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BANGKOK: Bars, Cabarets, Clubs, Discos & Karaoke

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BANGKOK -- area code (66-2)

Popular Spots

Bars and Clubs

click here for DICK'S CAFE BANGKOK

      CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT -- Silom, Suriwong, Sathorn, Lumphini, Chinatown

click for our interactive map of the Central Business Disctrict

    • @Richard's Pub & Restaurant
        Silom Soi 2/1 (the small alley between Silom 2 and Soi Thaniya), Utopia Map, 02-234-0459, email. Richard (formerly of Telephone Pub) and his partners have opened a new night spot with charming and friendly staff, and soft 70s music so that people can converse. Menu features both Thai and western menu. Open nightly starting at 6pm. Utopia Member Discount
    • 70's Bar
        231/16 Sarasin, Chitlom, Utopia Map, 02-253-4433, email. Gays now dominate the Sarasin strip. 70's Bar is perhaps the busiest gay bar in Bangkok, as crowded as DJ Station, but hyper hip and trendy. There's another gay club next door to it with even louder, trance music.
        86-88 Silom Soi, Utopia Map, 02-235-5891, email. The Fun Pub of Soi 4. Great value including discounted House Drinks and nightly happy hours make this a popular place for locals and visitors to eat and drink. An informal, friendly atmosphere outside, air-conditioned bar and dining area inside. Karaoke, Internet and video games upstairs. The Balcony is a must visit venue that has garnered a Metro Magazine High Fives Award. Utopia Member Discount
    • Club Café
        Silom Soi 2, 086-978-5221. One of the many small clubs in this busy alley, it catches the spillover from DJ Station and provides a chill out space for those needing a dance break or just some breathing room.
    • Dick's Café Bangkok
        Soi Bratuchai, Surawong Rd, Utopia Map, 02-637-0078, email. This classy, gay oasis opened in Duangthawee Plaza more than a decade ago. Superb decor is Casablanca-Tropical-Moderno. A cozy and friendly place to take a break from the heat of the day or from bar hopping in this swinging nightlife area. Great food at the lowest prices in gay Bangkok. Owned by the Tarntawan Place management. Open daily from 10:30am-2am.
    • Disco Disco
        Silom Soi 2, Utopia Map, 02-234-6151. Funky design and catches the spillover from DJ Station. Benches out front to cool off on and watch the crowd.
    • Expresso UTOPIA VISITED MAY 2012
        Silom Soi 2 (across from DJ Station) Utopia Map. Popular chill-out space to take a break from the dance floor at DJ or just to ogle the crowd. Metro Magazine awarded Expresso its "Best Gay Bar" award for 2001.
        Silom Soi 2, Utopia Map, 02-233-3247. Long-running space serves a primarily Asian crowd who enjoy the live music and pub atmosphere. Very popular among upwardly mobile, young Thai gays and their friends.
    • The Stranger Bar & Lounge UTOPIA VERIFIED APR 2012
        Silom Soi 4, 084-711-6477, email. Gay-owned night spot in the heart of Silom Soi 4. This New York Style bar and lounge has modern and stylish design coupled with premium cocktails, energy beats and good times.
    • Telephone Pub, Restaurant, and Lounge UTOPIA VISITED MAY 2012
        Silom Soi 4, Utopia Map, 02-234-3279, email. World-famous gay pub. Favorite spot for food drinks and people-watching on Soi 4. 2/F bar has cozy party seating; 3/F is a video cocktail lounge. Utopia Member Discount

      Comments from Utopians:

      "Tawan bar - 'wow' is what I can say. If you are into muscle worship and native studs, this is it. I like that the place has no mamasan, and just waiters taking your orders without pressure, nor guys trying to get you to buy them drinks. They pretty much just stay on the stage. The place is pretty decent looking. Customers are seated and watch a parade of muscle guys in swimwear. It is like a meat market on auction - pure lean beef, hahaha! If you just want to watch, you will not be pressured to off one. No entrance fee, but beer is B$350 each. You will have unforgettable experience." -- kimchiseoul, Nov 4, 2013

      PHAHONYOTHIN -- Samsen, Victory Monument, Phahonyothin, Phayathai, Saphan Kwai, Chatuchak

    • El Ninio
        Chatuchak (near Or Tor Kor). One of several Thai disco clubs next to each other in the market area. Jam packed with mostly young Thai university students every night of the week. The nightly party extends outside with tables and music. It almost has a street party atmosphere.
    • Fake Bar
        Chatuchak (near Or Tor Kor). One of several Thai disco clubs next to each other in the market area. Jam packed with mostly young Thai university students every night of the week. The nightly party extends outside with tables and music. It almost has a street party atmosphere.
    • ICY
        Kamphaengphet Rd, Chatuchak, 02-272-4775. Long-running hang-out for trendy young Thai gays. One of Metro Magazine's Top Three Gay Bars. If someone likes you they may slip a piece of candy into your hand when you're not looking. Thai-style fun -- crowded, loud, and tipsy.
    • Zingy
        Kamphangphet Rd, Chatuchak, 081-313-6543. Thai-Thai music club.


click for our interactive map of the Ramkhamhaeng area

    • Blue Club
        2/F 3161 Ramkhamhaeng Rd (between Soi 81 and Soi 83), 02-732-2360. Thai-Thai music pub.
    • Club Love Remix
        Lamsalee gay zone, Ramkhamhaeng Soi 89/2, 02-378-4345. Thai-Thai club popular with young gays and university students.
    • Crazy Dance Party House
        Lamsalee gay zone, Ramkhamhaeng Soi 89/2, 089-444-9669. Thai-Thai club. Young crowd, lots of university students.
    • E-Male
        62-64 Ramkhamhaeng Soi 24, Utopia Map, 02-319-6772. Local style Thai country music pub featuring drag, lip-sync, cabaret, fashion and handsome man shows. Local crowd.
    • Finalle
        Lamsalee gay zone, Ramkhamhaeng Soi 89/2, 081-503-5398. Late night gay spot for the young Thai-Thai crowd. Cabaret shows.
    • Gay Town
        02-314-4864 ext. 1, 081-268-7930. Another Ramkhamhaeng in-your-face homo hangout.
        Lamsalee gay zone, Ramkhamhaeng Soi 89/2, Utopia Map, 081-442-9472. Thai style disco-pub attracting a local and student crowd late at night.
    • MTV Remix
        Ramkamhaeng Soi 24, 02-319-8340. One of the many little gay venues opening near Ramkhamhaeng University. Expect very Thai style entertainment, young crowd, pop beats and Thai conversation (if you can even hear each other). Lerrrttt khaaa! (faaabulous).
    • Zee's Zone
        Lamsalee gay zone, Ramkhamhaeng Soi 89/2, 086-733-8273. Another Thai-style club attracting locals and university students.

      RATTANAKHOSIN -- Grand Palace, Khao San Rd

    • TG Street
        Tanao Rd and Rachadamneon Rd (at the Kok Wau intersection), 089-748-0212. Thai-Thai club near Sa-Ke disco.

Cabaret Shows


    • Calypso
        Asia Hotel, Utopia Map, reservations: 02-261-6355, 02-216-8937. Excellent Broadway-style drag review spiced with Asian flavor. Two shows nightly. Superb ancient Khmer dance tableau.
    • Golden Dome
        252/5 Soi 18, Ratchadapisek Rd, 02-692-8202. Three shows nightly.


    • gCircuit UTOPIA VERIFIED JAN 2013
        email. gCircuit is Asia's premiere party organizer and they organize Asia's biggest gay circuit events, including Song Kran in Apr during Thai New Year. See their website for upcoming events.

      CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT -- Silom, Suriwong, Sathorn, Lumphini, Chinatown

    • 9 Night Club
        Silom Soi 4, Utopia Map, 02-226-6368, email. Latest dance club to inhabit the former Rome Club/Divine premises. Fantastic show combining the guys from Jupiter and the gals from Freeman (sometimes the dancers literally drop from the ceiling). The crowd are trendy Thai and expats and show up for the show which is just after midnight.
    • DJ Station UTOPIA VISITED MAY 2012
        Silom Soi 2, Utopia Map, 02-266-4029. Bangkok's gay dance club. Jam-packed nightly. Cabaret show.
        Small alley between Silom Soi 2 and Soi Thaniya, Utopia Map. The former Freeman is reborn as "Guys On Display". Happening afterhours club.

        Comments from Utopians:

        "I checked my bag before entering, but when I got home I found that someone on staff had stolen my laptop and replaced it with a broken old laptop so I wouldn't notice that anything was missing from my bag. Do NOT use the coat check - they will go through your bag. The only thing you should take with you is return taxi fare home, which you'll want to use within five minutes of entering." -- Mark, Jul 25, 2013

      RATTANAKHOSIN -- Grand Palace, Khao San Rd

click for our interactive map of the Rattanakhosin area

    • Sa-Ke
        Tanao Rd and Rachadamneon Rd (at the Kok Wau intersection), Utopia Map, 089-748-0212. Pronounced "Sa-gay". Extremely popular club for young Thai gays. Almost totally local crowd.


    • Dance Zone (mixed)
        Royal City Avenue (opposite the 7-11), 02-203-0490. Located in the once-trendy strip of themed nightclubs. Young local crowd.
    • Maa See Kaa II
        2 Ramkamhaeng Soi 18 (near Ramkamhaeng University), 02-319-8248. Gay anthems to dance to, shows, model contests. Super popular with young Thai gays.
    • Ta-Bi Dance Club
        Onnut Soi 37, 02-320-0944.


        Ratchada Rd, Soi 8, Din Daeng, 02-643-8792. Off most people's gaydar, but a great place to experience Thai-style gay clubbing.


      CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT -- Silom, Suriwong, Sathorn, Lumphini, Chinatown

    • Bearbie UTOPIA VISITED JUN 2012
        2/F 82 Silom Soi 4, Utopia Map, 02-632-8446, email. From the former crew at iChub comes this modern and warm club right in the heart of Bangkok's gay scene. A cozy den for pandas, bears and their admirers.
    • Cozy Club
        2/F Patpong Soi 2, Suriwong Rd. A small, relaxed karaoke pub. The people are friendly, no pressure. A large selection of songs to choose from.
    • Eve
        Suriwong Rd (opposite Soi Thaniya). No frills, inexpensive and working-class Thai karaoke dive. Fun and friendly.
    • Krua Mama
        2/F above Super Lex bar in Silom Soi 6, Utopia Map, 02-233-3247. Thai crowd.
    • Oi Perfect
        Silom Soi 10. Open air café and indoor karaoke lounge with a lo-so/funky crowd spiced with matronly ladyboys and Patpong leftovers. No Black Label here, it's Spey Royale and "My Way" until closing.

      RATTANAKHOSIN -- Grand Palace, Khao San Rd

    • 18 Pub & Karaoke
        Radjamgnoen Soi (behind the Ratanakosin Hotel), off Radjamgnoen Avenue, 081-493-8670, 081-615-0898.

      SUKHUMVIT -- Sukhumvit, Thonglor, Ekkamai

    • Jet Set
        32/19 Sukhumvit Soi 21, Utopia Map, 02-258-4311, 02-259-2230. Classy, comfortable and fun. Handsome Thai customers in their 20's and 30's. Supposedly started by Thai airline crew. Attracts superb singers who may be heard in the more private second floor lounge.


    • Up Date
        Soi Petburi 32, 02-655-4669. Small, friendly gay place with snacks, drinks, and young local crowd. Owner Santi provides a warm welcome.

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