A Cure for Gay Happiness

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From: Vladimir Cermak vlacer@uninet.com.br

Homosexuality is curable!

"Being a homosexual does not mean getting pleasure out of life, but, quite to the contrary, profound displeasure," according to Vladimír Cermák.

The subjects indeed enthralling one. The world is now passing thorough an era of total sexual permissiveness, of freedom to do whatever one likes.

Actually, however, it is extreme serious problem. Are the homosexuals really happy people?

According the psychologist Vladimír Cermák they are definitely not. "They are "he says, afflicted and suffering, in a state of sickness, and needing assistance and treatment."

Cermák explained to us how, after years of study, he finally discovered the cause of homosexuality.

The psychologist ascribes homosexuality to a state of dual, or multiple personality of opposite sex. However he reserves the second part of the discovery only for the knowledge of professionals of the mental health. He says "it is too disenchanting for the mind of layman.

And once the cause has been discovered, it is possible to achieve a cure and to return a state of normal sexuality.

"When an individual possessed by personality of opposite sex, he derives pleasure from being a homosexual. But on returning to his primary personality, he feels revulsion and loathing for himself and his partner in such relation. Hence the homosexual person is indeed in a state of suffering and needs assistance.

It is fascinating subject, particularly because the very goal of psychotherapy is, to bring the individual back to a state of mental normality, so that the person can pursue normal and happy life.

"I have achieved a number of cures in such cases. " Cermak declares "I am deeply satisfied to have been able to reintegrate into their families and into society many, patients - both men and women - that had been in a state of abnormality, with anomalous patterns of sexual behavior, but are today happily married and with offspring."

Cases of dual or multiple personality are more frequent than is commonly supposed.

It so happens that these are not readily recognized for what they are by either the families or the psychotherapists themselves. People may say. "So - and - so is a bit strange in the way he acts" and as far as they are concerned that is the end of the matter. But the fact is that the individual in question has dual or multiple personality. The primary, or basic personality is unaware of its "alter ego." One entity's activities are unknown to the other one. Hypnosis and ideomotor tests help detect such cases.

Cermák points out the following: "Such patients may became homosexuals after undergoing violent emotion. Under these conditions "transplantation" of another personality into the being may take place. And proceeds an entirely different life situation.

The homosexual person can be brought back to a state of normality, it is true happiness for all, himself and society at large.

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