There is no lift, so walk up the stairs. The sauna is straight ahead at the top of the staircase. Old, but friendly. The dark steam room is very active. No private rooms, but they have three big communal rooms (with several beds and chairs for more then 20 people each room). Reports that non-Chinese have been refused entry.
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        Comments from Utopians:

        "Went here in Sep and was not allowed in as a foreigner. I was told that the police had come round and said no foreigners to be admitted. Sad as I had been there many times before and enjoyed the place," -- CC, Nov 21, 2017

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