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Travel & Resources: JAKARTA

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JAKARTA -- area code (62-21)

General Information

    In mid-2012, Indonesian ISPs began blocking websites with gay content. If you want to access your favorite websites on holiday, avoid using SIM cards from Telkomsel, Indosat, or staying at hotels that use these providers for their Internet. Try other ISP sim cards for your phones and smart devices. Or, circumvent blocking by adding Google's name server in front of the ones used by the local providers. Go to your Settings menu and navigate to your Wi-Fi settings to find the DNS settings for the provider you are using in Indonesia. Then, insert [,] (without the brackets) in front of the other DNS numbers in this field. You can then use your device as a Wi-fi hot spot for your laptop as well.

    The population of Jakarta is about 9 million people (that's 360,000 Utopians).

Articles and Publications

  • Gaya Nusantara
      21 Jln Dr. Muwardi II, 566-0589, 563-1941. Indonesia's long-running GLBT magazine.


  • AusMigrasi
      5289-1901, email. An Australia migration agency who help gays and lesbians to migrate to Australia. Free assessment.
  • English Center for Adults
      Jln Danau Indah Raya, Block A1, No. 16, 650-6383, email. Gay-friendly English center welcoming gay and lesbian adults. Learn English today. Classes are normally only up to 8 students. Utopia Member Discount
  • Konsultasi Tarot
      Appointments: 021-9827-5706, email. Discreet, gay consultation using Tarot cards as a medium to find solutions for gay men with problems and personal questions. In person only, call for an appointment.


  • AIDS/HIV organizations and information
  • Arus Pelangi (LGBT)
      Jln Tebet dalam IV /3 RT 019/001, Tebet, 829-1310, toll free hotline: 0800-1401-045.
  • LPA Karya Bhakti (gay and lesbian)
      Jln Griya Wartawan, No. 53 RT14/05 Cipinang Besar Selatan Jakarta Timur, 9852-0440, email: lpa_karyabhakti@yahoo.co.id
  • Our Voice
      0813-7619-2516, email: ourvoice_ind@yahoogroups.com
  • Yayasan Intermedika (gay and lesbian)
      Rusun Benhil II, blok B2, No. 1 Jln Penjernihan Raya, Bendungan Hilir, Jakarta Pusat, 9827-2195, 081-811-0651 email: intermedika_yim@yahoo.com
  • Yayasan Srikandi Sejati (waria)
      Jln Pisangan Baru III, No. 64 RT03/RW07, Jatinegara, Jakarta Timur, 857-7018, FAX 021-834-0196, email: srikandi_war@hotmail.com

Travel Services

  • Jakarta Tour Guide UTOPIA VERIFIED MAY 2014
      9546-1620, email. Gay sightseeing. See all that Jakarta has to offer in the time you have available. Danny will take you to the interesting places and to meet local people. He will help you get around, bargain, avoid scams and keep you and your belongings safe. Save time, money and effort in this sprawling and complex city. Tour by motorbike or car. At night, visit the gay spots where you can make friends with locals, cruise the eye candy, have a massage, visit a club or disco, try the bar scene, and sample local food in historical, gay or local joints along the way. Tours available morning, afternoon or night. Utopia Member Discount

Popular Spots


      Click here for Jakarta hotels and accommodations.

Bars and Clubs


Fitness and Gyms

    • Acropolis Spa and Fitness Center
        4/F Sheraton Media Hotel, 626-3001. Walk-in guests welcome. Getting to be popular with PLUs but not as much as Millenium, Sari Pan and Hilton.
    • Bumi Karsa Hotel Fitness Center
        3/F Bumi Karsa Hotel, 71-73 Jln Jend. Gatot Subroto, 8379-3555. Sauna and pool.
    • Celebrity Fitness Center
        Jln M.H. Thamrin (in the Plaza Indonesia extension). Mega-cruisy with lots of gay and celebrity members.
    • Celebrity Fitness Center
        La Piazza Kelapa Gading. Another branch of this gay-popular gym
    • Celebrity Fitness Center
        Pondok Indah Mall. Another branch of this gay-popular gym
    • Clark Hatch Fitness Centre
        3/F Sari Pan Pacific Hotel, 6 Jln M.H. Thamrin, Jakarta Pusat, 315-4670, 390-2707. Walk-in guests welcome. Open 24 hours. Weekends after 1am are cruisy, especially sauna and steam rooms.
    • Club Cilandak Sports Centre
        Jln Let. Jend. T. B. Simatupang (near to Cilandak Town Square), 750-1960, 750-4963. Sauna and pool are very popular with PLU patrons. Be discreet.
    • Crown Plaza UTOPIA VERIFIED AUG 2013
        Very discreet, gay-popular health club.
    • Fitness First UTOPIA VERIFIED AUG 2013
        5/F-6/F New Senayan City Mall, Jln Asia Afrika, 7278-1333. Very cruisy and popular with gays.
    • Fitness First UTOPIA VERIFIED AUG 2013
        Grand Indonesia. Super hot 30+ crowd.
    • Fitness First UTOPIA VERIFIED AUG 2013
        Taman Anggrek.Mostly Chinese crowd.
    • Grande Body Life Spa
        Blok M, Jln Iskandarsyah Raya, Pasaraya Gedung Sinema, Lt. 8, 726-4425. A lot of the Hilton's PLU members moved here. Free trial visit.
    • Hyatt Aryaduta Hotel Sauna and Fitness Centre is getting popular with PLUs.
    • Life Spa
        Crowne Plaza Hotel, Jln Jend Gatot Subroto (next to Mulia Tower, 50m before Planet Hollywood). Walk-in guests welcome. Becoming popular with PLUs, especially Fri. Very body beautiful patrons including TV actors.
    • G.M.S.B. Fitness Centre
        Pasar Festival lower level (Carrefour). Many PLU members.
    • Hilton Life Spa and Health Club
        Jln Gatot Subroto, 570-3600. A lot of the members here are well-mannered PLU. Be discreet.
    • Manggala Wanabakti Fitness Center
        5 Jln Jend. Gatot Subroto Pintu, 570-3246. Sauna and pool. Be discreet.
    • Odysseus Fitness Centre and Spa
        See listing under Saunas.
    • Sultan Life Spa and Health Club
        Jln Jend. Gatot Subroto, Jakarta Selatan, 570-3600. A lot of PLU members, but be discreet.


    • 24K Art Gallery
        Jln Nenas 309 Blok A Cinere, Depok, 753-2063, 0819-559-2210, email. Gay-owned art gallery offering featuring Indonesian paintings, old Chinese porcelain, antique Asian furniture, authentic Buddha statues, objet d'art, mirrors, pots, and Asian handicrafts. Utopia Member Discount

Massage for Men

Meeting Places

    • Aetna Bld. Facilities in the basement of both towers, plus charming and cruisy security!
    • B.E.I. Exchange Bld UTOPIA VERIFIED AUG 2013
        Sudirman. PLUs have lunch in the food court and often share tables. Young, white collar gay professionals.
    • Central Hotel
        Jln Pramuka. Mostly guests from the Middle East staying here if that's your flavor.
    • Cinemas
      • Cinere Movie House (Gedung Bioskop Cinere)
          In the lobby, nights. Younger crowd.
      • "Ciputat" The Sahara Movie House (Gedung Bioskop Sahara)
          In the yard. Younger crowd.
      • Grand Senem Cinema (across the road from The Atrium). Working class scene. Very popular. UTOPIA VERIFIED AUG 2013
      • Jakarta Theatres
          Jln Thamrin at Jln Wahid Hasyim (opposite McDonald's/Sarinya Bld). Mon and weekend nights there are lots of PLU movie-goers.
      • Mega Ria and T.I.M. Theatres
          Diponegoro and Cikini Raya. Facilities.
      • Pasar Minggu Theatre (near Robinson and Ramayana Dept Store). Just down the street, opposite the larger theater, is a small road leading to this small Indian Theater (about 30m away from the main street.
    • G.K.B.I. Tower, cruisy at lunch hours only
    • Grand Hyatt Hotel
    • Gelanggang Olah Raga Senayan (Senayan Sports Complex) UTOPIA VERIFIED AUG 2013
        Sun mornings before 8am there are a lot of PLU joggers. Nearby park and sports stadium facilities.
    • S.C.T.V. Tower
        Gatot Subroto. Lunchtimes at Oh La La Café
    • Shopping Malls
      • Ambassador Mall (opposite J.W. Marriott Hotel at Mega Kuningan). Medium-sized mall but very cruisy at lunch hours and again after 5pm. UTOPIA VERIFIED AUG 2013
      • "Big and Beautiful Market" Block M (Pasaraya Big and Beautiful Block M). Ground floor facilities. Enter the door from the parking area. Mixed ages, all hours. UTOPIA VERIFIED AUG 2013
      • Block M Plaza and Terminal, Kebayoran Bari district. University students. Security, be discreet. UTOPIA VERIFIED AUG 2013
      • Carrefour Hyper-Market
          Puri Indah and Cempaka Putih is quite cruisy.
      • Citraland (B/F, 1/f and 5/F floor facilities). Quite a cruisy place. UTOPIA VERIFIED AUG 2013
      • FX Lifestyle X'ntr UTOPIA VERIFIED AUG 2013
          Jln Jend Sudirman, Pinto Satu Senayan. Very cruisy - particularly weekends and later in afternoons and weekday evenings. Be observant and you will see guys moving from G/F facilities up escalators and checking out those on each level. Make eye contact inside and wait at the balcony railing outside. Seemingly genuine guys in their 20s and upwards, not hustler types.
      • Grand Hyatt UTOPIA VERIFIED AUG 2013
      • Pasar Festival lower level (Carrefour). Facilities opposite the G.M.S.B. Fitness Centre. Very cruisy after 5pm. Beware of hustlers. UTOPIA VERIFIED AUG 2013
      • Plaza Indonesia and X Centre. UTOPIA VERIFIED AUG 2013
          Jln M.H. Thamrin (same building as the Grand Hyatt). Night and day, there are always numerous guys who seem especially keen to meet foreigners. You'll spot PLUs on every level, especially at Oh La La Café, Excelso Café, Starbucks and C. Style restaurant. Or, stand near the information counter or just about anywhere. Guys here are usually in the 25-35 age group. The facilities are cruisy, too. Use your common sense when making friends.
      • Sarina Mall is cruisy, but be careful, as the place is well-monitored by security. Lots of gays, also around the McDonalds. Good place to meet workers/students in the day. Beware of hustlers. UTOPIA VERIFIED AUG 2013
      • Taman Anggrek Mall
          Jln @. Parman, Kav. 21. One of the city's biggest shopping malls. Quite a cruisy place. Chinese crowd.
    • Swimming Pools
      • Gajah Mada Swimming Complex
          7/F Gaja Mada Plaza. Daily after 5pm. Mostly Chinese crowd. Some gays. Be discreet.
      • Jaya Ancol recreational park
          Swimming complex on Sun, especially late afternoon and evenings. At sunset head to the waterfall to see the mermen. You can also get a private room at extra cost and shower with your friends for up to four hours. Also, the Art Market (Pasar Seni), 20:00 - 23:00. There's also a sophisticated amusement park, Dunia Fantasi, modeled after Disneyland (but with Muslim prayer pavilions sprinkled throughout) that's fun to visit.

Restaurants and Cafes

    • BlackCat Jazz Supper Club UTOPIA VISITED AUG 2013
        1/F Plaza Senayan Arcadia (same floor as Red Square), Utopia Map. A great place for dinner and live jazz.
    • Memories Cafe
        Jln Jaksa. An informal open-sided bar playing Indonesian covers of western rock as well as dangdut and Batak numbers. No longer very popular with gays (families and children here) except commercial guys. But it is a gay-friendly place to hang out if you are already with someone.
    • Segafredo Cafe
        Plaza Indonesia, opposite Starbucks. Very gay friendly, with young and warm staff. A great place to take a seat and watch passersby. Mostly sophisticated and upscale crowd.

Saunas and Fitness for Men

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