ROY 10
- b i o g r a p h y -

The model strips off his shorts and dives into the pool.
A stream of bubbles follows his naked body--
tiny white-silvery globes against the turquoise blue pool bottom.
He breaks the surface and tosses the long black hair from his eyes.

Roy 10's parallel careers in the media and visual arts date back to his university days in London, where he earned a degree in visual communications at the London College of Printing. Returning to Hong Kong in 1980, he continued on in this vein, garnering awards for his designs in the advertising field while furthering his photographic aspirations.

His love for the theatre makes him the perfect "Phantom of the APA" as he is known to the staff of the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts (APA). Armed with his tools, he often lurks around the theatre, snapping away at the cast and production team. Most memorable of this collection of photos include shots from: Aladdin, Annie, 42nd Street, Grease, Hello Dolly, My Fair Lady, Peter Pan, South Pacific, The Sound of Music and Cats. "I have a Date with Spring" was the theme of his last exhibition, which was a collection of shots from the musical of the same name.

As the official photographer for the first ever "Super Model" competition in mainland China, and a judge for "The Elite-Look for 1996, HK," Roy 10 is no stranger to beautiful people. This is exemplified by his client list.

Currently, he is preparing a series of exhibitions in London to promote the "Hong Kong Men 1997 Calendar", a collaboration between the Aids Concern charity group in Hong Kong, Concerned Asians and Friends, and the photographer himself (a firm supporter for the cause). Watch out for him if you happen to be in London, you never know when or where he'll be doing what next!

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