In October, 1995, a disgruntled employee at Bangkok's Power 107 radio station, wrote letters to major Thai newspapers claiming that two DJs (a coworker and her former boss) were using the radio station to disseminate child prostitution information. In the resulting witch hunt, no evidence was found to support the allegations, however the two DJs were deported after pleading guilty to possession of pornography, a face-saving measure for the Thai investigators in this well-publicized scandal. The entire staff of the radio station, 20+ people, were discharged and lost their livelihood as a result .

The same woman, Elizabeth Barnabas, has subsequently launched another attack on Radio Thailand employees (letters following). Not surprisingly, it is known that her own son, a radio personality in Thailand, is also gay (note: recent scientific studies have shown that the mother passes on a gene to her children which influences homosexuality, Elizabeth).

"I find it unbelievable that despite a recent cleansing of the M.C.O.T. that radio Thailand continues to permit the English language airways to be perverted by such Degenerate Homosexuals as _____ _____, _____ ______ and _____ ______.

These effeminate men are attempting to force acceptance of their perverted way of living on a decent and moral pubic [sic]. It is time for radio Thailand to rid itself of these disgusting creatures and to install some form of stringent screening process to ensure that only true professional Broadcasters are permitted to be on Air at any time.

Yours Sincerely,

Elizabeth Barnabas
79/19 Tararom Village
Sakra phi-bhan 3 Rd.
Bangkapi, Bangkok 10250
FAX (662) 373-3136"

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I am writing to you on a matter of great importance, and that is the Degeneration of our cultural and Social Heritage by depraved and perverted foreigners. It is a known fact that many such perverts live and work in Thailand, preying on young children. I was witness to such acts, and spoke out, with the fortunate result that Thailand now has 2 less such perverts to worry about. I know that many other people would like to speak out about these disgusting acts, but are too afraid to do so, so I have formed a society to prosecute these fiends. People wishing to supply information may do so in the strictest of confidence by writing to me at the address/FAX given.

Society of Decency

79/19 Tararon Village
Sukra-pi-barn 3 Rd.
Bangkapi, Bangkok 10250
FAX (662) 373-3136

Yours Sincerely,
Elizabeth Barnabas