- b i o g r a p h y -

"Sometimes I think art is like prayer,
a way to thank God
for our being human
and having the life
and the senses that we do."

Ed Freeman worked in the music industry for 25 years as a performer, producer, arranger, composer and teacher before taking up photography full time. Highlights of his music career include arranging for Carly Simon, Cher, working as a road manager on the last American Beatles' tour, and producing Don McLean's "American Pie."

Currently he lives and works in a loft in downtown Los Angeles, where he specializes in portrait and advertising photography for the entertainment industry. His fine art nudes have been widely exhibited and reproduced in various publications worldwide, including Provocateur magazine and "Lust: The Body Politic." He is represented by Couturier Gallery in Los Angeles.

"Beauty and meaning and sex and love and God and wordless thoughts and feelings all run together in my mind. These pictures are the result of that internal stew."

Recent Exhibitions

Solo Shows:

Zzyzx - Los Angeles
Utopia - World Wide Web

Paris Photo Lab - Los Angeles

Rage - Los Angeles

Group Shows:

G. Ray Hawkins - Los Angeles
Couturier Gallery - Los Angeles
Devine Design - Los Angeles

Artcore - Los Angeles
Pheromone - Los Angeles
Spring Street Gallery - Los Angeles

Stepp's - Los Angeles
Mark Chester Gallery - San Francisco
New England Fine Art Institute - Boston
Couturier Gallery - Los Angeles
Angel Art Gallery - Los Angeles


"Lust - The Body Politic"
"Los Angeles Nude"
"Sensual Images"
"Kissing" (Japan)
"Declic" (France)