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May 1978, Biron relocated to San Francisco from Ann Arbor, Michigan where in the early 1970s he had come out, dropped out of a Ph.D. program at the University of Michigan while working on dissertation on Tristan Tzara, and focused his energy on various projects and activities within Ann Arbor's politically active Gay community.

His interest in Xerox art in the late 1960s, eventually led to his involvement in a series of conceptual and mail art projects in the 1970s. Currently he lives in San Francisco, working full-time on his photographic and digital image creations.


exhibitions are individual shows in San Francisco unless otherwise noted:
1997-98 Photos by BIRON (USA)
1997-98 Photos by BIRON 18+Adult Galleries (Netherlands)
1997-98 "A Bad Boys presents Photos by BIRON" (Netherlands) 
1997 Interview and photographs in MANBASE (Germany, November). Multi-lingual European gayzine!
1996 People's Cafe
CENSORED: Hand colored 32"x40" blow-ups of portaits from CLUB JESUS. Closed down by management (reason given:  text on Biron's publicity flyer for exhibition describing CLUB JESUS' public events was found offensive.)
1996 Moby Dick
CENSORED: Nude male photo exhibition closed down by management morning after well-attended artist's reception. (reason given: client displeasure with the images exhibited . Displayed only six days of advertised month-long show.)
1996 Wings Galleria.
        Group exhibiton of photos and graphic arts auctioned in AIDS fundraiser at the San Francisco Eagle bar.
1996 Lone Star Saloon
First exhibition of "Homage to Peter Berlin" series. Group exhibition: donated works for AIDS fundraising auction at the Eagle
1996 ARTwork Gallery
Three Group exhibitions including: "Men at Work" and "Over 50"
1995 RoB Gallery
Selected works featuring Dwone Jones and Zak Chandler
1995 Pancho Villa
Second Exhibition of 80" x 128" photocopy blow-up
1994 Electric City/Cheap TV
Video-taped color prints and b/w photocopies.

1994 Worn Out West (co-exhibition)

1994 Ram Studios
Group Lesbian/Gay Pride invitational exhibition
1994 Castro Station
Selected works from Eagle Exhibition
1994 San Francisco Eagle
            Major multi-cultural Gay Pride month exhibition
1994 Scott Nichols Gallery
Group exhibition: "The Male Nude" with Edward Weston, Joel-Peter Witkin, Bruce of LA and others.
1994 Giladon
AON (Architecture of Noise) series
1994 Zip Zap
First exhibition of photcopy blow-ups
1994 End Up
20"x30" color prints1994 Café International First Exhibition of 80" x 128" photocopy blow-up
1994 Headquarters
First exhibition of 20"x30" color print blow-ups

· PHOTOS BY BIRON: RAINBOW BOYS, Vol. 1, Photo CD-ROM with 300+ original Biron images of four (4) multi-cultural 18+ sexy male models (Devesh, Leo, Da-Li and Stephe) in complete sets of GIF and JPEG High-Resolution digital images, September 1998.
· PHOTOS BY BIRON: RAINBOW BOYS, Vol. 2, Photo CD-ROM with 300+ original Biron images of three (3) multi-cultural 18+ sexy male models (Brennan, Ba and Scooter) in complete sets of GIF and JPEG High-Resolution digital images, September 1998.

· TRIKONE magazine, Vol 12., No. 4 , San Jose, CA, October 1998. (Cover and photo essay on cross-cultural Gay relationships for this 10 year old worldwide distributed East-Asian Gay magazine)

· OG [Oriental Guys] magazine, Issue 20, Sydney, July 1997. (Full inside cover advertisement featuring 36 color thumbnail Photos by Biron.)

· ISSEY, Vol. 2, Photo CD-ROM with 300+ original Biron images of OG coverboy in two complete sets of GIF and JPEG High-Resolution digital images,   May 1997.

· ISSEY, Vol. 1, Photo CD-ROM with 300+ original Biron images of OG coverboy in two complete sets of GIF and JPEG High-Resolution digital images,    February 1997.

· OG [Oriental Guys] magazine, Issue 19, Sydney, February 1997. (Color cover and 15 page color  photo essay featuring Issey.)

· MÄNNER AKT 2 - THE MALE NUDE, Vol. 2, Janssen Verlag, Berlin, 1996. (120 page anthology of international photographers includes photos by George Platt Lynes, Tom Bianchi, Dean Keefer, Roy Blakey, and Biron.)

· OBLIVION magazine, Vol. 2, Issue 4, San Francisco, May 16-June 17, 1996. (Nine photos by Biron includes color cover.)

"Steamy massage-auction at SF Eagle nets $2,255 for PARADIGM," BAY AREA REPORTER, May 30, 1996, p. 14.

· MIKE- TADZIO OF THE NINETIES, Janssen Verlag, Berlin, 1995. (Hard-cover edition, 64 color Photos by BIRON evocative of the androgynous golden-haired boy in Thomas Mann's classic novella DEATH IN VENICE).

· GRUF [Great Unshaven Face] magazine , Vol. 1, Issue 4, San Francisco, September 1995. (twenty-five photos by Biron includes color cover and centerfold.)

· "This Do Not Look Past" two-page layout designed by Architecture of Noise [AON] featuring Photos by Biron and the poetry of two of his models in SAN FRANCISCO FRONTIERS, Vol. 13, Issue 16, San Francisco, December 8, 1994, 36-37.

· ODYSSEY magazine, Vol 3, Issue 17, San Francisco, September 23-October 7, 1994. (First ODYSSEY color cover: Photo by Biron of Dwone Jones.)

· "G.A.W.K. TALK: Jon Sugar on Bashings, Rap and Radio," THE SENTINEL, Vol. 21, No. 25, June 23, 1993 (San Francisco) 88, 92.

· BAY AREA RESOURCES FOR TIBETANS, published by the Bay Area Friends of Tibet, San Francisco, July 1993 (Detailed twelve page manual with Introduction.)

· "The Tibetan Resettlement Project in the Bay Area," DHARMA WHEEL, Spring 1993, (Buddhist Churches of America, San Francisco).


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