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BEIJING: Massage and Spas for Men

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BEIJING -- area code (86-10)

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Massage & Spas for Men

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      Gay-SKY Massage UTOPIA VERIFIED DEC 2014
        135-2226-6593, email. 24 hour outcall massage service. Their masseurs are young, professionally trained, skillful, and know exactly how to manage men's special needs to help you stay healthy and balanced. Treatments include their signature relaxation massage, four-hand massage, yin-yang harmony, and more. They offer a free membership so you may register to enjoy more preferential treatment. Full service consumer support for convenient bank card online payments. Utopia Member Discount


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      Dragon Day Spa For Men Only UTOPIAN VERIFIED MAR 2015
        Email. Located in CBD, near the CCTV, Jing Guang Center, China World Hotel, Kerry Centre Hotel, Ritz-Carlton, JW Marriott, etc. This "secret castle" provides unique and private services for guests who value privacy. They offer a wide selection of massage including whole body aromatherapy massage, body care, body bath, waxing, and spa packages. All-natural and each treatment is customized to your specific needs. Masseurs are young, friendly, handsome, speak English and are specially trained. They will recommend ideal masseurs to suit you. Advance reservation recommended. All major credit cards accepted. Outcall available 24/7.

        Comments from Utopians:

        "Dragon Day Spa is so professional...took my soul almost out of my body, so relaxed and comfortable, I felt much, much better. The masseur handled the time perfectly in one hour to massage every part of my body: chest, back, butt, arm, leg, face and head. He was not only good looking (very handsome), I had a very nice conversation with him. First rate service, very attentive and left me feeling very satisfied." -- jonhgz, Mar 14, 2015

        "I recommend Dragon Day Spa for anyone looking for good massage in Beijing. It certainly caters for men's needs. The masseurs are so friendly and also very professional and perfectly trained. I highly recommend Andy as he has 'magic' hands! He also speaks the most English." -- jingangzuan, Feb 6, 2015

        "I've tried male massage many times in Beijing. Dragon Day Spa For Men Only is one of the best! Calm, quiet environment. Honest rates with no hidden surcharges. All the massage rooms have private showers as well. Strongly recommended for a clean, quality experience. Whether you are looking for a blissful sensual experience or are simply curious about tantric massage, you will be pleased with the results of their heavenly treatment." -- nc2008bj, May 24, 2014

      SPA de Feng for Men only CBD UTOPIAN VERIFIED FEB 2015
        Sunshine 100 C306, 2 Guanghua Rd, Chaoyang Dist, Utopia Map, 5100-1330, email. Voted the Best Day Spa for Men in China by ASWF 2009, this upscale men-only day spa is located right in the heart of the CBD near the new Ritz-Carlton hotel (not the old one in Financial Dist). They offer a wide selection of treatments including massage, waxing (with and without strips), body scrubs and wraps, body slimming, facials, and spa packages. All products are imported from France and Australia. The therapists are young, yet highly trained and skillful, and know exactly how to manage men's special needs to help you stay healthy and balanced. Treatments include Signature Relaxation Massage, Four-hand Signature Massage, Yin-Yang Harmony, Sea Crystal Scrub, Brazilian Waxing, and more. All major credit cards accepted. Outcall available. 临枫男士水疗CBD会馆,北京市 朝阳区 光华路2号 阳光100 C306 (电话51001330) Utopia Member Discount

        Comments from Utopians:

        "I can't say I'm a regular to Spa de Feng, but I do go there at least once every time I'm in Beijing. I like this place more than others because it's the most reliable quality and the best value for money. They were the first real men's spa in Beijing, but their price has never changed, and they never push for up-selling. Instead, the masseurs focus on bettering their skills and the service has always been excellent. I normally take their signature relaxation, and it's obviously a very sophisticated massage and requires a lot of training to be excecuted. I tried their four-hand massage a couple of times - it is heaven! But very often the reception will tell you to book that in advance (they would never throw you two whichever masseurs). All in all, I consider Spa de Feng the best spa in Beijing." -- luchenotte, Mar 9, 2015

        "Last week I went to Spa de Feng again for a massage and I tried a new therapist (Leo). It is good to know that even recent staff have superior skills in providing good massages and were able to create a comfy and friendly environment to give me an exceptional moment of rest and pleasure." -- bjwaiguoren, Feb 4, 2015

        "SPA de Feng is still the most reliable place for massage and pampering in town. The place is beautifully decorated, functional, and well managed. All the rooms have direct access to shower and bathroom. The masseurs are seriously trained and really know how to massage. It's the only gay massage parlor I've been to where the prices are all online and no extra is asked, and the only place where the masseurs start systematically the massage with an aromatherapy and a floral footbath. Despite being hidden in a residential compound, they can be very busy on the weekend. A call in advance is recommended." -- thierrym, Oct 6, 2014

        "SPA de Feng is on 3/F of a massive building, so it's better to call them in advance or check online for directions. The place is well appointed, discreet, and well maintained. I went there for whole body waxing and it was very well done, the best I've ever had actually. They suggested I take a massage, too, so they could give me 30% discount on the waxing, which brought the total price lower than waxing alone without discount. I think that was very cute and honest of them to offer me more service for less money. I was very surprised by the quality of the massage. It was very professionally choreographed and beautifully executed, not the random rubbing that you get very often at other gay places. At the same time, it has much more sensual and arousing element. All in all, I was very satisfied and impressed by their professionalism. I will definitely go back." -- Chris, Jul 11, 2014

    • Waxing Society - Comfort Hair Removal Expert UTOPIA VERIFIED APR 2013
        SPA de Feng, Sunshine 100 C306, 2 Guanghua Rd, Chaoyang Dist, (Subway Line 1: Dawanglu, Subway #10: Jintaixizhao), Utopia Map, 5100-1330, email. Comfortable, efficient, and hygienic, Waxing Society is Spa de Feng's hair removal expert. Specialized in waxing for men, they offer full range of depilatory treatments, from head to toe. Their featured treatments include back waxing, Brazilian waxing, sack 'n crack waxing, etc. All treatments performed by male therapists that are strictly trained and tested by waxing specialists to perform the most complicated waxing treatments. Both strip wax and hard wax are proposed for different skin conditions and personal preference. The waxes are imported directly from southern France and Italy. All major credit cards accepted. Outcall available. Advanced booking required. 北京市,朝阳区,光华路2号,阳光100 C座306 (嘉里中心向西2公里,路南侧阳光100小区内) Utopia Member Discount


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      Mr. Beauty UTOPIA VERIFIED MAR 2015
        Room 1630, Unit 1, Yongli Guoji Bld (Joy Court Bld), 21 Gongti North Rd (opposite the north gate of Workers' Stadium), Chaoyang Dist, Utopia Map, 132-4177-3521, email. Mr. Beauty is dedicated to offering a tidy, clean, quiet and discreet environment for their precious clients. They are located in the Sanlitun Villiage (Taikooli) area, only 5 minutes walk from Dongsi Shitiao Subway Station, Line 2, and 7 minutes from Tuanjiehu Station Line 10. Many gay-popular bars and clubs nearby, such as Destination, Funky, Alfa, and Kai. They offer full body oil massage, reproductive system maintenance, body scrub, and facials, etc. Individual shower in each room. You can choose your favorite scented oil for the massage session. Please call or email them to make a reservation. They will warmly welcome your visit. Outcall service also available." 北京市朝阳区工体北路21号永利国际1单元1630 (春秀路与,工体北路交界处,距三里屯太古里仅5分钟路程) Utopia Member Discount

        Comments from Utopians:

        "I am a returning client of Mr Beauty for quite a long time, every time I travel to Beijing. An outstanding massage by Peter, who has developed into a very experienced masseur through the years, has become a must during my visits. The first one was immediately after a long flight when my body was suffering from jet lag and from being in a cramped airline seat. The second was after a hectic, stressful week in Beijing. On both occasions, his strong and magical hands took care of every part of my body and give extra attention to the spots that needed it the most. Also, I like their shop very much - the setup, music, dimmed lights and natural oils always make it a wonderful experience. The best part is that the massage rooms are EXTREMELY CLEAN." -- 0impossible, Nov 3, 2014

        "I had a highly unique experience from Mr. Beauty shop the other day. Body scrub, oil massage, all great...even better than expected. Nice, normal, masculine guy with an intuitive touch. I nearly fell asleep since his touch and his manner was so warm and soothing. At the end I was very pleased and went right to bed as soon as I got my hotel." -- twoL, Aug 21, 2014

        "Awesome, awesome, awesome! Mr. Beauty massage was new, very clean, and extremely courteous. The reception was very welcoming; I was greeted and taken to my treatment room less than 10 minutes after arriving. The treatment room was very spacious and the massage itself was fantastic. The therapist I chose was extremely experienced and was able to keep the pressure consistent throughout the whole session. 5 stars for the excellent staff and service." -- Handchain, Jun 18, 2014

        "Without booking I walked into Mr. Beauty salon (I'm sure they would appreciate if you call ahead, but I wasn't turned away). VERY nice inside, surprisingly clean and smelled nice. They used high quality products, and their patience, training and interest in customer service was far superior to other places I've tried. One of the best massages I have had." -- angle, May 14, 2014

        "Dropped by Mr. Beauty and, realized that I knew this guy! My first massage from him was a few years back, and I considered it one of the best 'legit' therapeutic and sensual massages I've had. I was told that they just had moved to this new place - great location! I love the massage room and super clean surroundings (so many others have messy apartments or bathrooms). Good quality of products and great massage techniques combining deep pressure and long strokes, and he first asked if I had any injuries he should be aware of, which is something all masseurs should do (but many do not )." -- coffeecup, Apr 22, 2014


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    • Beijing LTMan Massage and Spa UTOPIA VERIFIED MAY 2010
        Ocean Prospect Apartment Bld, 2nd West Ring Rd, Haidian Dist, Utopia Map, 5128-1896, email. Gay-managed spa offering a variety of massage styles for men by an attractive staff of young masseurs. A friendly place. The private aircon rooms are comfortable. Large menu of treatments available. 海淀区 中国吕业大厦附近   Utopia Member Discount


click for our interactive map of the Forbidden City / Central Beijing area

    • Wei Ni Si (formerly Batiya) UTOPIA VERIFIED MAY 2013
        See listing under Saunas.


      A-Plus Sportfit Male Massage UTOPIAN VERIFIED NOV 2013
        150-0042-0010, email. AsianBlue wants to be your massage expert around China. Call today for quick service. See their website for real masseurs who are available to give you quality service in your hotel or home. Utopia Member Discount

    • Baby Face UTOPIA VERIFIED NOV 2014
        159-8832-7659, email. Gay-managed massage for men. Professional, high quality outcall massage. Male massage aiming to provide the most professional service with big, strong and handsome masseurs to relax you. All the pics of their masseurs on the web are true. Outcall service availiable 24-hours. Utopia Member Discount
    • Beijing A Man's Touch Spa UTOPIA VERIFIED OCT 2014
        135-1101-3481, email. Offering top quality, professional massage services 24/7. They specialize in providing door-to-door body massage for male customers, which includes tantric massage and relaxing massage. Their masseurs are young, well-groomed, handsome, and fit. Guaranteed satisfaction. Utopia Member Discount
    • Beijing Gay Massage UTOPIA VERIFIED MAR 2013
        182-1019-8582, email. They specialize in relaxing, tantric, sensuous, prostate and 4-hands massage. Masseurs have several years experience in massage therapy. Their select and well-trained masseurs deliver a high standard of service at very reasonable prices. Strict training to ensure they provide services to meet your needs. Many of them speak English.
    • Beijing Heaven on Earth UTOPIA VERIFIED FEB 2013
        Email. Gay-owned outcall service for men by clean, handsome international masseurs. Their staff are carefully selected for refined skills at providing a sensuous, relaxing massage, which includes tantric techniques. Outcall available 24/7. Utopia Member Discount

      Beijing Male Therapist UTOPIAN VERIFIED SEP 2014
        +86 156-1184-0169, email. A professional, gay-owned outcall service provided by a group of young, certified male therapists. Their well-selected and well-trained masseurs offer a high standard of service at very reasonable prices. No transport charge. No compulsary tipping. Hassle-free cancellation. Satisfaction assured. All major credit cards accepted. Utopia Member Discount

        Comments from Utopians:

        "Just tried Beijing Male Therapist - reliable service, they arrived at my hotel on time and the whole service was on budget. Moreover the therapist was both cute and skillful." -- bjwaiguoren, Oct 10, 2014

        "Tried Beijing Male Therapist outcall a couple of times, and it has always been very good. They are reliable, punctual, discreet, and the massage quality is consistant. My last masseur, Gavin, definitely outdid himself and I think he deserves special compliments. They charge very reasonably, Y$400 covers everything including the transport. They don't send photos of their masseurs, but those ones I had were all quite good-looking. Better than getting fake photos and then disappointed anyway." -- davidhunghk, Sep 22, 2014

    • Beijing Power Spa UTOPIA VERIFIED JAN 2013
        150-1069-8037, email. Gay-owned, professional oil massage for men in Beijing provided by a group of young, certified male therapists. Their select and well-trained masseurs offer a high standard of service at very reasonable prices. No transport charge. No compulsory tipping. Hassle-free cancellation. Satisfaction assured. Utopia Member Discount
    • Beijing Six Senses Outcalls UTOPIAN VERIFIED NOV 2013
        182-1019-8611, email. Gay-owned outcall massage for men providing quality bodywork and stress release in a friendly manner. A combination of Swedish style strokes to relax and calm you and deep tissue work in the areas that you need it most to release tension and knots. They also incorporate Esalen style, using long, nurturing strokes, which is sensual and relaxing. Years of experience. Fully trained and skilled at what they do. Utopia Member Discount

      Border Zone Male Massage UTOPIA VERIFIED NOV 2014
        136-4123-4720, email. Massage tailored for the male body, based on Asian techniques (Thai stretching, Shiatsu), uniquely combined with western techniques (deep tissue, sports and Swedish massage). Always spiritual, sensual, masculine, and completely satisfying. They guarantee to cover all the important bases necessary for a wonderful massage experience. Please feel free to contact them for detailed information. Outcall only, 24 hours.

        Comments from Utopians:

        "I was recommended to Border Zone by a friend that goes to them on a regular basis. They sent me Billy. He met me in the lobby of my hotel with a 100-watt smile and very warm energy. Sunny, sunny, sunny! The massage was amazing! He knows how to make you feel completely comfortable, his touch was as warm as his energy, and I definitely felt my shoulders drop and feel significantly looser afterwards." -- no123321, Feb 21, 2015

    • Destinations SPA UTOPIA VERIFIED JAN 2013
        182-1019-8582, email. This gay-owned outcall service provides upscale professional massage right to your door. Masseurs have several years experience in massage therapy. Lots of choices from young to mature, from slim to muscular. Friendly, considerate and trustworthy. Strict training to ensure they provide services to meet your needs. Many of them speak English. Utopia Member Discount

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