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BEIJING: Massage and Spas

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BEIJING -- area code +86-10

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Massage and Spas

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      Gay-SKY Massage UTOPIA VERIFIED JUL 2017
        135-2226-6593, email

        24 hour outcall massage service. Their masseurs are young, professionally trained, skillful, and know exactly how to manage men's special needs to help you stay healthy and balanced. Treatments include their signature relaxation massage, four-hand massage, yin-yang harmony, and more. They offer a free membership so you may register to enjoy more preferential treatment. Full service consumer support for convenient bank card online payments.
        Utopia Member Benefit: Y$100 DISCOUNT off price plus 30 EXTRA MINUTES FREE.
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      Asia Dragon Spa UTOPIA VERIFIED MAR 2017

        Located in CBD, near the CCTV, Jing Guang Center, China World Hotel, Kerry Centre Hotel, Ritz-Carlton, JW Marriott, etc. This "secret castle" provides unique and private services for guests who value privacy. They offer a wide selection of massage including whole body aromatherapy massage, body care, body bath, waxing, and spa packages. All-natural and each treatment is customized to your specific needs. Masseurs are young, friendly, handsome, speak English and are specially trained. They will recommend ideal masseurs to suit you. Advance reservation recommended. All major credit cards accepted. Outcall available 24/7.

    • Beijing Male Home Spa UTOPIA VERIFIED MAY 2017
        Oriental Garden, 63 Xi Da Wang Rd, Building 4, 3rd Entrance, Office 101, Chaoyang Dist
        5960-2495, email

        Combining characteristics of various massage techniques and traditional Chinese reflexotherapy, they offer a variety of treatments for men including oil body massage, waxing, facial care, Thai fragrant grass ball, and plant detox treatments. The partners have combined their experience to create a high-end men's spa brand focusing on environment, technicians, and service. Your wellbeing is their pleasure and your satisfaction is their pursuit. Outcall also available.
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      SPA de Feng for Men only CBD UTOPIAN VERIFIED SEP 2017
        Sunshine 100 C306, 2 Guanghua Rd, Chaoyang Dist, Utopia Map
        临枫男士水疗CBD会馆,北京市 朝阳区 光华路2号 阳光100 C306 (电话51001330)
        Skype: reservation_951 (English), 5100-1330 (Chinese), email

        Voted the Best Day Spa for Men in China by ASWF 2009, this upscale men-only day spa is located right in the heart of the CBD near the new Ritz-Carlton hotel (not the old one in Financial Dist). They offer a wide selection of treatments including massage, waxing (with and without strips), body scrubs and wraps, body slimming, facials, and spa packages. All products are imported from France and Australia. The therapists are young, yet highly trained and skillful, and know exactly how to manage men's special needs to help you stay healthy and balanced. Treatments include Signature Relaxation Massage, Four-hand Signature Massage, Yin-Yang Harmony, Sea Crystal Scrub, Brazilian Waxing, and more. All major credit cards accepted. Outcall available.
        Utopia Member Benefit: 15% DISCOUNT on all treatments, not in conjunction with any other promotion.
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        Comments from Utopians:

        "I visited Spa De Feng last week. Booking online was easy, and the confirmation was prompt. I asked the cab driver to call them for directions, as suggested in the confirmation email, and I was picked up at the curb. The massage was the best I had in years (my back pain was gone instantly) and it was very relaxing and sensual. I also called for a 2-hour massage in my hotel the night before my departure. They even didn't charge for the transport. My previous masseur was not available, but the new one was as good - exactly what I needed for a good night sleep before the long flight." -- Petro, Sep 5, 2017

    • Tianfu Man's Spa UTOPIA VISITED MAY 2016
        #104, Unit C, No. 3 Block, Baiziyuan Section, Houxiandaicheng Complex, No. 1 South Baiziwan St, Chaoyang Dist, Utopia Map
        北京市朝阳区百子园南一路 后现代城3号楼底商
        5720-7031, email

        Opened in 2016: an upscale massage-from-masseurs spa, serving both men and women, in a beautifully designed, upscale 5-room spa. Each super clean room has seating, soft lighting, attached bathroom with shower and traditional wooden bath tub. The massage service menu is in English and staff are helpful and friendly. Their massage style is sensational: a unique combination of stimulating touches and firm muscle pressure, sensual yet professional. Chances are you've never had a blanket removed from your body in such a pleasing way! They also offer facials, aromatherapy, oil massage, four hands, Chinese foot bath, body scrub and head massage. Free Wi-fi, snacks and drinks. Outcall massage also available.
        Utopia Member Benefit: 20% DISCOUNT on all treatments.
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    • Beijing Gay Massage UTOPIA VERIFIED MAY 2017
        182-1019-8582, email

        They specialize in relaxing, tantric, sensuous, prostate and 4-hands massage. Masseurs have several years experience in massage therapy. Their select and well-trained masseurs deliver a high standard of service at very reasonable prices. Strict training to ensure they provide services to meet your needs. Many of them speak English.
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      Beijing Male Therapist UTOPIAN VERIFIED JUN 2017
        +86 170-5891-5893, email

        A professional, gay-owned outcall service provided by a group of young, certified male therapists. Their well-selected and well-trained masseurs offer a high standard of service at very reasonable prices. No transport charge. No compulsary tipping. Hassle-free cancellation. Satisfaction assured. All major credit cards accepted.
        Utopia Member Benefit: 10% DISCOUNT on all treatments.
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        Comments from Utopians:

        "I first checked the website. To my surprise, it has all the detailed prices on it. The booking has to be done by email or by phone, so I called. The person who answered spoke both Chinese and English (but not Cantonese). He was very polite, and answered all my questions. He told me that he could only organize the services listed on the website, but the therapists are open to options, which was good enough for me. He didn't want to send me any photos, but I was told he would choose the masseur according to my preference, or I could cancel if I didn't like the sent masseur. I waited about half an hour and here came my masseur Leo, young, lean, smiling, and discreet, exactly what I asked for. He started by cleaning up a bit in the washroom, and 5 minutes later, he began working on me. He massaged my back, butt, legs, then my butt again. It was so good that I asked him if it was possible to make it one hour longer. To my disappointment, Leo told me he couldn't due to another booking. I decided to let him do only my backside so I could enjoy it longer. He took his time and even massaged me about 10 minutes more after my time ended, and in the end I was very happy! Besides the listed price, I did offer him a tip, nothing significant, and he seemed happy. I was very satisfied with Beijing Male Therapist and will use their service again." -- Terrence T., Jun 6, 2017

    • Beijing Power Spa UTOPIA VERIFIED MAY 2017
        150-1069-8037, email

        Gay-owned, professional oil massage for men in Beijing provided by a group of young, certified male therapists. Their select and well-trained masseurs offer a high standard of service at very reasonable prices. No transport charge. No compulsory tipping. Hassle-free cancellation. Satisfaction assured.
        Utopia Member Benefit: 10% DISCOUNT.
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    • Club1069Spa UTOPIA VERIFIED SEP 2017

        +86 185-0078-8616, WeChat: JINGspa_Beijing, email

        Gay-owned outcall massage service exclusively for men, by men to most hotels in Beijing. Carefully chosen and professionally trained therapists will attend to your needs by using pure skin care products from Jurlique, imported from Australia. 24-hour availability, by appointment only.
        Utopia Member Benefit: 10% DISCOUNT on treatments of ¥1000 or more.
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      Peking Man Spa UTOPIA VERIFIED MAY 2017
        156-1156-9073, email

        Gay-friendly men's spa providing professional outcall massage service anywhere within the 4th Ring Rd. Each treatment uses pure, essential oil products, with light spa music. Please book at least one hour in advance.
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      Singapore Massage Club UTOPIA VERIFIED JUL 2017

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