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BANGKOK -- area code +66-2

Popular Spots


      Saunas in Bangkok are mainly busy after work until 10pm, or starting in late afternoons on weekends and holidays.

      CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT -- Silom, Suriwong, Sathorn, Lumphini, Chinatown

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    • Babylon UTOPIAN VERIFIED DEC 2016
        Soi Nantha (off Sathorn Soi 1), Utopia Map

        From the Malaysia Hotel parking lot make two right turns and a left (8 minute walk). World famous men's complex and sauna. Gym, restaurant, disco, internet access, jazz performances, parties. Facilities including swimming pool, sauna, steam, jacuzzi, dark maze, large gym, disco, fantasy spaces, private cabins and hotel rooms (in their Barracks section). The real fun starts after about 5pm when they open the connecting door between the two sides of the Garden of Earthly Delights (labyrinth and cabins) and circulation begins. The pool is clean and well maintained, and the gym is as well equipped. Ask for condoms if you run out. International crowd.
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        Comments from Utopians:

        "Always very clean and a good mix of Asians and westerners. The gym is great, as is the pool. The restaurant serves great food at a very reasonable price. There is a condom and lube in your locker and signs all over encouraging use. Ask for more if needed, but they charge $1 each! I can guess many Thai would not pay extra and risky sex would be the result. They should look after their own and not be so greedy. Will bring my own next time." -- John B, Apr 21, 2017

        "I hadn't been to Babylon for years. It's still a beautiful sauna, but there are too many older - and elderly - caucasians for my taste. The food is excellent, though." -- Willem, Dec 3, 2016

        "Wow, this is an institution in itself and offers an escape in the heart of Bangkok - excellent facilities and services and wonderful, helpful staff. What more can you ask for from a first class sauna and spa complex with accommodation? Excellent restaurant and bar service. If there is one thing you do when visiting Bangkok, it has to be a visit to Babylon." -- Carl J, Oct 5, 2016

        "Great place to spend the evening. Full of action, especially on weekends. Very easy to find." -- chompi27, May 23, 2016

    • Heaven UTOPIAN VERIFIED APR 2017

        Comments from Utopians:

        "Went to Heaven for the first time during this year's Songkran festival. Was there at 3:30pm and there was already a queue to go in (and there was a very long queue after me when I went in). The receptionist wasn't particularly friendly towards customers, especially foreigners. Place was clean and modern and had a restaurant, plenty of private rooms, a rooftop garden and the usual sauna and steamroom. The dark rooms around the entrance on the rooftop were particularly hot as the aircon wasn't working, so I had a very sweaty encounter. Staff, other than the receptionist, were very friendly and helpful. I was trying to connect to their free Wifi in the restaurant, but the staff saw me trying and he told me that its only available on the rooftop. The crowd was basically chubby, out-of-shape Daddies and uncles. Not even bears. So, if those are your type then Heaven is for you. I am a muscular 55yo who can pass as 45, but I wasn't very popular. Only a few gave me a look and none approached." -- Philip L, Apr 21, 2017

        "For many years I prefer to go to Heaven sauna (last visit on Oct 11). Not so many farang (westerners) here, mainly locals, but it's what I appreciate. A lot of mature men. Jacuzzi, steam and dry sauna. Roof terrace. Bar and restaurant. It's clean, friendly and only B$160 to enter. During weekends and public holidays it's very crowded and you may have to wait up to one hour to get in." -- Marc, Oct 12, 2016

        "Heaven sauna is still there on 4/F. Entrance fee is B$160. I had fun there." -- yinghuantang, Aug 17, 2016

    • Sauna Mania UTOPIAN VERIFIED FEB 2017
        35/2 Soi Pipat 2 (off Soi Convent), Silom, Utopia Map

        Same lane and 5 or 6 blocks away from Eat Me Restaurant. Nearest Sky Train station is Sala Daeng Station; MRT is Chang Nonsi Station. Smaller then Chakran but nice and friendly. 1/F has lockers (you get a lock at reception), a large bar, a good workout room with weights, machines and TV. 2/F is the cruising maze area with private cabins. 3/F has showers, steam room, hot sauna, and garden area lit with string lights where guys gather to talk and take naps on recliners. 4/F is another garden area with moveable, trellis-like partitions to block off an area for semi-privacy. This top floor is cruisy. Crowd is mostly 20-40yo Asians, in good shape, some muscular. Men over 50yo must pay a higher entry fee. Foreigners are not common here and may receive little attention when the local crowd have other interests. People watching (feeling in dark areas) though can be fun enough and you could strike up a conversation. Note, entrance fee is higher for over-50s. Weekends, especially Sat, it's quite full.
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        Comments from Utopians:

        "More for locals. Very badly maintained: dirty cabins, used condoms, dirty tissues all around. Stinking steam. Owner doesn't like older customers. Charge higher for those over 50yo and if they have a special night it can be pure robbery when they charge B$1,400. Same in R3 sauna as it has the same owner." -- John, Feb 16, 2016

        "Was here one weekday and one Sat this month. The place is nothing like the way their website makes it look. It is old and worn down. Back a few years ago it was much nicer. Rooms are left dirty for hours, with used condoms and tissue piling up, along with various liquids on the beds and floors. It's mostly somewhat chubby guys in thei 30s who seem like local office worker types. Discriminatory: They make guys over 50 pay more." -- Alan, Dec 15, 2016

        "Everyone should boycott this sauna as they discriminate against guys above 50 years old with higher entrance fees." -- Johnson, Aug 27, 2016

        "Much higher entrance price if you are over 50yo! If we start to discriminate against ourselves in the gay world, how can we excpect the rest of the world to accept us? Bad attitude, Mania, you can do better." -- Noi, May 10, 2016

      PHAHONYOTHIN -- Samsen, Victory Monument, Phahonyothin, Phayathai, Saphan Kwai, Chatuchak

click for our interactive map of the Phahonyothin area

    • 39 Underground UTOPIAN VERIFIED NOV 2016
        1511/39 Phaholyothin Rd, Soi Phaholyothin Theater (opposite Paolo Memorial Hospital, close to the Saphan Kwai Sky Train Station), Utopia Map
        02-279-1511, email

        From the Saphan Kwai Sky Train Station, take Exit 1 and walk towards Pradiphat Rd, then take the 2nd lane on the right after AMB bank (less then 3 minutes). You will see the big sign for 39 Underground at the end of this small short lane. G/F has lockers, steam, sauna; 2/F has TV and a tiny gym area; 3/F dark rooms, 4/F roof top cruising area (most are not shy there). Theme nights. A few snacks are supplied for free in the bar on 2/F to gear you up. Cheap admission and popular with the local Thai crowd in their 20s-30s, athletically built and manly. Because of it's central location and easy access, you get guys from all over Bangkok - Rangsit in the far North, Ratchada, and Sukhumvit - so you tend to see hotties that you normally don't see if you visited the usual gay areas like Silom. The place closes at midnight, and after 10pm entry fee is half-price at B$80. Staff are friendly, with service minds. Exciting rooftop with abundant greenery. Lots of hot guys on Sun. Busiest 6-9pm. Closes at midnight.
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        Comments from Utopians:

        "39 Underground shows another side of Thailand. I am non-thai and I take their smiles as either they are nice, or they want my money, but here the patrons, mostly Thai, are both cold and unfriendly. Don't hang out here since there are so many nicer places in Bangkok to go." -- Mike, Nov 26, 2016

        "This is one of my favorite saunas in Bangkok. The guys are 20s to 30-something, mostly Thai, athletically built and manly. Because of it's central location and easy access, you get guys from all over Bangkok: from Rangsit in the far North, Ratchada, and Sukhumvit. So you tend to see hotties that you normally don't see if you visited the usual gay areas like Silom. The place closes at midnight, and after 10pm entry fee is half-price at B$80." -- eros313, May 11, 2016

    • Chakran UTOPIAN VERIFIED APR 2016
        32 Soi Ari 4, Phaholyothin Soi 7 (close by the Ari BTS Train Station), Utopia Map
        02-279-1359, 02-278-5310, email

        Ten minutes walk from BTS Sky Train Ari Station. This multi-story facility features swimming pool and large jacuzzi, steam and dry saunas, well-equipped gym, restaurant, poolside lounge, private cabins with dimmer lights, mazes and video theater. Beautifully designed with exotic details, textures and colors -- a leisure and pleasure oasis. Plentiful showers and toilets. Condoms and lube inside lockers and you can get more at reception. Crowd is mostly local and Asian visitors, with many muscular young men. Busiest Fri and Sat nights.
        Utopia Member Benefit: 50 BAHT DISCOUNT on admission.
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    • Cruising Sauna I UTOPIAN VERIFIED APR 2016
        1448/6-7 Phahonyothin Rd (opposite Major Cineplex Ratchayothin), Utopia Map

        First branch of this local neighborhood sauna. The crowd is not bad, and, being out in Ratchayothin, you get to see different guys from the usual Silom scene. The place is quite dark.
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    • Farose UTOPIA VERIFIED JUL 2015
        108/3 Pradipat 19, Saphan Kwai, Utopia Map

        From Saphan Khwai BTS station, walk towards Pradipat Rd parallel to the Sky Train track, and turn right into Pradipat Rd (about a 15 min walk). Pass the Liberty Garden Hotel and look for Soi 19 to your right. Walk some 50m until you see the Farose sauna sign on the left side of the lane. Turn right into a housing estate, follow the road turning to your left and you'll find the house number on a multi-storey gray wall with an impressive doorway. There are five levels in two wings in this huge complex, with the most happening in the right wing (go to the rooftop for access or to the door at the back end of the locker room). Sauna and steam, dark room, video, snacks. Mostly young Thai crowd, a few mature men, a few foreigners. Open until 6am daily.
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    • GG (Grey Gymnastics Men's Cub) UTOPIAN VERIFIED DEC 2015
        1155/1 Soi Ronachai 2 (small soi opposite Sam Sen Railway Station), Phayathai, Utopia Map

        Take a cab to Samsen Railway Station. Get to the side of the tracks where there are restaurants along a green residential neighborhood. Across from the station and past the Railway Restaurant is Soi Ronnachai 2 (before Platform One restaurant). Walk in about 50m and you'll come to a junction. GG sauna is exactly at the junction. Look for a pink fence with 'GG' on it. It is a two storey detached house with pink pillars, converted into a sauna complex. Sauna, steam, karaoke, snacks. This is the place if you fancy more mature men or pandas (Asian chubs)! Popular local scene - definitely off the tourist path. The karaoke room is a major draw. Parking space in front.
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click for our interactive map of the Ramkhamhaeng area

    • Farose Fitness & Sauna UTOPIAN VERIFIED DEC 2015

      SUKHUMVIT -- Sukhumvit, Thonglor, Ekkamai

click for our interactive map of the Sukhumvit area

    • The Beach UTOPIA VERIFIED DEC 2013
        316 Soi Panit Anant, Sukhumvit 71 (turn right at the pet clinic), Utopia Map

        Sauna, steam, swimming pool, restaurant, karaoke and cruise nooks. Local crowd and foreigners in-the-know. This is a casual, unpretentious club. Open until 6am.
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    • Mind Sauna UTOPIAN VERIFIED FEB 2015
        Sukhumvit Soi 48, Prakhanong
        02-391-9317, 081-510-8572

        Soi 48 is between the Prakanong and Onut BTS stations. Walk down Soi 48 to an industrial building with the letters BNPC on it, turn right past the guard hut, left at next soi and then right; it's on the right corner with good signage. If you take a "motorsai" tell them to take the bridge (bai saphan) because you must cross over to the other side of the klong via the inbound side of Sukhumvit. Sauna is in two 6-story shop houses. This venue is cheap and clean, but not crowded and almost entirely Thai. Downside is the six flights to climb up and down, plus no air con! But for a very Thai-Thai gay experience, it's fun and easy to reach. Facilities include private rooms, clean steam and sauna rooms (up top), plus karaoke and free beverages (Coke, water and ice). Massage also available but only a couple of masseurs. Inexpensive entry. Open daily from 2pm-midnight.
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    • Macho Sauna UTOPIAN VERIFIED APR 2016
        43-45 Soi Somdej Phra Pinklao (near Pata Pinklao Mall)
        02-883-2015, email

        Largest sauna in the Thonburi/Pinklao area. Facilities include sauna, steam, gym, Wifi, roof garden and bar, plus a number of private cabins. Open till late on Fri and Sat nights. Thai crowd.
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    • Phoenix Sauna UTOPIAN VERIFIED MAY 2016
        Soi LG (near Soi Taksin 14), Taksin Rd, Thonburi, Utopia Map
        02-466-0707, 086-006-5565

        In a no-name, dead-end soi between Soi 14 and Soi 14/1. There is a footbridge (the 2nd one along Thaksin Rd after turning left from Thonburi Rd/Thaksin Bridge Rd) at the entrance to the soi and an LG shop on the corner. Phoenix is on the left past LG.
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        Comments from Utopians:

        "This sauna used to close at 6am on Fri and Sat nites, But when I went to visit in late Jan/early Feb, it is now closing daily at midnight." -- eros313, May 11, 2016



    • Male Box UTOPIAN VERIFIED DEC 2015

    • Muffill UTOPIA VERIFIED NOV 2015
        Ladprao 113 (about 1km down Soi 113, on the right)

        Clean and friendly. Steam, jacuzzi, cruise floor on 2/F. Inexpensive an good food. Crowd is mostly Thai and Asian.
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    • Paradise Sauna UTOPIAN VERIFIED MAY 2016
        Bang Khen, about 200m walk from the Mall Ngam Wong Wan
        02-953-4039, 086-994-3943

        A large terrace house in a housing estate near a local market. Next to the lobby is a karaoke room, which turns into a foam party room with coyote dance shows on a special Sat of the month. At the back (behind the staircase in the middle) is a dining area, which serves soft drinks, whisky, and herbal drinks, while on special Sat nights (at higher entry fee) they serve a meal, buffet style. Beyond that at the very back are a sauna room, steam room, jacuzzi, and video room. 2/F is equipped with gym room, dim maze, cubicles, video rooms, and a massage room (at an affordable price). 3/F is a rooftop with large plants dividing the space into smaller play areas. Check their website for theme night details.
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        Comments from Utopians:

        "I visited Paradise Sauna tonight (Fri). I got there at 10:30pm, hoping that it would close in the wee hours of the morning - as in the past - but, unfortunately, was told by the receptionist that they close at midnight everyday now. Not only that, despite only an hour and a half left on the clock, the price of entry is not reduced (like they do at 39 Underground). Having made quite the journey to get here, I decided to pay the full B$160 entry and have a look-see as it's been a few years since I've been. It's a 3-story house, with karaoke room, sauna, and jacuzzi (on 1/F); gym, dark maze, cabins (on 2/F); and a proper rooftop garden (plants are thriving, lush and actually provide privacy). Water and soft drinks are free. The best part of this sauna is that it's well-maintained - dimmers dim, jacuzzi bubbles, etc (Farose 2 in Ramkamhaeng should take a note). As for the guys, I can't say for certain as I got there too late." -- eros313, May 6, 2016

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