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Treating Homosexuality

by Marieta C. Bongac, guidance counselor
at Saguday National High School, Quirino, Philippines

Publushed in HealthBeat, Volume VIII, No. 1, Issue No. 40 (January-February 2003), by Health Communication Division, National Center for Health Promotion and the Media Relations Unit, Office of the Secretary, Department of Health. Anthony R. Roda and May Elenor R. de Guzman, Editors-in-Chief.

(Utopia's editorial comments in RED)

The Issue (alt heading: My Hang-up)

There are different concepts about homosexuality. It is viewed as an indication of the degeneration of society (even though homosexuality is evident everywhere in the world, in all types of societies, human and non-human), as a psychopathologic condition (by non-authorities who still live in the 19th century) with constitutional and experiential determinants (such as irrational discrimination by uneducated bigots) and as an expression of a polymorphous sexuality (Freud claimed all children were polymorphously perverse, but then you already know this since you work in a high school) which appear to be pathologic (don't you mean pathetic?) in cultures holding it to be so (Egyptian, Libyan, Malaysian?).

The biological factors related to homosexuality are abnormal hormonal levels (lier, lier, pants on fire), a genetic marker on the X chromosome (yes, mothers do pass along the tendency for homosexuality to their children) and being a monozygotic twin (all those Doublemint Twins are gay and lesbian? Cool!). Psycho-dynamics (trans: psycho-drama-queens) theorizes that homosexuality results from early life situations like fixation on the mother (god bless Mom, who knows better than to believe this old wives' tale), the lack of effective fathering (spare the rod, spoil the child, huh?), inhibition of proper sexual identity (proper as defined by you and your degenerating society) and losing competition with siblings (truly wacky theory, Marieta).

Female homosexuality is caused by failure to resolve genital inferiority (the void, the lack, pinoy envy). The girl gets fixated on the mother as the love object and continues to seek it (vaginas? breasts? tennis?) in adulthood. The classic triangular pattern in the family (Father, Son, and Holy Homophobe) is one where the mother is dominant and minimizing towards a detached and hostile husband (sorry to here about your unhappy home life). A son exposed to such parents is most likely to develop homosexual problems (based on personal experience?).

What is wrong with homosexuality? It annuls the true and proper meaning of human sexuality (polymorphous diversity, as demonstrated by dominant Mother Nature herself); it is egoistic (trans: fun, fashionable, and joyful) since it is not geared towards self-giving and it prevents one's own fulfillment and real happiness (trans: I'm jealous that gay and lesbian couples have more sex and dougle incomes). The culpability of homosexuality may be reduced but it can never be justified (nor can it be ignored or kept in the closet). It is always wrong (trans: God made a big mistake when he allowed his children to enjoy their genitals), a perversion of the truth (the truth of perversion -- homosexuality is abundantly evident in the natural world).

Because of such errors (mis-truths spouted by ignorant, hate-mongering homophobes), homosexual movements arose for these goals: to change moral evaluation of homosexual lifestyle (to correct foolish pseudo-scientific babble that encourages violence against queers and suicide amongst gay youngsters), to make schools present homosexuality as positive (It's Fun Beat Up a Teenage Fag 101), to protect homosexuals by a special law (help defeat evil human rights before we all get equal treatment!) because they are a minority group and to promote the belief that "changing a homosexual would be harmful." (alt trans: "harming a homophobe would be a change").

On the dangers of homosexuality (happiness and respect), it is the most degrading and destructive institution (Saguday National High School?) which is difficult to justify. Medically, homosexuals run the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (straight people never get VD). Psychologically, they constitute the antithesis of mental health (trans: my career is suffering because of the growing number of well-adjusted, happy homosexuals in the Philippines). Instability of relations leads to suicidal attempts and depression (and "god" is "dog" spelled backwards).

In treating homosexuality, clear and firm guidelines must be established, appropriate medical and psychiatric intervention must be sought and understanding the homosexual and his feelings is necessary. (trans: gulags, electro-shock therapy, and brainwashing)

Related Views

In the paper of Harold M. Voth (old man with a psychiatric certification from 1953: get with it, Marieta!) on the "Decline of the Family," he pointed out that the family and the environment affect the kind of man a child becomes ("love" is "evol" spelled backwards). Because of the changes in the traditional roles and functions of the family and the environment, men tended to be less responsible, more passive, retiring and effeminate while women became more domineering, aggressive and masculine (trans: he thought Leave it to Beaver was reality TV). There is a blurring of sex roles (trans: more fairness and equality than in my Granddad's day, durn-it!). Militant feminists (trans: lesbos!) are trying to alter the environment to suit their needs (equality under the law). Yet, Margaret Mead, a forerunner of the women's liberation movement, admits that the movement destroys the family (she also documented polymorphous sexuality as a natural occurance in non-homophobic societies).

Differences in males and females are essential (men have a plug ands women have a socket); they are equal in worth but not in ability (trans: women earn as much men do in the same job, even though women are not as capable, or...is that the other way around...duh, I forget). Their worth will be realized by enhancing, not blurring their differences (enhancing the difference is part of the homosexual agenda, Marieta). Progess results from the recognition of individual differences (for there are tasks that only men or women can do best), provision of outlets for expression and rewarding high performances (overlooked for promotion, Marieta?). Parents should encourage sons to be masculine (even though this may not be natural and go against God's all-knowing master plan) and daughters to be feminine (studies show that children's sexuality is established in the early years of life before they start showing masculine or feminine traits), to watch the sex education of their kids (trans: Dad, take your son to a prostitute when he is 10; Mom, don't send you daughter to a Catholic all-girls school where they might fixate on Sister Mustache as a love object) and to uphold the traditional respective roles of mothers/wives and fathers/husbands because the traditional needs of children will never change (unconditional love).

Fulton Sheen (born 1895, he would over 100 today if he were still relevent) also says that sex bridges man to the infinite, the supernatural, if less divined by selfless love (Bishop Sheen, say hello to Timothy Leary for us). Through love, which is spiritual, sex links the worlds of spirit and matter. Love, the proper origin and goal of sex, is outgoing and centrifugal. It flees the self to seek God, the children and other people (of the opposite sex, of course). Sex separated from love and made as self-gratification is unhealthy (can anyone explain why Catholic priests prefer child molesting to masturbation?). The other person is seen as an object of pleasure, the affair a mere exchange of egotistical delights. Such perversion of the conjugal act results to boredom, ennui and mental illness. (not to mention hair growing on the palm)

Leo Trese (ordained in 1927, 70+ years before the Vatican was finally forced to apologize for tolerating sexual abuse of children by its priesthood) said that sex is good, sacred and holy because God authored it (accept with underaged choirboys, you naughty Fathers!). This implies that sexual act must be within the context of marriage, the lifelong irrevocable union of one man and woman, which is essential in bearing and rearing children. (we're certain Father Trese knew all about "rearing" children since he took a vow never to indulge in the natural order of marriage with a woman).

As an ideal for married love, St. Paul says, "Women, be subject to your husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the Church." Pius XI (the students, faculty and parent members of the Gay Straight Alliance at Pius XI high school deal with social issues regarding sexual orientation and the problems that lesbians, gays, bisexuals, or transgenders face in the school, workplace, and in the world at large. Twice a month they host a LGBT movie night in the Library Media Center; all are welcome to attend, even Marieta) adds that matrimony joins and knits the bodies and souls by a deliberate and firm act of the will (wise advise from another devout bachelor).

Personal Evaluation

Human sexuality has the intrinsic procreative purpose of transmitting human life (forget pleasure for a moment and concentrate on the life transmitting qualities of masturbation). Sexual union ought to be an expression of affective and spiritual union of a man and a woman whose commitment to each other is total, exclusive and definitive (kids, are you listening to your dominating Mom?). These procreative and unitive aspects of sexuality are rooted in the value of each human being (except queers, of course, who reject unitiveness with their non-procreating expressions of affection and spiritual union). It involves God's love and human love which differentiates human from animal sex (scientists have documented at least 450 species of animals engaging in homosex, with colorful examples shown on National Geographic's Out in Nature TV special).

Homosexuality is simply gratifying sensual pleasure which is a misuse of the bodily functions (we can't find that in the Owner's Manual, where is it again?). God has planned that pleasure is to be experienced in the conjugal act for the preservation of humanity (Marieta speaks for God, and will account for it later wheb she gets to hell). The pleasure experienced from a homosexual act is an end goal for the self. (we like the butch football metaphor, nice touch Marieta!)

I firmly believe in the Natural Law as the basis of morality (here's your Bible then -- Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity). God made as man or woman, male or female. The so-called "third sex" is wrong (bad God, bad!). A male may be effeminate and a woman may be masculine but that does not differentiate them from other males and females. That does not allow a man to act as woman/wife to another male or a woman to be a husband to another female. Conjugal partners must be of different sexes and must practice sex roles where the male is the husband/father and the female, the wife/mother. (calm down, Marieta/bigot. You'll get over it. Your children already have)

As to the reformation of homosexuals, it lies in the will of the individual. He must decide/will to act according to his proper sex (sloppy? vanilla? group?). No matter what medication, environmental treatment or modification is undertaken to correct homophobia, it would be useless unless the homophobe wills to correct herself (well said).

In the same way, it depends on the will of the individual to practice homosexuality or not (our spirit is willing, but our flesh is also willing). Sex is part of the human body that identifies human as either male or female (or dyke or sissy, or transgender, or bi, or priest). And, he should act in accordance to his proper sex role. (amen!)


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