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        2/F, 42 Xingfu Rd (near Fahuazhen Rd)
        Utopia Map

        Reception on 2/F. H42 is a 2-storey gay men's sauna conveniently located next door to Happiness 42 gay club and just a block from Lucca LGBT dance club. It has an open and friendly atmosphere, attracting a wide and diverse range of men of all ages. Decor is nice and its very clean by Chinese standards. Big towels provided. 1/F has lockers, showers and private rooms. 2/F (low ceiling in places, watch your head) has more rooms and benches for cruising. It's an ideal place to spend some time making new friends. Check their website for upcoming theme nights and parties. Open 2-10pm Mon-Fri and noon-11pm weekends and holidays. Busy on Tues nights.
        Utopia Member Benefit: 20% DISCOUNT off entry.
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        Comments from Utopians:

        "I went here today. Very good and a lot of handsome guys. To get here: Joao Tong University station Exit 5, turn left, around 5m you will see Fahuazhen Rd. Walk to that street and then keep going around 50m you will see the light stop and cornerthen turn right on Xingfu Rd. Walk around 10m and you will see the logo called Happiness 42 and you can go on that alley and you will see the H42 sauna." -- K, Oct 1, 2016

        "I just went to H42 last night, on Wed, around 8:30pm. The place was just emptying out, but it seemed reasonably clean and well run. It seems there are no real areas for people to hang around naked...everyone has a towel on and the showers are individual and private. So, for the voyeuristic, probably not ideal. But, overall, I'd recommend it and will go back. Cost Y$60 to get in on that weeknight." -- Kjetil, Sep 1, 2016


        50 Huiwen Rd (just a couple blocks from either Zhongxing Rd or Baoshan Rd subway stations), Zhabei Dist, Utopia Map
        6356-4358, 6356-4798

        New location in 2015 for this long-running gay sauna. Less run down than the former premises, but this is still a Chinese neighborhood sauna, so lower your expectations. Large, 1600sqm facility on two floors. 1/F reception. Put your shoes into the Y$1 coin locker and then give the key to the attendant (someone is usually on hand to guide you in minimal English). Entry is about US$10, but first time visitors must pay a little extra (about US$4 more) for a member card. You will be given a bag with small towel, and comfy shorts and shirt to wear when you roam outside the wet area. 300 lockers use an eletronic wrist band instead of a key. The large wet area has a big open room that can get packed with naked guys, lounging at the perimeter or lining up for their turn at the open showers. If you love your forests natural (and we do), all the trees here are bushy and uncut. Dry sauna and steam room are adjacent. 2/F has communal lounges, massage rooms, ping pong, mahjong, snack cafe and smoking rooms. You will get asked many times if you'd like a massage from the in-house masseurs (prices are posted at the top of the stairway leading to 2/F) and you may be pestered by an occasional odd MB (just say no, the fun's free here). Open daily 6am to midnight (foreigners are welcome, but not allowed to stay overnight).
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        Comments from Utopians:

        "I went here last Sun late afternoon/early evening. Place is well organized and reasonably clean. Plenty of men, some attractive, but all the action occurs in dark rooms where you really can't see much. If you're into the dark room thing, this could be a good place for you. Overall, a good experience." -- Kjetil, Jun 24, 2016


        5/F, 222 Caoxi Rd
        Utopia Map

        Walk out from Metro Caobao Road Station Exit 1 and head forward, across the intersection and continue north for a couple blocks. Hawaii is in the building next to, and north of, the hotel on your left (see map). Professional sports equipment. Clean and comfortable environment. High-quality service from their friendly staff. Enjoy a work-out, steam, and dry sauna. Large towels provided. Showers and lounge area, with secure and private lockers. Full fitness and relaxation in a safe and clean, fun, men-only environment. Open daily 1pm-10pm.
        Utopia Member Benefit: 20% DISCOUNT off entry.
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    • Huli (Mutual Benefit) UTOPIAN VERIFIED SEP 2016, UTOPIA VISITED MAY 2012
        2/F 415 Baotong Rd (near Zhongxing Rd), Utopia Map

        Neighborhood gay sauna that is easy to get to by taxi. Or, take Line 3 to Dongbaoxing Lu, Exit 1. Keep left and go over the bridge on Baushan Lu. At the light, rurn right onto Dong Bao Xing Lu and then the next left onto Zhongxing Lu. Walk to the next intersection and turn right into Baotong Lu. The unmarked entrance is in the building on the right at 415. Climb the stairs up to 2/F. Remove your shoes and trade for rubber slippers. Pay and get a bag containing your small bath towel and pajamas. The staff will take your shoes. All facilities are on this floor. Start at the lockers (note that the lockers have a double lock system) and enter the adjacent wet area with showers (stand on the small, metal grid to activate) with shared liquid soap bottle, warm pool, massage table and two tepid rooms where most of the action takes place. After changing into your pajamas you can wander around the karaoke room, large TV lounge and bar, massage room and ping-pong room. Small, but surprisingly clean (they have one of the cleanest toilets we've ever seen in a sauna in China!). Not much English spoken, but the staff will assist you. Crowd is a very friendly a mix of mature working class men, massage staff and younger guys that seem very needy.
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        Comments from Utopians:

        "I visited Huli gay sauna this afternoon. Compared to the other two gay saunas I've visited here in Shanghai, this one is really inferior in every sense. It's very small and not in any way exciting. There's just a bunch of old men meandering about the very small area shower and dark room area. This place is a bit cheap (only Y$50), but not worth it. Dinglin and H42 are much better." -- Kjetil, Sep 25, 2016

    • Lianbang UTOPIAN VERIFIED MAY 2016
        228 Zhizaoju Lu, Utopia Map
        联邦浴室, 制造局路228号

        There are two saunas here, both in the alley entrance to the hotel (the large neon lit facade is easy to spot). The straight one is on the left as you enter and the gay one is on the right, just after the restaurant and before the stairwell. Take Bus 18 or 23 from Renmin Guangchang (People's Square), get off at Xietu Lu and walk through Xietu Lu to Zhizaoju Lu to find Lianbang Hotel. There is also a bus stop right in front and bus 18 and 23 pass by here to the city. There is a lady at reception and she charges foreigners for the VIP room fee (while Chinese pay Y$10 less for a regular room). You probably won't use the VIP room, but an attendant will unlock one for you if you want to use it. Most people just cruise around the open regular rooms. Lockers are large enough for small luggage, yet so flimsy you will be scared to leave anything of value in them, even though there is an attendant on duty. You are given a small towel and a set of tiny pajamas to put on after you shower. No safety supplies, so bring your own. There is a large, dark steam room off the shower area and four little mini steam rooms. The upper floors are where the cruising goes on, but it gets thick with resident moneyboys the higher and deeper you go. These young hustlers are pushy and confusingly deceptive. Diversified range of ages and physiques, from the muscular to the mature. Massage also available from sauna staff. Open 24 hours. You are allowed to go outside for one hour only to eat (with sauna slippers on). Busiest on weekends and weekdays after work.
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