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SHANGHAI: Massage and Spas for Men

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SHANGHAI -- area code (86-21)

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Massage for Men

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      Gay-SKY Massage UTOPIA VERIFIED MAR 2015
        89 Anshun Rd, Bld 9, room 3101 (near Dingxi Rd), Utopia Map, 180-1917-7815, email. Their masseurs are young, professionally trained, skillful, and know exactly how to manage men's special needs to help you stay healthy and balanced. Treatments include their signature relaxation massage, foot massage therapy, Chinese medicinal massage, hydraulic massage, Thai style full-body massage, full-body oil massage, four-hand massage, and yin-yang harmony. They offer a free membership so you may register to enjoy more preferential treatment. 24-hour outcall available. Utopia Member Discount

      THE BUND

        The Bund Bld 6 and Bld 7 Middle, Zhongshan East One Rd, 6315-0790, 136-1166-9342, email. Gay-owned massage and spa service for men. Oil massage, aromatherapy body spa, milk petal cask, classic Thai massage, Hawaiian style, four-hand massage.


    • Shanghai's Door Health Club UTOPIA VERIFIED JUN 2014
        692B Hankou Rd (near Guangxi Rd), Utopia Map, 150-2692-6941, email. Subway 1, 2 and 8 Lines, People's Square Station, Exit 14, walk straight down Hankou Rd about 100m. Massage for gay men by men. Although English is limited here, the manager is very friendly, patient and strives to ease communication. Outcall massage also available. Utopia Member Discount


    • Dinglin Men's Club UTOPIAN VERIFIED MAY 2013
        775 Yanchang Middle Rd, Zhabei Dist, Utopia Map, 6356-4358, 6356-4798. See listing under Saunas. They have in-house masseurs (whose rates are affordable) and they are not pushy.


    • 80% UTOPIA VERIFIED MAY 2012
        Riverside Hotel, 1305 Kaixuan North Rd, Putuo, 135-6428-8808 Call from lobby and they will meet you. In and outcall massage. Utopia Member Discount
    • Hero Man Spa UTOPIAN VERIFIED MAY 2014
        11 Meilingzhi Rd, near Zhongshan North Rd, Utopia Map, 150-2106-5707, 6249-6358, email. Gay-owned massage spa for gay man. More than 700sqm with 18 therapy rooms. They offer foot massage therapy, Chinese medicinal massage, hydraulic massage, Thai style body massage, full body oil massage. 24-hour outcall also available.

        Comments from Utopians:

        "Hero Man Spa is a large venue and the massage was sensational. But, the rooms are old, my massage table had a funny smell and it was not exactly clean." -- Luke R., May 26, 2014

    • Shanghai Lok Man Health Spa UTOPIA VERIFIED NOV 2014
        720 JiangSu Rd, 6211-1233, email. Gay-owned massage for men.
    • Solus International Massage & Spa Jing'An UTOPIA VERIFIED APR 2014
        38 Changhua Lu, Jing An Dist, Utopia Map, 021-6267-0783, email. Gay-owned massage spa offering an elite experience inspired by Thai massage. They provide private rooms with an uninterrupted, peaceful environment for you to relax and immerse yourself in treatments that include Solus Thai body massage, body scrub, foot massage and four hand massage. Open noon - 2am daily. 上海市静安区昌化路38号(近武定路) Utopia Member Discount

        Comments from Utopians:

        "Had a good massage here, but the rooms have a window to the hallway, so limited privacy." -- Luke R., May 26, 2014


    • Baby Face UTOPIA VERIFIED OCT 2013
        159-8832-7659, email. Gay-managed massage for men. Professional, high quality outcall massage. Male massage aiming to provide the most professional service with big, strong and handsome masseurs to relax you. All the pics of their masseurs on the web are true. Outcall service availiable 24-hours. Utopia Member Discount
    • jameZ massage UTOPIA VERIFIED FEB 2013
        158-0180-6054, email. Outcall massage to your home or hotel.

      Shanghai Strong Massage UTOPIA VERIFIED MAR 2015
        131-2216-3959, WeChat/LINE: 13122163959, email. Gay-owned outcall spa massage, Thai oil massage, and prostate maintenance. Strong massage technique by a gym-fit masseur for effective health and relaxation.

      Uncle Massage UTOPIA VERIFIED MAR 2015
        131-2096-1069, email. Gay-friendly 24-hour outcall massage for men. Their mature therapists provide professional medical massage and Shiatsu from head to toe to relieve your muscle aches and fatigue. Masseurs are middle-aged gay men who know exactly how to manage men's special needs to help you stay healthy and balanced. Put yourself in their experienced hands and try Uncle's body-to-body techniques. No hidden fees. Utopia Member Discount

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